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The traditional Chinese Spring Festival and romantic Valentine's Day both fall in February this year, warming up the freezing month. For astrology fans, it might be a good time to check out astrologers' forecasts. The 2011 horoscope promises a year of excitement, personal growth and joy. Is 2011 the year you'll find true love, or does heartbreak lie ahead? Could the year ahead offer a professional breakthrough? Find out what is in store for you in 2011 in terms of love and your career.
热闹的春节和浪漫的情人节,让寒冷的2月变得特别温馨,星迷们别忘了在这喜庆的节日里关注2011年12星座的运势哦!星象显示,2011年对12星座来说都将是令人兴奋的一年,我们会感受到个人的成长和生活的喜悦。在接下来这一年里,你会如愿找到自己的"真命天子(女)",还是为了爱情肝肠寸断?你在事业上能否有所突破?在这里编辑Kitty Dai(水瓶女)和Andrew Tsing(巨蟹男)为大家精心整理了国外权威占星网站2011年12星座的运势,你是哪个星座的呢?今年的爱情、事业运如何,快来看看吧!

【火象篇】就像太阳高高挂在天空上赐给宇宙万物生命力,火象星座(Fire Sign)总是给人自信、意志力强、热力四射、直来直往、乐观积极的感觉。

白羊座-Aries(Mar 21 - Apr 19)For Aries, the theme of hard work continues when it comes to relationships. This doesn't mean sacrificing your needs or denying your true self. You are usually the one who likes to lead, but sometimes a bit of balance is needed for a relationship to go forward. September and October are your sweetest months of the year when it comes to love. You live for the chase and the challenge, but this year you'll be the pursued more than the pursuer (especially in May and September).

For Aries, the powerful evolution of your professional life continues to unfold in fascinating ways in 2011. Many of your projects, ideas and career moves are going to gel. The majority of your power will come in the earlier part of the year, so go for the gold immediately. In terms of learning, Aries will be eager to gobble up any and all information that can help things to keep going so well.

狮子座-Leo(Jul 23 - Aug 22)Leo, you'll be pondering some of the deeper existential questions like the meaning of life, who you are and why you're here on a daily basis. An overwhelming desire to see the world, experiment with new philosophies and indulge in scholarly pursuits become potent themes for the course of this dynamic New Year!

For Leo, if you've ever wanted to write a book, learn a new language or go back to school, 2011 is your year to take the risk and make your literary dreams come true.

射手座-Sagittarius(Nov 22 - Dec 21)Just be sure to look before you leap.三思而后行!
Most of the time, you're pretty healthy, Sagittarius. However, there are times when you push yourself too hard, and end up collapsed and exhausted. Try to pace yourself. There's more to life than breaking records.


Sagittarius, you have many friends and beloved relatives, and it's difficult for you to give equal time to everyone. Sometimes you neglect one or two people, and they could be offended. It's hard to remember everyone, but if you can't see someone, try to at least give him or her a phone call.


【水象篇】 天生就是水做的,不管那是喜怒哀乐的泪水还是欲望横流的口水,总是被情绪与欲望驱动的水象星座(Water Sign)天生比其他星座纤细敏感。  

巨蟹座-Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)  For Cancer, promotions, opportunities to expand your social world and work-related travel are all potential gifts when the wheel of fortune spins in your favor for the first half of the year. The second half of 2011 brings a spectacular slew of new friends, alliances and networking opportunities when Jupiter moves into your house of dreams and goals.
2011年上半年,幸运之轮为巨蟹旋转!晋升、人际交往范围扩大和出差旅行机会应接不暇,准备好被金蛋砸中吧!巨蟹座下半年貌似交友运旺盛,因为木星将主宰梦想和目标,新朋友和新伙伴会有不少,交际圈子不断扩大,拦都拦不住呢!  If you're a Cancer, Venus showers you with extra doses of love and cash for the month of July, just in time for your birthday. And Mars brings the action, energy and work in August and early September. 靠近7月份生日的巨蟹座同学们!金星的出现会让你的桃花运和财运旺得不得了!火星也让你在今年8月份到9月初充满活力,工作运势也旺得不得了!

天蝎座-Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)  Your health, social life, and career should all blossom in 2011, Scorpio. Opportunities will come, and you'll jump on them. Make sure, however, that this is what you truly want. You're going to feel stronger and more confident, and this will spill over into other departments of life.

If you're a Scorpio, friends and family members will want to make use of your money sense and keen insights to benefit their lives. You'll act like a party animal, and therefore new acquaintances will want to see you again. Watch the overindulging, however. You don't want to gain any weight.

双鱼座-Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)  If you're a Pisces, you're at your gorgeous, glamorous best in 2011. Regardless of your age, you'll feel like a teenager when all of those planets enter Aries this May. July is especially romantic when Venus enters Cancer and brings loads of pleasure to your love sector. When Neptune enters Pisces in June, you are simply in love with love. This could magnetize a soul mate or a lead to a delusional disaster. It all depends on how grounded and centered you are.

