毒枭情妇——Natalia Paris

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小编摘要:哥伦比亚前毒枭情妇——一个叫Natalia Paris漂亮的女模特,正设法淡出人们的视野。

Natalia Paris


哥伦比亚是拉丁美洲能够制造优质女士内衣的国家之一,可我在波哥大却买不到无填充物的文胸。为买到无填充物的文胸,我去了十几个商场,可所有的售货员都告诉我:“没有厂商生产这种文胸了,因为女士们都不买这种文胸了。”名模Natalia Paris是造成这种情况的主要原因,虽然来自麦德林的Natalia Paris没有高大的身材,但她是过去二十年来鼎鼎有名内衣模特,此外她还曾经是一个大毒枭的情妇。
Colombia is one of Latin America’s top makers of fine lingerie, but finding an unpadded brassiere in Bogotá is impossible. I have been to more than half a dozen stores. “No one makes them,” I am told, “because no woman wants them.” This is largely thanks to Natalia Paris, a petite model and drug lord’s ex-paramour in her mid-30s from Medellín, who has been posing in intimate apparel for the past 20 years.
在上世纪九十年代中期,Natalia Paris就已经和大毒枭Pablo Escobar的一个中尉有了交往,当时Natalia Paris还只是刚崭露头角的新星。Natalia Paris毫不后悔地告诉我:“我爱他,他帅极了,一点也不胖,是个Traqueto,曾经做过牧师。 ”Traqueto 是哥伦比亚俚语,意思是“毒贩子”。现在,哥伦比亚的毒贩比那时还要多。如果说哥伦比亚在九十年代只有两个贩毒集团——一个在麦德林,一个在卡利;那么现在哥伦比亚境内有数百个贩毒集团,数千个大毒枭。这些为数众多的大毒枭与早期的毒枭的兴趣一样——喜欢特定类型的漂亮女人。现在的毒贩子也有了一种新的形象:毒贩美学。所谓的毒贩美学出现在我看到的每本杂志和每个电视剧上。一个精明的女经纪人告诉我:“美学就是关于美女和美食。美女是小鼻子厚嘴唇的。”接着她指着自己的胸部又拍拍自己的屁股:“还有隆起来大胸脯和大屁股,全部是金发碧眼的美眉。”
In the mid-1990s, as her star was rising, Paris dated one of Pablo Escobar’s former lieutenants. “I fell in love with him,” she tells me, without regret. (He later vanished and is presumed murdered, allegedly by his former gang partners.) “He was so handsome. Not a fat, gross traqueto. He was divine.” Traqueto is Colombian slang for “drug dealer,” of which there are many more now than then. If Colombia in the early 1990s had two huge cartels—the Medellín and Cali cartels—it now has hundreds of cartelitos, and thousands of narco-tycoons. Like the early drug dons, they crave beautiful women, but only of a certain type. Today’s traquetos have called forth a new look: narco-estética. The idea pops up in almost every magazine I open and almost every television show I watch. A talent manager describes the look to me. “It’s the aesthetic of the hot babe, the mamacita. Small nose. Thick lips. A lot of this,” she says, pointing to her chest, “and a lot of that,” patting her buttocks. “All fake. And they are very blond.”
And so, instead of being taken over by the FARC, the rebel group fighting in the jungle for the past 50 years, Colombia has been overcome by silicone. Breast augmentations have become so popular that Medellín, the model’s hometown, is known as Silicone Valley.
很多人认为是Natalia Paris引领了这一潮流。一位早在九十年代就认识Natalia Paris的时装设计师说:“她是第一个做隆胸手术的人。”Natalia Paris却对此予以否认,声称她将Pamela Anderson当作楷模:“那时隆胸就很流行了,Pamela Anderson是很重要的人物。我只是想做好我的模特工作,并为此找方法。我没有刻意去隆胸。”不管Natalia Paris的最初目的如何,隆胸已经变得很流行了。
Many people believe Natalia Paris started the trend. “She was the first one to get them,” says a fashion designer who knew Paris in the 1990s. Paris pleads innocent. She does admit that she chose Pamela Anderson as her role model: “It was what was popular then. To me she was magnificent.” But Paris had no intention of unleashing this tsunami of fake breasts. “I just wanted to work and look the way I wanted to look. I didn’t look for this.”
在Natalia Paris十八岁生日时,Natalia Paris母亲将隆胸手术的费用作为生日礼物给Natalia Paris,当时Natalia Paris已经被全哥伦比亚人所熟知,正在担任一家啤酒公司的比基尼海报模特。隆胸后,Natalia Paris的模特事业突飞猛进;此外Natalia Paris不怎么光彩的罗曼史对她的事业也起到了推波助澜的作用。在Natalia Paris成名不久后,成百上千的年轻女孩相信只要她们的外貌和已经成名的女明星看起来很像,她们就能和大公司签约。在哥伦比亚这个女性没有多少机会来发展自己事业的国家,认识一个毒贩就意味着拿到了一张摆脱贫困的车票,这就是哥伦比亚的现实情况。哥伦比亚电视台热播的肥皂剧《天堂里无平胸女》就描述了一个平胸少女为了拿到隆胸的钱而将自己贞操出卖给毒贩的事情。
Her mother gave her implants for her 18th birthday, after she had caught the national eye as a bikini-clad poster girl for a beer company. Her career took off, helped also by the notoriety of her romance. Soon, thousands of young women believed that if they looked like the golden girl from Medellín, they could land one of the dealers. A traqueto match was a ticket out of poverty in a country with few opportunities for women—a reality captured by what was one of Colombia’s most popular television shows, Without Tits There Is No Paradise, a soap opera about a flat-chested poor teenager who wants to sell her virginity for a pair of implants.
