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最大的问题在于如何为"如何与自恋者相处"到到一个合适的答案。 因为自恋者经常使用一些完美的具有伪装性的方法隐藏自己的感情和欲望。然而,还是有一些有效的技巧帮助大家处理因为自恋型人格障碍而带来的不愉快
One of the biggest problems in searching an apt answer to the question, 'how to deal with a narcissist' is that narcissists can camouflage their feelings and desires in an immaculately deceptive way. Nevertheless, there are some effective tips to handle rages of a narcissistic personality disorder. Such tips are as follows:
Don't assume narcissist people to be evil or someone who is there to hurt you. Narcissist people do think about the good of others, but their problem stems from their rational mind that makes them the center of this world. Whatever they view, is in relation to what matters for them in life. So believe them to be difficult to handle people, but don't develop hatred towards them.
Numerous cases of narcissistic personality disorders have surfaced in the recent years. There have been many helpful books published on how to deal with difficult people. Moreover, people have come out openly on discussion forums and seminars, on ways to deal with narcissistic people. Research and increase your awareness about this problem, so that you can effectively handle a personal with narcissistic tendencies.
Remember, you can't change a narcissistic person. It's next to impossible. You just can learn ways to deal with him/her effectively.
If you can't leave a narcissistic person, because she or he is an integral part of your life, then you've got no option but to deal with the situation. Make yourself understand that you've got to detach yourself from the feelings of the narcissistic person. You're not responsible for it. Narcissistic people, no matter how much love and attention they get, they always feel something is lacking and they just want more reasons to be unhappy. You can't help it but to live with it. Don't lose your emotional balance due to them. Their behavior is erratic and demanding to an extent that it's impossible to always please them.
Don't feel guilty of the upset and rage mind of a narcissist. You're not responsible for it. Seek 'narcissist therapy' and take that person to an expert. Although, this may turn out to be negative, as a narcissist won't believe he is having some problem.
Talk to people who've dealt with narcissistic behavior as they can only tell you some practical ways to deal with difficult people.
Reading and knowing about narcissistic personality disorder causes will help you to focus your energies on finding ways to deal with the problem rather than expending your own emotional energy and feeling raged.
不要让自恋者变成你生活的重点,当他们在你周围的时候你需要制造关于他们的话题。 他们很容易将注意力投向与他们有关的话题上去。
Don't let narcissists become the focus of your life and you're always found talking about them when they're around you. Their very objective is gaining attention and your discussions in relation to them in their presence will feed their attention more.
How to Deal with a Narcissistic Mother
没有比一个自恋的妈妈更典型的案例了,她们通常牢牢的控制她们的孩子。尽管一个自恋妈妈可能是一个非常聪明且自信的女性,她从自己的孩子身上获得感情寄托。她完全沉浸在自己的幻想世界里,因此他们可能意识不到她的孩子需要关爱,照顾及母爱。 最糟糕的情形是当孩子长大后根本感觉不到母亲对自己的关心。在任何场合一个自恋的母亲都会和自己的孩子争宠。治疗过自恋妈妈的专家声明那些给孩子提供一个舒适的环境及帮助妈妈参与治疗的家庭成员和朋友是至关重要的。极端的自恋妈妈甚至会性侵犯她的孩子。对于这样的妈妈们就没有什么合适的方法处理了。所能做的只有药物干预及家庭成员及朋友的看管。当这个孩子长大后,他不能理解他妈妈的这样的行为,只有等他有一天知道自恋症才会理解。
Nothing can be more intense example of narcissistic rage than a narcissistic mother who is completely immature to handle her children. Although, a narcissistic mother may be a very intelligent and confident women, she is emotionally drawn from her own child. She is too much drowned in her world and thoughts, that she may not realize her child needs love, care and motherly affection. The situation becomes worst as the child grows and is unaware of her mother's poor care and love towards him/her. A narcissistic mother competes with her own child when it comes to seeking love and affection from her family, friends and caretakers. Medical experts who have treated narcissistic mothers state the immense value of friends and family members who can help the child grow in a proper environment and also help the mother to get to treatment. Extreme narcissist behavior in such mothers even doesn't deter them from sexually exploiting their own child. There is no fixed way to deal with such mothers. All it requires is medical intervention and supervision from friends and family members. As the child grows up, he fails to understand such a behavior of his mother and he understands it, only after he knows about narcissism.
How to Deal with a Narcissistic Husband
Being in a relationship with a narcissistic husband, can turn out to be a tough road ahead. Narcissism is defined as an excessive admiration for self. While some healthy doses of self affirmation is crucial, narcissism goes way ahead to interfere with the healthy relationship and tending it towards abusive relationship. It is unhealthy to be in a relationship with a narcissistic husband as eventually, he may be inclined towards hurting you, emotionally and physically. Medical experts don't have any possible medication and psychologists advise women who have suffered from rages of a narcissistic husband to take healing programs and strengthen their life. It has to be understood that once a woman starts experiencing narcissistic personality disorder symptoms (which surface erratically in the husband's behavior and is difficult to predict), she should seek help from counselors and psychologists as how to deal with the person.
Narcissists are not some out of the world people. They're just one among us and they can be difficult to deal with in daily life. The situation becomes frustrating when a narcissist is one among your friends or family members, and you've got to live daily with him/her. Understand that often a childhood trauma or poor upbringing of a child makes him grow up emotionally and socially withdrawn, leading to narcissist behavior. Seeking expert counseling is always helpful to trace some root problem, and then find possible remedies.
Sometimes, in professional life, many people encounter bosses and seniors who're completely closed towards feelings of their employees. Handling narcissists in professional life must not take a toll on your career. How to deal with a narcissistic boss is not so difficult, if you don't bring in too much of ego issues. Remember, if he is not complimenting your efforts, is tending towards being abusive or is demeaning you, you can simply quit the job. Hopefully, this abridged information on how to deal with a narcissist will help you in handling narcissist people with more love, awareness, support and understanding.
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