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The warm season comes with an array of dazzling, solar, bright colors, delicious tangerine hues, explosions of flowers, sweet, innocent whites and nudes, flowing cuts and soft fabrics, eternal denim items, and various daring combinations that exude femininity and sophistication. Spring/summer 2011 fashion trends are extremely complex and bold, yet stylish and chic. Take a look to some of the hottest elements for the upcoming season and get ready to energize and update your wardrobe!

New season requires new trends! It's time we upgrade our wardrobe as spring/summer 2011 fashion trends are here with a playful, fun and energetic vibe.

An amazing burst of bright colors, a wide palette of delicious tangerine, explosion of flowers, an optimistic feel of the '70s, innocent white lace and pure second-skin shades, timeless denim, versatile crisp white shirts, and flowing maxi dresses are among the hottest trends for the warm season that is just around the corner.

During spring everything comes to life, even our dull winter wardrobe. If during the cold season we are not so daring when it comes to wearing vibrant colors, summer instead is perfect for trying fruity, delicious shades. Well, spring/summer 2011 fashion trends make no exception as they come with a riot of brights brightening up our boring outfits. After the famous camel, it is time for tangerine to spice up your wardrobe. This season don't be afraid to break all fashion rules and mix dazzling bright colors at ease. On the other hand, if you are not sure the "color blocking" trend suits you, wear a dress in a candy color or pair brights with neutrals.

For romantic girls who are not so much into brights, designers proposed nude and the already classic white, two graceful colors that flawlessly add a fresh, innocent, yet feminine vibe to a summer look. The boho, adorable touch brought by a white clothing item is emphasized by the fabrics and details used such as lace, crochet and macramé. Second-skin colors are so hot for spring/summer 2011 as long as you choose the most flattering shade for your skin complexion. However, if you don't want a head-to-toe nude look, try to adorn your dress with cute black bows such as spotted at Jill Stuart. So feminine and pure!

Lovely flowers already became a timeless print and they add a vibrant and youthful flair. Spring/summer 2011 cannot make exception and designers brought a wide range of floral prints to add a playful feel to our wardrobe. Liberty, Asian-inspired, or tropical, get ready to see a real explosion of floral prints for the upcoming season. Maxi dresses, shorts, blouses, footwear, and different accessories are all beautifully embellished by chic, romantic floral prints. Besides flowers, bold graphic stripes or animal prints are the opposite of all adorable details and great if you want a wilder approach.

Among the riot of different fashion trends, we can also find a special '70-inspired vibe. We have seen the trend at Marc Jacobs through amazing '70s dresses, Just Cavalli through captivating patchworks, Anna Sui with round-shaped sunglasses, knitted shorts and denim vests, and Derek Lam through extremely stylish flared jeans worn with crisp white shirts. Well, since we are speaking of jeans, you should know that denim is back again for spring/summer 2011. Moreover, it seems that the head-to-toe denim look is so hot for the upcoming season.

The warm season means comfortable outfits and soft, breezy fabrics. Therefore, designers came with appropriate pieces in order to meet all your expectations. Maxi, flowing dresses and fashionable jumpsuits are some of the items that were so trendy last summer, yet they made a strong comeback in 2011. For chic, elegant appearances, but also for more effortless, laid-back looks, you should know that the white shirt is one key item that can be paired with feminine skirts, loose jeans, or sexy shorts. Despite its simplicity, the classic white shirt proved it's versatility and elegance, while designers came with a wide range of white shirts and various stylish combinations.








对那些不太热衷亮色的浪漫女孩,设计师推荐肉色或者经典白,两种雅致的颜色完美地打造新鲜的、无邪的、女人味十足的夏日感觉。白色的波希米亚风、可爱风的衣物要通过面料和细节来突出,比如蕾丝、钩编花边和绳结。裸色是2011春夏季的热门颜色,你只要需要找到与自己肤色最相衬的裸色。如果你不想从头到脚都是裸体的视觉效果,可以用可爱的黑色饰条来装饰你的裙子,就像Jill Stuart所示的那样。真是女人味十足,还纯洁无瑕。





可爱的花朵是永不过时的图案,它们增添活力和青春的气息。这在2011春夏潮流中也不例外,设计师们给我们的衣橱带来的碎花衣服,增添了俏皮可爱的感觉。Liberty、 Asian-inspired或者 tropical,已经在即将到来的季节里准备好带来铺天盖地的碎花。长裙,短裤,衬衫,鞋子,和不同配件上都有别致的、浪漫花卉图案的点缀。除了花,如果你想来点狂野的感觉,粗条纹或者豹纹是很好的选择。

在丰富多样的潮流趋势中,我们同样可以发现来自70年代流行元素的灵感。我们在Marc Jacobs的裙子、Just Cavalli的拼缀裙子、 Anna Sui 的圆形太阳镜、针织短裤和牛仔背心和Derek Lam牛仔裤、白衬衫的搭配上都能看到70年代的流行元素。好啦,既然我们都说到牛仔裤了,我们就说说牛仔布料在2011春夏又开始流行了的事吧。而且,从头到脚的牛仔布料是即将到来的大热门。




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