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Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank on your ANSWER SHEET.

All Americans are at least vaguely___26___with the plight of the American Indian. Cutbacks in federal programs for Indians have made their problems___27___more severe in recent years. Josephy reports, “___28___1981 it was estimated that cutbacks in federal programs for Indians totaled about $500 million” or more than ten times the cuts affecting their___29___fellow Americans. Additional cuts seem to be threatened in the future. This reduced funding is affecting almost all aspects of reservation life,___30___education . If the Indians could solve their___31___problems, solutions to many of their other problems might not be far behind. In this paper the current status of Indian education will be described and___32___ and some ways of improving this education will be proposed.
Whether to___33___with the dominant American culture or to preserve Indian culture has been a longstanding issue in Indian education. After the Civil War full responsibility for Indian education was turned over by the government to churches and missionary groups. The next fifty years became a period of___34___assimilation in all areas of Indian culture, but especially in religion and education .
John Collier, a reformer who agitated___35___Indians and their culture from the early 1920s until his death in 1968, had a different idea. He believed that instead of effacing native culture, Indian schools should encourage and___36___it.
Pressure to assimilate remains a potent force today,___37___. More and more Indiansare graduating from high school and college and becoming___38___for jobs in the non-Indian society. “ When Indians obtain the requisite skills, many of them enter the broader American society and succeed. ”___39___approximately 90 percent of all Indian children are educated in state public school systems.
How well these children compete with the members of the dominant society, however, is another___40___.

26. A. agreeableB. regardless C. familiarD. sympathetic

27. A. evenB. ever C. greatlyD. further

28. A. SinceB. Up toC. BeforeD. By the end of

29. A. non-IndianB. IndianC. previousD. former

30. A. exceptB. regardingC. besidesD. including

31. A. culturalB. educationalC. socialD. severe

32. A. estimatedB. evaluatedC. settledD. decided

33. A. agreeB. push forwardC. assimilateD. deal

34. A. enforcedB. overallC. contemptuousD. unbelievable

35. A. in favor ofB. on behalf ofC. side by side withD. far behind

36. A. realizeB. assimilateC. acknowledgeD. revitalize

37. A. yetB. furthermoreC. howeverD. just the same

38. A. availableB. reachableC. suitableD. eligible

39. A. In the futureB. In the pastC. At presentD. Maybe

40. A. questionB. issueC. aspectD. matter


There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

41. He____have been nervous because he didn’t go straight in.

A. ought toB. mustC. shouldD. had to

42. I am quite sure that I can____Michael into letting us use his car tomorrow.

A. speakB. talk C. tellD. say

43. Jean could be a very attractive girl but she____to her clothes.

A. pays no attentionB. was paying no attention

C. paid no attentionD. had paid no attention

44. When questioned by the interviewer, my mind went____, and I could hardly remember my own date of birth.

A. blankB. dim C. faintD. vain

45. The textbook question as well as other issues is going to be discussed when the congress is in____again next spring.

A. assemblyB. conventionC. conferenceD. session

46. To drive a car safely, it is____good brakes.

A. essential withB. essential having

C. essential to haveD. essential have

47. As I regard it, you can widen the ____ of these improvements through your active participation.

A. volumeB. dimensionC. magnitudeD. scope

48. “Can you ride a horse”
“No, I never had the chance ____.”

A. for learning

B. for learning how

C. how to learn it

D. to learn how

49. As electric lines were destroyed by the storm, they were forced to[CD#4] light for several days.

A. go overB. go in for

C. go withoutD. go out

50. To survive in the intense market competition, we must____the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world-market demand.

A. improveB. guaranteeC. gearD. enhance

51. “Maria has blisters in her boots.”
“She____walking such a long distance.”

A. was used not toB. used to

C. is not used toD. did not used to

52. In ancient times people who were thought to have the ability to ____dreams were likely to be highly respected.

A. impartB. inheritC. interpretD. intervene

53. It was ____that we felt tired when we arrived.

A. a so long travelB. such a long travel

C. such a long journeyD. such a so long journey

54.____his poor record in school, the board thinks that he should study hard.

