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小编摘要:作为风险投资机构高原资本(Highland Capital Partners)的招聘合伙人,专长是帮助他们打造一支出类拔萃的团队,让我们一起来见识哪些方法有效。

As the recruiting partner at venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners, I have the privilege of working with some truly remarkable young entrepreneurs. My expertise is in helping them build exceptional teams. While I don't have all the answers, I've seen enough to know what works and what doesn't. Here are some thoughts:

1. Treat recruiting as life or death for your company because it is. Building an exceptional team is the most important thing you can do as a young leader. If you're great at it, you will likely succeed. If not, you will likely fail.

2. Build a road-map of key hires tied to specific business objectives/milestones. Decide which hires are "must-haves" now vs. later. How critical is the role and functional area to achieving your short-term objectives? Determine the right level (C-level, VP, Director, individual contributor) not only for today but for two or three quarters out. One good proxy to determine the level is to estimate how many people you expect to report to this person. Avoid the trap of making everyone C-level or VPs. At some point you may want to bring in a rock star and you don't want to be title constrained.

3. Always be looking for talent. At times, 100% of your day should be dedicated to recruiting. Make it a competitive challenge and give yourself measurable objectives (i.e., three exceptional candidates this week). Paul English, co-founder and CTO of Kayak, asks recent hires to name the most talented people they know, and then Paul makes it a point to meet them in less than one week. Treat every discussion with someone as an opportunity to source candidates. For example, customers can point you toward great sales people, investment bankers to great CEOs, accountants to great CFOs, etc. Looking for great developers? Open-source communities are like watering holes for smart, collaborative talent.

4. Understand when you're selling and when you're buying. The best candidates need to be sold, and you need to do your work before buying a candidate. A critical part of selling is to develop a tight, compelling story of why candidates should join your company. Prospective candidates should hear the key themes of this story from everyone on your team. Your board should be involved in helping you sell and buy candidates.

5. For buying, leverage proven interviewing techniques. Evaluating top talent is a topic unto itself. That said, there are several effective hiring methodologies; one of the best is the Topgrading methodology by ghSmart. It's captured pretty well in the book, Who: the A method for hiring.

6. Once you find the right candidate, speed and decisiveness are key. This is another key competitive advantage that you can have over other companies. But fast doesn't mean easy. Reference extensively (10+ references) focused on off-list references (those not provided by the candidate). If they check out, make them an offer that they're proud of and explain the associated expectations. Determine the current market compensation for talent at this level/function. For critically important hires, 75th percentile of market for cash and equity is a good target. Remember, you're creating the core structure of your company with each hire.

7. Leverage recruiters where appropriate. Chances are you're starting a company in a hot sector. Its also likely that top technical, product, marketing and leadership talent will be hotly contested. Recruiting is a full contact sport and sometimes you need a hired gun to help. Only work with recruiters who have been referred to you by your network and carefully screen them. Ask them for a recent search that didn't have a successful outcome and reference that person. If you do engage a recruiter, be explicit about the bar for talent in your company. If you decide that they're right for you, make them a true partner. Share everything you can about your company so there are no surprises and arm them with every weapon you can to help land that exceptional candidate.

8. Build a board of directors/advisors/ecosystem that can't lose. Make a list of superstars that you think is unobtainable and then land one of them. The very process of shooting for these people will make your pitch better. Bring people into your company's orbit who, by their very association, are a branding event. A young entrepreneur recently told me that one of the consistent characteristics of companies that have achieved greater than $1 billion in sales is that they had a board member who previously led a company at this level. For more information, the book is Blueprint to a Billion by David Thompson. Use this group as a source and to help close exceptional candidates for your team.

9. Be accepting of mentorship. People will want to help you and it's a critical differentiator - people don't want to help incumbent companies. Successful entrepreneurs will see you in themselves and will want to provide advice. Soak it up. Be proactive, follow-up and thank them. Make sure when you're successful you do the same for another young entrepreneur.

10. As you hire your team, embed a culture of recruiting. Make it part of every employees target objectives. Plan and budget for the activity. Make it part of weekly company meetings. Celebrate successes.

And finally, enjoy being the leader of your newly created all-star team. You've earned it.

Craig Driscoll is recruiting partner at Highland Capital Partners, where he leads recruiting activity for the firm and advises Highland's portfolio companies on executive recruiting issues. He previously was a client partner in the Boston office of executive search firm Korn/Ferry, focusing on venture capital and technology placements.

作为风险投资机构高原资本(Highland Capital Partners)的招聘合伙人,我有幸与一些十分卓越的年轻企业家合作。我的专长是帮助他们打造一支出类拔萃的团队。尽管我并非无所不知,但我已经见证了很多企业的兴衰,知道哪些方法有效,哪些无效。以下是我的一些看法:





(5)利用经过验证的面试技巧“收买人心”。评估人才是一门学门,市面上有几种有效的招聘方法,其中最好的一种是ghSmart公司的“顶级评级法”(Topgrading)。这种方法在畅销书《聘谁:用A级招聘法选择雇员》(Who: the A method for hiring)一书中得到了很好的阐述。



(8)建立一个强大的董事会/顾问委员会/生态委员会。你可以列出一些你觉得无法招至麾下的商业明星,然后邀请他们进入上述委员会。这种招揽人才的手段可以使你的公司形象变得更好。将人才带入你公司的轨道,使他们与你合作,这本身就是一种品牌战略。一位年轻的企业家最近对我说,销售额在10亿美元以上的企业都有一个特点,那就是他们都有一名董事会成员,而这个董事会成员此前曾带领自己的公司达到这一水平。如果你想了解更多关于这方面的信息,可以阅读大卫?汤普森的《通往十亿美元的蓝图》(Blueprint to a Billion)一书。你可以把这些人当成一笔资源,并且使杰出的人才更加靠近你的团队。




本文作者Craig Driscoll是高原资本的招聘合伙人,负责公司的招聘活动,并且就高管招聘方面的问题,向高原资本所投资的企业提供咨询。他曾在猎头公司Korn/Ferry的波士顿办公室担任客户合伙人,主要关注风险投资和科技领域。

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