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An unexpected rain fell on April Fool's Day.

It was our last year in the university.Everybody seemed so upset with the prospect of leaving that we were no longer interested in playing tricks. But I unexpectedly received a delicate love letter and, what's more, it was from a boy I had once teased.Actually, I don't feel bad about that boy. We chatted happily when we met; we exchanged books twice; and I was once his partner at the dancing ball—but that was all. He wasn't a talkative guy, just shy and amiable. He was like a brother to me. His letter was so serious. It showed no sign of kidding. I had to concede that I was touched, though not convinced—because it was April Fool's Day, when no one is serious.


We went out on a date that night.The rain fell rhythmically. I suddenly became hesitant. “What if he doesn't mean to deceive me? What if this is true? What if he doesn't know today is April Fool's Day? What if ... But what if this is a trick? Then, I would be the real fool.”The time of the date arrived. My roommates stood up and saw me off solemnly, as if I were heading for the battlefield. The “battlefield” was a cold drink store near the university. He was sitting at a table by the wall, waiting for me. Dressed in a white shirt and red sweater, he looked fairly strong and handsome. I dared not look at him, so I lowered my head.He ordered two glasses of juice. We sat in silence for a long while.

“No class tonight?” He stammered.

“No.” Everybody knew that we never had class in the evening.

“Did the letter?”


“What's your opinion?” I made no response.

“...since a long time ago. I am serious.” He murmured. “I am afraid I won't have any chance after graduation....”I remained silent.

“Perhaps you didn't know too much about me. Yet we still have time. You can....”

“I can't.” I finally spoke.


“Because today is April Fool's Day.”

He was stunned: “I didn't know...I didn' fact I wanted to....”

“Sorry.” I stood up. I didn't have enough courage to accept this.

Picking up my umbrella, I walked out. He followed, holding up his umbrella, but forgetting to open it. The rain was falling on him. Then he stopped in front of me and stared at me. However, I kept looking at the floor, noticing that his pants were stained with mud.What a big joke, I thought. All of a sudden, I just wanted to cry.

“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled at him, though I didn't really want to. He looked at me with surprise, his face covered with raindrops—or perhaps tears.

“Sorry,” he whispered. “Maybe I was too amorous.”I burst into tears. How could I hurt him like this?

I didn't notice how long I stood there. When I raised my head, he was gone. Maybe he really loved me. He was not wrong, but he chose April Fool's Day—a wrong day, and me—the wrong person. We were both losers.During our graduation ceremony, he came to me with a glass of wine. We clinked9 our glasses for cheers. Then he left without a word.

What black humor that April Fool's Day held for me. The coming of every spring reminds me of that rainy day.






















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  • Lotus-Feng 说:

    What a pity!

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  • What do i say when it's all over…
    It's sad ,so sad ,it's a sad sad situation,
    and it's getting more and more absurd.

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  • A little more courage, maybe the end of his story will be changed.

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  • llizh 说:

    it's a sad story and if the lady could be confident for herself, the end of the story may be change.

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