A. In spite ofB. In charge ofC. In view ofD. In case of

55. “What authors do you like”
“Shakespeare is____.”

A. favorite for meB. my favorite

C. for me the favoriteD. the favorite of mine

56. We hadn’t expected a power cut so we were astonished when the whole house was ____into darkness.

A. divedB. plungedC. drownedD. dropped

57. Without a (an)____passport a tourist is forbidden to enter a country.

A. operativeB. effective

C. validD. efficient

58. Although the town had been attacked by the storm several times,____was done.

A. a few damagesB. few damages

C. little damageD. a little damage

59. Before the tourists set off, they spent much time setting a limit ____the expenses of the trip.

A. forB. inC. toD. about

60. “Tina looks especially pretty tonight.”
“Yes, she always looks her best in ____of that color.”

A. dressB. a dressC. that dressD. the dress

61. Despite the wide range of reading material specially written or____forlanguage learning purposes, there is yet no comprehensive systematic program for the reading skills.

A. appointedB. assembledC. acknowledgedD. adapted

62. Internet, a____of millions of computers linked world wide, is the largest system serving e-mail messengers.

A. unityB. connectionC. networkD. combination

63. “ How dark your brother’s hair is!”
“It’s ____mine when I was at his age.”

A. no darker thanB. no more darker as

C. not dark more thanD. not darker as

64. It was surprising that the hotel looked rather shabby outside was luxuriously and____ furnished inside.

A. artificiallyB. arrogantlyC. arbitrarilyD. artistically

65.____he daydreamed, Peter saw figures in the sky.

A. UntilB. SinceC. WhileD. During



In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the correct answer. Mark your choices on your ANSWER SHEET.


Anna Douglas was 72 years old when she started writing her newspaper column.She had been the director of a school and a camp before she retired, but she needed to keep busy. She was even willing to work without pay. That was the reason she found a volunteer job with an agency. The agency that she chose to work for was a business that helped other businesses find jobs for old people. Every day she talked with other retired people like herself. By talking, she recognized two things. Old people had abilities that were not being used. Old people also had problems——mostly problems with communication.
Mrs. Douglas found a new purpose for herself. Through the years, from time to time she had written stories about people for national magazines. Now there was a new subject: old people like herself. She began to write a newspaper column called “Sixty Plus,” which focused on getting old. She writes about the problems of old people, especially their problems with being misunderstood.
Anna Douglas uses her thinking ability to see the truth behind a problem. She understands the reasons why problems begin. She understands old people and young people, too. For example, one of her readers said that his grandchildren left the house as soon as he came to visit. Mrs. Douglas suggested some ways for him to increase understanding with his grandchildren. She told him to listen to young peoples music and to watch the most popular television shows.
“It’s important to know something about your grandchildren’s world,” says Mrs.
Douglas. “That means questioning and listening——and listening is not what old sters do best,” she continues, “Say good things to them and about them. Never criticize your grandchildren or any other youngsters, teenagers, or young adults.
Never tell them that they are wrong. Don’t give them your opinion. They have been taught that they should have respect for old people. The old should have respect for the young as well.”

