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小编摘要:已婚者经常为各种琐事争吵不休。假如仔细分析起来,你会发现这些难题的真正原因, 就是不了解或不关心爱、性和浪漫等问题。


Memories of love never pass. They linger, guide, and influence long after the source of stimulation has faded.There is nothing new in this. Every person, who has been moved by GENUINE LOVE, knows that it leavesenduring traces upon the human heart. The effect of love endures, because love is spiritual in nature. The manwho cannot be stimulated to great heights of achievement by love, is hopeless-he is dead, though he mayseem to live.

Even the memories of love are sufficient to lift one to a higher plane of creative effort. The major force of lovemay spend itself and pass away, like a fire which has burned itself out, but it leaves behind indelible marks asevidence that it passed that way. Its departure often prepares the human heart for a still greater love. Go backinto your yesterdays, at times, and bathe your mind in the beautiful memories of past love. It will soften theinfluence of the present worries and annoyances. It will give you a source of escape from the unpleasantrealities of life, and maybe-who knows your mind will yield to you, during this temporary retreat into theworld of fantasy, ideas, or plans which may change the entire financial or spiritual status of your life.

If you believe yourself unfortunate, because you have "loved and lost," perish the thought. One who has lovedtruly, can never lose entirely. Love is whimsical and temperamental. Its nature is ephemeral, and transitory. Itcomes when it pleases, and goes away without warning. Accept and enjoy it while it remains, but spend notime worrying about its departure. Worry will never bring it back.

Dismiss, also, the thought that love never comes but once. Love may come and go, times without number, butthere are no two love experiences which affect one in just the same way. There may be, and there usually is,one love experience which leaves a deeper imprint on the heart than all the others, but all love experiences arebeneficial, except to the person who becomes resentful and cynical when love makes its, departure.

There should be no disappointment over love, and there would be none if people understood the differencebetween the emotions of love and sex. The major difference is that love is spiritual, while sex is biological. Noexperience, which touches the human heart with a spiritual force, can possibly be harmful, except throughignorance, or jealousy.

Love is, without question, life's greatest experience. It brings one into communion with Infinite Intelligence.When mixed with the emotions of romance and sex, it may lead one far up the ladder of creative effort. Theemotions of love, sex, and romance, are sides of the eternal triangle of achievement-building genius. Naturecreates genii through no other force.

Love is an emotion with many sides, shades, and colors. The love which one feels for parents, or children isquite different from that which one feels for one's sweetheart. The one is mixed with the emotion of sex, whilethe other is not.

The love which one feels in true friendship is not the same as that felt for one's sweetheart, parents, orchildren, but it, too, is a form of love.

Then, there is the emotion of love for things inanimate, such as the love of Nature's handiwork. But the mostintense and burning of all these various kinds of love, is that experienced in the blending of the emotions oflove and sex.

Marriages, not blessed with the eternal affinity of love, properly balanced and proportioned, with sex, cannotbe happy ones- and seldom endure. Love, alone, will not bring happiness in marriage, nor will sex alone.When these two beautiful emotions are blended, marriage may bring about a state of mind, closest to thespiritual that one may ever know on this earthly plane.

When the emotion of romance is added to those of love and sex, the obstructions between the finite mind ofman and Infinite Intelligence are removed.

Then a genius has been born!

What a different story is this, than those usually associated with the emotion of sex. Here is an interpretation ofthe emotion which lifts it out of the commonplace, and makes of it potter's clay in the hands of God, fromwhich He fashions all that is beautiful and inspiring. It is an interpretation which would, when properlyunderstood, bring harmony out of the chaos which exists in too many marriages. The disharmonies oftenexpressed in the form of nagging, may usually be traced to lack of knowledge on the subject of sex. Wherelove, romance and the proper understanding of the emotion and function of sex abide, there is no disharmonybetween married people.

Fortunate is the husband whose wife understands the true relationship between the emotions of love, sex, andromance. When motivated by this holy triumvirate, no form of labor is burdensome, because even the mostlowly form of effort takes on the nature of a labor of love.

It is a very old saying that "a man's wife may either make him or break him," but the reason is not alwaysunderstood. The "making" and "breaking" is the result of the wife's understanding, or lack of understanding ofthe emotions of love, sex, and romance.

Despite the fact that men are polygamous, by the very nature of their biological inheritance, it is true that nowoman has as great an influence on a man as his wife, unless he is married to a woman totally unsuited to hisnature. If a woman permits her husband to lose interest in her, and become more interested in other women, itis usually because of her ignorance, or indifference toward the subjects of sex, love, and romance. Thisstatement presupposes, of course, that genuine love once existed between a man and his wife. The facts areequally applicable to a man who permits his wife's interest in him to die.

Married people often bicker over a multitude of trivialities. If these are analyzed accurately, the real cause ofthe trouble will often be found to be indifference, or ignorance on these subjects.


爱的记忆永不会逝去, 即使在刺激消失后,这种记忆依然会长久徘徊在心中,指引人并对人产生影响,这是常有的情形。每个被真爱打动过的人都知道, 它会在人的心里留下永存的痕迹。爱的影响会长存,因为爱的本质是精神的。得不到爱的激励而无法登上成就高峰的人是没有希望的-他会犹如行尸走肉。时常回顾过去,让心沉浸在昔日爱的美好回忆中。它会减轻眼前的忧虑和苦恼,让你暂时逃避不愉快的现实生活,而且也许-谁知道呢?-在回到幻想世界的短暂时光里,你的心灵会给你带来改变人生经济地位或精神地位的构想或计划。

假如你因为自己爱过却又失去爱而觉得不幸,那么要抛弃这种想法。真正爱过的人不可能完全失去爱。爱反复无常,说变就变。有爱时,好好地把握,尽情地享受, 但不要担心它会离去,因为担心留不住爱。

也别存有真爱只有一次的念头。爱去了还会再来, 没有一定的次数, 但从来没有两份爱会以相同方式影响一个人。通常,某一份爱的经历会在心中留下较为深刻的记忆。


假如一个人知道爱和性的差异, 就不应也不会对爱失望。二者的主要差异在于爱是精神的,而性是生理的。除非出于无知或嫉妒,否则以精神力量触动人心的体验不可能有害。

无疑,爱是人生最重大的体验。当它与浪漫和性结合时,可以引领人表现出高度的创造性。如果说筑造成就的天才是个三角形, 那么"爱"、"性"和" 浪漫"情感就是它的三条边。

爱是一种情感,它有多个层面和色彩。但在所有的爱当中, 最强烈、最炽热的爱是与性融合为一体时的体验。




有一句古老的谚语说:"妻子可以成就一个男人, 也可以毁掉一个男人。" 但其原因并不清楚。"成就"和" 毁灭"其实就在于妻子是否了解"爱"、" 性"和"浪漫" 情感。


已婚者经常为各种琐事争吵不休。假如仔细分析起来,你会发现这些难题的真正原因, 就是不了解或不关心爱、性和浪漫等问题。

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