《人性的弱点》第6篇第5章 对女人特别有意义的事

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From Time immemorial, flowers have been considered the languageof love. They don't cost much, especially in season, and often they'refor sale on the street corners. Yet, considering the rarity with whichthe average husband takes home a bunch of daffodils, you mightsuppose them to be as expensive as orchids and as hard to come byas the edelweiss which flowers on the cloud-swept cliffs of the Alps.Why wait until your wife goes to the hospital to give her a fewflowers? Why not bring her a few roses tomorrow night? You like toexperiment. Try it. See what happens.

George M. Cohan, busy as he was on Broadway, used to telephonehis mother twice a day up to the time of her death. Do you supposehe had startling news for her each time? No, the meaning of littleattentions is this: it shows the person you love that you are thinkingof her, that you want to please her, and that her happiness andwelfare are very dear, and very near, to your heart.

Women attach a lot of importance to birthdays and anniversaries梛ust why, will forever remain one of those feminine mysteries. Theaverage man can blunder through life without memorizing manydates, but there are a few which are indispensable: 1492, 1776, thedate of his wife's birthday, and the year and date of his ownmarriage. If need be, he can even get along without the first two梑ut not the last!

Judge Joseph Sabbath of Chicago, who has reviewed 40,000 maritaldisputes and reconciled 2,000 couples, says: "Trivialities are at thebottom of most marital unhappiness. Such a simple thing as a wife'swaving good-bye to her husband when he goes to work in themorning would avert a good many divorces."

Robert Browning, whose life with Elizabeth Barrett Browning wasperhaps the most idyllic on record, was never too busy to keep lovealive with little, tributes and attentions. He treated his invalid wifewith such consideration that she once wrote to her sisters: "And nowI begin to wonder naturally whether I may not be some sort of realangel after all."

Too many men underestimate the value of these small, everydayattentions. As Gaynor Maddox said in an article in the PictorialReview: "The American home really needs a few new vices.

Breakfast in bed, for instance, is one of those amiable dissipations agreater number of women should be indulged in. Breakfast in bed toa woman does much the same thing as a private club for a man."That's what marriage is in the long run梐 series of trivial incidents.And woe to the couple who overlook that fact. Edna St. VincentMillay summed it all up once in one of her concise little rhymes:" 'Tis not love's going hurts my days, But that it went in little ways."That's a good verse to memorize. Out in Reno, the courts grantdivorces six days a week, at the rate of one every ten marriages.How many of these marriages do you suppose were wrecked uponthe reef of real tragedy? Mighty few, I'll warrant. If you could sitthere day in, day out, listening to the testimony of those unhappyhusbands and wives, you'd know love "went in little ways."

Take your pocket knife now and cut out this quotation. Paste it insideyour hat or paste it on the mirror, where you will see it everymorning when you shave:

"I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do orany kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now.Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." So, if you want to keep your home life happy,? Rule 5 is: Pay little attentions.








「一桩细微的小事,就会成了婚姻不快乐的根源……就拿一桩很简单的事来说,如果一个做妻子的,每天早晨对上班去的丈夫,挥挥手,说一声「再见! 」,就会避免很多触上离婚的暗礁的危险。」








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