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As inflation rates rise, money has less value when it sits quietly in your bank account. In the face of a volatile stock market and tightening property market, people rushed to pour their money in 8 new investment arenas in 2010. This special issue will present the 8 new arenas to you, hoping you can get some inspiration for your investment in 2011. But extra caution is recommended with these new markets.

Attractive wine
Chinese billionaires are discovering a new source of big returns - the wine market. The yield from some famous French vintages during the first half of 2010 has exceeded 30%, far above other alternatives. After the Chinese government tightened property policies, many investors followed their taste buds and money into the profitable wine industry. "The wine market is new in China and has the most potential," said a private vineyard owner who used to be a professional real estate investor.

Crazy Huanglong jade
Huanglong jade is a high-quality mineral enjoying equal popularity with Hetian jade and emeralds in China. The principal color of the stone is yellow with red, bluish white, black and other traces. First discovered in 2004 in Longling, Yunnan, Huanglong jade has recently been selling at more than RMB10,000 per kg. It is estimated that the market price of Huanglong jade is only 10% of its value. That means a RMB100,000 sample of Huanglong jade today could be sold for as much as RMB1m in the future. Many farmers in Longling have become rich by trading Huanglong jade.(See photo)

Eternal diamond
Buying diamonds is not just about getting married. More people see diamonds as a good investment since the supply of diamonds is limited and diamond prices have rebounded since the global financial crisis started in 2008. In total, around $3b worth of diamonds were sold in China in 2009. Sales of diamonds suitable for investment are usually those with a weight of more than one carat.

Overseas property market
Individual Chinese investors are expanding into the overseas property market as tightening measures on the sector at home continue to restrict their opportunities. Most purchases are motivated by a combination of reasons such as immigration, education and investments, with Canada, Australia and the UK topping the list of popular destinations.

Inspiring art works
As more Chinese people accumulate wealth, they are transferring their capital from property and stock markets to art works. The market for Chinese works of art has been on the rise due to a great deal of active participation from private collectors, both from major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai and now second-tier cities. The total turnover of China's art works market in 2010 surpasses RMB50b.

Happy wedding market
During the past decade, about 9.12m couples got married each year, creating a huge market for wedding products. The average cost of a wedding in China is now RMB200,000. In 2009 alone, direct consumer spending as a result of weddings exceeded RMB600b. This level of expenditure has spawned a whole new industry with an estimated 200,000 companies providing specialized wedding services from cakes and diamond rings to dedicated wedding planning

Stable and beautiful gold
Demand for investment in gold in China is likely to accelerate as Chinese buyers regard gold as an effective tool for maintaining and increasing the value of assets. Gold's bullish run will continue unabated, even though the price has already soared by 23% in 2010. Spurred by strong anticipation of a continued weakness in the US dollar and an uncertain global economic outlook, China's demand for investment in gold is expected to reach 150 tons in 2010.

Surprising herbs
An increase in demand for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), coupled with low supplies and low prices in recent years, makes TCM a new channel for investment. Prices of herbs have been increasing since May, 2010. Some herbs like Campanulaceae and Notopterygium have seen their prices more than double in the first half of 2010.










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