For Pisces, this is the year to build your resources, fatten your savings account, and stash money away for some of your bigger dreams. You've got to take your talents more seriously, Pisces. No more undercutting yourself and humbly accepting crumbs when you're worth gold. Take an honest assessment of all of the gifts you bring to the table and you'll quickly realize that you have been shamefully underpaid. But let any residual false modesty be a thing of the past now that 2011 has come to bring you the big bucks you so deserve.

【风象篇】 风象星座(Air Sign)最擅长抽象的语言思考能力——逻辑推理、理性分析、沟通表达……标准的我思故我在!  

双子座-Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)  For Gemini, love is looking good all year long except in late November and early December, when you'll enter a thorny period with your significant other. Late September and October will be a good period for romance or for tackling a somewhat difficult romantic association. If you're in love and willing to commit, there will be a slowdown or a delay, which will prove very annoying. Someone at home might not approve of your relationship. If already married, or in a committed relationship, this will be a tricky phase for you.

In late February, March and April you are busy, and nothing will disrupt the normal flow of things. Your efforts will come to fruition in April, and you will be rewarded. Neptune, the planet of illusions and delusions, will enter Pisces, your career sector, on April 4. Its entry alone will bring an artistic dimension to your job. You will have more scope to be imaginative and creative at work.

天秤座-Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)  For Libra, some perplexing decisions await you - and the more you ponder them, the more confused you'll become. Watch a movie. Sleep on it all. They are too important to act on impulsively or with too much emotion.

Whatever is troubling you, Libra, don't keep it to yourself. Your family and friends might worry about you needlessly. Whether you're wondering about your job, a relationship or your finances, share your concerns with someone.

水瓶座-Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)  Aquarians can expect a wonderfully romantic and social year. Don't feel as though you must choose between your lover and your friends. There is an imperative to give equal weight to both. You'll have plenty of romance in your friendship, and friendship in your romance. In any case, you won't be spending as much time alone. Venus brings the good life to your sex sector in June. This is the time of the year when you look and feel the most beautiful. You're a proverbial date magnet through most of the summer.

For Aquarius, Neptune, the planet of glamour and spirituality, is getting ready to leave your stars and move on to Pisces. That means you can settle back down to a more grounded existence, and this includes your work life. No more swimming in the unknown when it comes to your career path; you can now get a handle on what it is you truly want to do with your Aquarian genius. Instant gratification serves you best between April and August. Ingenuity, invention and bold experimentation serve you well over the next 12 months. Dare to dare!

【土象篇】 土象星座(Earth Sign)脚踏实地,有很强的执行力、懂得善用身边的工具或是资源、有效率有毅力地完成事物。  

金牛座-Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)  Your love is safe this year, dear Bulls. No serious aspects are threatening it. When Venus enters your romance and pleasure sector in August, you'll have no problem putting work on the back burner in favor of a little romance. In October, Venus enters your partnership sector to seal the deal on your summer dates. Commitment and compromise are absolutely necessary if true love is what you seek.
For Taurus, a little bravado goes a long way in January and February with Mars firing up your career sector. Don't be afraid to push for what you really want. The Bull gets the promotion, so declare your intentions loudly and clearly while the opportunities are at a peak. You have no problem working yourself to the bone to help others realize their vision, but now it's time to put that same effort into making your own dreams come true.

处女座-Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)  Virgo, a year of glowing health awaits you. You've grown stronger, and you'll rarely be sick. But what are you going to do with all that energy? Try some new activities. Return to school, take up a hobby, or take a vacation.

Socially, Virgo, you're going to get out more this year. A friend could talk you into meeting some new people. The people you meet should be interesting, intelligent, and curious - and you might embrace some new ideas. 社交方面,今年处女座也将会收获不小。老朋友会介绍新朋友给你认识,而且这些新朋友都会很有趣,很聪颖,并且很有好奇心。也许这些朋友是生活中新灵感的来源呢!

摩羯座-Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)  For Capricorn, when it comes to love or money, the first 6 months are tough. In the second half of 2011, you'll have the chance to start a new relationship that will make you forget the troubles you have been through in the first half of the year. Some of you will start a passionate relationship in May or June. It is a year for love, marriage and quite likely children. Some of you will prepare to get married against the will of your parents (maybe they don't approve of your choice of partner?).

Saturn's visit to your house of career means that you're learning new skills that will push you upward and onward in your career. You might be working under the supervision of a hard senior manager, which will see you chafing at the bit and enduring possible conflict. Those mostly concerned about this year's career pressures are the Goats born in the last 20 days of Capricorn. 土星进入你的事业宫意味着你正在学习的新技术将会推动你事业上的进展。你也许正在某个严苛的高级主管手下工作,对方可能会让你有些不适并忍受可能发生的冲突。今年事业压力最明显的是那些出生在摩羯最后20天的人们。

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