66. Anna Douglas understands the problems of old people ____.

A. because she likes their music

B. because she has grandchildren

C. because she watches their television programs

D. because she is old herself

67. Anna Douglas’ newspaper column____.

A. is about how to find jobs for old people

B. spreads ideas for youngsters

C. discusses the problems of old people

D. contains mostly funny stories

68. What advice did Mrs. Douglas NOT give to the reader whose grandchildren didnt want to see him

A. Listen to popular music.

B. Tell more interesting stories.

C. Try to understand the grandchildren.

D. Watch more popular TV shows.

69. The main point of Mrs. Douglas’ advice is____.

A. old people should understand and respect the young

B. old people have a lot to learn from the young

C. poor hearing often causes old people to misunderstand the young

D. old people should show respect for the young even when they criticize them


Is there no end to the Drug Plague
Last year, our nation’s capital passed the murder-a-day mark, and the number of homicides is now up some 50 percent from that level. More than half of these killings are drug-related. In 1988 New York City had its most violent year ever,with 1896 homicides. Many of these involved drugs. Such homicides are also a problem in Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Phoenix and scores of other cities where drug gangs war against one another and use violence to spread their deadly trade. In Bankhead Courts, and Atlanta housing project, drug-related crime has reached the point where mail carriers have had to depend on increased police patrols at delivery time.
For years, we have attacked the supply side of the drug crisis, trying to choke off the flow of drugs into our country and stop the networks that distribute them. This strategy has failed miserably. Now it’s time to launch a whole new offensive. We must crack down on drug consumers.
Last year, former First Lady Nancy Reagan had an emotional meeting with the parents of young woman who had died in a train crash that involved an engineer’s use of drugs. After that meeting, Mrs. Reagan said, “ If you’re a casual drug user, you’re an accomplice to murder.”
Mary Jane Hatcher, widow of a New York City drug-enforcement agent killed in the drug wars, echoes that sentiment. “Even through the grief,” she said after her husband’s death earlier this year, “ I must ask, who really killed Everett Emerson from our society Look around. We middle-class suburban Americans, we casual users, we dabblers in drugs keep the market in drugs an ever-increasing one.
Therefore, Everett Emerson Hatcher was killed by all of us. Nice people. All of you who hear me now and fit this description, all of you must accept the blame for the loss of this good, gentle man.”

70. The best title for this passage is ____.

A. There Is No End to the Drug Plague

B. Let’s Get Tough with Drug User

C. We Must Crack Down on Drug Supplies

D. Everyone Is A Victim of Drug Use

71. Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage

A. Last year there was a murder almost every day in Washington D.C..

B. Now more homicides happened this year.

C. More than half of these crimes are related to drug.

D. In USA mail carriers always depend on increased police patrols at delivery time.

72. For years the strategy against drug ____.

A. hasn’t worked as desired

B. has encouraged the supply of drug

C. hasn’t cut off the networks that distribute drug

D. has cracked down on drug consumers

73. Who should be blamed for the death of Everett Emerson Hatcher

A. All of us.

B. One of the drug gangs.

C. Drug enforcement agent.

D. Middle-class suburban Americans.


There’s been a lot of talk about extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet. I don’t put much stock in that. I am convinced, however, that we are surrounded by sentient things of our own making whose single aim is the harassment of the individual and, ultimately, the destruction of society.
Let me illustrate. A couple of years ago, I received a $ 600 insurance dividend. Sitting at the kitchen table, my wife and I discussed what we might do with the bonanza. I realize now that the refrigerator overheard our conversation. The very next day, it went berserk. The repairman told us we needed a new unit. Cost: $ 600.
Not long after, we got a refund from the IRS, enough to pay for a vacation in Mexico.
“I’ve something to tell you,” I said to my wife. “ Privately.”
“How about the den” she suggested. I remembered that the color television set is in the den. “No, not there. Let’s go outside.”
I showed her the check as we stood in the driveway. We hugged each other elatedly and hardly noticed the rain.
My car was parked within earshot. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.
As I started for the train the next morning, the car began making devilish screeching sounds.
“The engine’s shot,” my mechanic said, “Replacing it will cost about a thousand dollars.”
The car’s demise convinced me I was on to something big. I dug through our financial records. I discovered that over the past ten years our receipt of “ found” money invariably was followed by equal expenditures to replace a hot-water heater, a television and a stove.
Today, I lavish compliments on all the mechanical devices in our home. And I never, ever mention financial rewards in front of them.
But if this article is published and I’m paid for it, the word processor is going to go wrong for sure. It’ll know.

