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  141. Though most dictionary have a system of making words as obsolete, or in use only as slang, many people, more especially if their use of a particular word has been challenged, are likely to conclude, if they find it in a dictionary, that it is accepted as being used by writers of established reputation.

  142. People can be relatively rich only if others are relatively poor, and since power is concentrated in the hands of the rich, public policies will continue to reflect their interests rather than those of the poor.

  143. Social change is more likely to occur in societies where there is a mixture of different kinds of people than in societies where people are similar in many ways.

  144. In a family where the roles of men and women are not sharply separated and where many household tasks are shared to a greater or lesser extent, Notions of male superiority are hard to maintain.

  145. In such a home, the growing boy and girl learn to accept that equality more easily than did their parents and to prepare more fully for participation in a world characterized by co-operation rather than by the “battle of the sexes.”

  146. The family is a co-operative enterprise for which it is difficult to lay down rules, because each family, needs to work out its own ways for solving its own problems.

  147. Besides serving the indefinite needs of its native speakers, English is a language in which some of important works in science, technology, and other fields are being produced, and not always by native speakers.

  148. And someone with a history of doing more rather than less will go into old age more cognitively sound than someone who has not had an active mind.

  149. Perfectionists struggle over little things at the cost of something larger they work toward.

  150. Men are naturally most impressed by diseases which have obvious signs, yet some of their worst enemies slowly approach them unnoticed.

  151. The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to be sure about radiation damage –--a person may feel perfectly well, but the cells of his or her sex organs may be damaged, and this will not be discovered until the birth of deformed (畸形) children or even grandchildren.

  152. In the end , only 7 out of 19 regular Cola drinkers correctly identified their brand of choice in all for trails. The diet-Cola drinkers did a little worse – only 7 of 27 identified all four sample correctly.

  153. Taste is such a subjective matter that we don’t usually conduct preference tests for food.

  154. It seems simple enough to distinguish between the organism and the surrounding environment and to separate forces acting on an organism into those that are internal and biological and those that are external and environmental.

  155. But in actual practice this system breaks down in many ways, because the organism and the environment are constantly interacting so that the environment is modified by the orgainism and vice versa (反之亦然).

  156. In the case of man, the difficulties with the environment concept are even more complicated because we have to deal with man as an animal and with man as a bearer(持有者) of culture.

  157. If we look at man as an animal and try to analyze the environmental forces that are acting on the organism, we find that we have to deal with things like climate, soil, plants, and such like factors common to all biological situations; but we also find, always, very important environmental influences that we can only class as “cultural”, which modify the physical and biological factors.

  158. We thus easily get into great difficulties from the necessity of viewing culture, at one moment, as a part of the man and, at another moment, as a part of the environment.

  159. Unaware that their own ability has developed through the years, they assume the new generation of young people must be hopeless in this respect.

  160 Since this concern about the decline and fall of the English language is not perceived as a generation phenomenon but rather as something new and peculiar to today's young people, it natrually follows that today's English teachers cannot be doing their jobs.






















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