我花了一个星期的时间来陪伴明星Natalia,就是为了发现Natalia的神秘哥伦比亚情节是怎样的。Natalia在临近波哥大的芭铎酒吧为拍照而作准备时,我发现了Natalia的一个秘密:当Natalia脱掉灰色棉制健美衫后,我看到了她的乳沟,发现她的乳房并不比我的大,但却要高挺得多。Pamela Anderson的乳房也是这样的吗?
I’m here to spend a week with Natalia, to witness Colombia’s mysterious relationship with this star. But as she gets ready for a photo shoot at the Bardot Bar in a fashionable Bogotá neighborhood, another mystery presents itself. I look at her cleavage as she removes her gray cotton muscle shirt. Her breasts don’t look any bigger than mine. But they sure are firm. Are those really the size of Pamela Anderson’s?
接下来,摄影师为Natalia拍照。Natalia穿着棉制白色内衣,用一条白色毛皮披肩来包裹身体,在沙发上面对三位摄影师摆出各种姿势——从美国橄榄球队的啦啦队的经典造型到《花花公子》的典型美女姿态——Natalia将披肩包住双肩,然后将披肩滑到两腿之间。当电吹风响了起来,摄影师Raúl正在大声叫喊,给出拍摄指导。 Amy Winehouse的名言:“你知道我不好。”被印在墙上。当萨尔萨舞曲响起时,Natalia将自己的手指放到了自己嘴上,做出了自己的一个经典姿势。Raul大声叫:把头发甩到一边,拍照,右手抬起来,拍照,左腿弯曲,拍照,身体靠墙,双膝跪在沙发上,拍照。
The shoot starts. Natalia hops up on a couch, wearing nothing but white cotton undies and a strip of white fur. With three cameras in front of her, she gives it all she’s got. And she’s got a lot, beginning with the toned torso of an NFL cheerleader and the studied poses of a Playboy pinup. She wraps the stole around her shoulders and slides it between her legs. A blow-dryer roars as Raúl, the photographer, directs. Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” is on the box, but it’s when the salsa starts playing that Natalia brings her fingers to her mouth and gives Raúl the Natalia look. Hair to the side. Click. Right arm goes up, left knee bends. Click. She slides down the wall, she kneels on the sofa. Click. Click. Raúl’s got it.
Mauricio Souza告诉我:“我们这里来了很多姑娘,没有一个比得上Natalia,但她们都想成为Natalia那样的明星。”Mauricio Souza是一家模特公司的老板,她领着七个十几岁的女孩来看Natalia的拍照,而这些姑娘们只是在谈论《黑手党的宝贝》。《黑手党的宝贝》是关于一个毒贩情妇生活的肥皂剧。
“No matter how many girls come up, no one can dethrone Natalia,” says Mauricio Souza, a modeling-agency owner who has brought seven of his teenage students to watch. The girls are chattering about The Mafia’s Dolls, a new soap opera about the lives of traqueto women. “They all dream to be Natalia Paris,” Souza tells me.
Suddenly the underwear slips down and one buttock peeks out, leaving Natalia looking like the little girl in the Coppertone ad of yore. An assistant rushes to the rescue. The assistant pulls it—not up, but farther down. Natalia thanks her. And keeps on working for the next six hours.
在休息的时候,Natalia 随手递给我一本女士内衣目录本,目录本的每一页都是Natalia的照片,只是身上的文胸、内衣和吊袜束腰带的款式和颜色不同。
During a break, she hands me a copy of a lingerie catalog. Natalia is on almost every page; only the colors and styles of the bras, corsets, and garter belts change.
即使Natalia 是全国知名的美女,Natalia也知道自己也需要彻底改变。Natalia说:“我已经不再年轻了。”这就是Natalia想改行做演员的原因,我问她想演什么角色。
But even if she is the country’s beloved bombshell, Natalia knows she needs to reinvent herself—“Not getting any younger,” she says. That’s why she is trying out acting. At the next break, I ask her what role she plays.
“A dumb blonde,” she says. And I recall something she said on her Facebook page, this woman who has her own line of skin-care products and stars in a new reality show: “It doesn’t matter if they think you’re dumb.”
又一天,Natalia和我在Juan Valdez咖啡屋小坐了一下,Natalia谈起了她的时尚品味:“人们对我充满了幻想,是的,我已经出卖了我的外貌,但我绝不会出卖我的观点。我现在只是想变得更加自然一些。”
On our last day together, sitting with me at a Juan Valdez Café, Natalia defends her taste. “People create their fantasies around me. Yes, I’ve sold my appearance, but I’ve never sold that look.” And anyway, she says, “I like to look more natural now.”
Natalia Paris不会对隆胸热承担任何责任,但她在别的方面捞到了好处。Natalia Paris说:“一旦我把乳房里的硅胶隆胸物拿出来后,其他人也会学样的。”这就解开了Natalia Paris胸部尺寸的秘密:她D罩兜的胸部看起来像是34B的尺寸。女性娇小的胸部会不会成为新时尚?我最后抿了一口咖啡,我只希望我能在波哥大买到我想要的文胸。
Paris will not take responsibility for starting the silicone bonanza, but she will take credit for something else. “When I removed my implants, everyone started doing the same.” That solves the mystery about her breast size: her D cups are now more like 34Bs. Is a new trend of smaller breasts under way? As I take a last sip of my coffee, I look forward to the day in Bogotá when I can buy a bra that fits.
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