74. In Paragraph 1, “sentient things of our own making” refer to ____.

A. extraterrestrial beings

B. human beings

C. our sense organs

D. mechanical devices made by man

75. Which of the following statements is true

A. The author believes that there have been extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet.

B. The author and his wife talked about the refund in the driveway where noting could hear them.

C. The author and his wife were overjoyed at the repayment from the IRS.

D. The author noticed that the refrigerator was overhearing his conversation with his wife.

76. Which is the topic sentence of the passage

A. The first sentence of the passage.

B. The third sentence of the passage.

C. The last sentence but one of the passage.

D. The last sentence of the passage.


A twenty-year-old immigrant, Levi Strauss, came to the United States in 1850 to seek his fortune in the gold fields. But strangely enough, this man made his fortune on heavy canvas that he found suitable for working clothes. Strauss’ jeans were particularly good for prospectors and cowboys. In the early days of jeans, this man couldn’t have guessed that his pants, made only for rough work, would become so popular at all levels of society. Yes, this is a fact: jeans have become fashionable in our society. Furthermore, these pants have come to symbolize changes in social attitude.
In the last decade or two we have seen movements toward equality as well as defiance of authority. Jeans, now worn by everybody, can be said to symbolize these changes for the better. In the past, only men wore jeans, and these men were at the bottom——socially and economically. Jeans were worn by truck drivers, farm and factory workers. Today, jeans no longer are looked down upon. They are worn by both men and women, by both skilled and unskilled workers, by both employees and employers. This common way of dressing symbolizes respect for individuality, no matter what your occupation or sex. In the fight against authority, young people have been the leaders. So it is natural that teenagers would defy parents and school administrators over the right to wear jeans to class and win. Jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers, fans at rock concerts, “hippies” returning to nature, and serious college students.Because everyone can be comfortable in them, the blue jeans invented for the use of workers are now accepted almost anywhere, anytime. This is true not only in the United States, but in many other countries in the world. I strongly agree with the following statement: “Old or new, glorified or plain, jeans are likely to be around for a long time to come. Already they have succeeded where statesmanship has failed. Although unable to speak the same language, the inhabitants of this embattled planet have at least agreed to wear the same pants.”

77. Jeans, originally designed by Levi Strauss, ____.

A. have become a symbol of the fashionable class

B. have come to symbolize changes in social attitude

C. are suitable wear for rough work only

D. are no longer so popular as they used to be

78. What is implied but not directly stated in the passage is that____.

A. young people have been the leaders in the fight against authority

B. today, jeans are no longer looked down upon

C. jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers

D. formerly students were not allowed to wear jeans to class

79. The author is of the opinion that____.

A. jeans are likely to be a short-lived fashion

B. jeans are popular only in the United States

C. jeans are likely to be popular for a long time to come

D. jeans are no longer fashionable

80. The last two sentences imply that____.

A. statesmen in the world are less competent than jeans

B. the inhabitants of the world should speak the same language

C.statesmen have failed to reach agreement on many major issues of the world

D. jeans will help statesmen to reach agreement on some world issues


In this section there are five passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


First read the following questions.

81. The passage is chiefly about ____.

A. the birthplace of Shakespeare

B. Mary’s childhood

C. England’s most famous playwright

D. Mary Arden’s house

82. The wrong house visited since the 18th century ____.

A. was located close bythe Warwickshire village of Wilmcote

B. was in fact owned by Adam Palmer, a family friend and neighbor

C. could be traced back to 1587

D. was Mary’s childhood home

Now read Text E quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
Shakespeare lovers keen to see the place where the Bard’s mother Mary Arden grew up have been visiting the wrong house since the 18th century. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust said that new research had shown the Tudor farmhouse long known as “Mary Arden’s House” in fact belonged to a family friend. The mother ofWilliam Shakespeare, England’s most famous playwriter, actually lived in another property close bythe Warwickshire village of Wilmcote, three miles north of Stratford-upon-Avon. The discovery was made by local historian Nat Alcock, who traced medieval land deeds, including a rental agreement dating from 1587, showing that a building known as Glebe Farm was Mary’s childhood home. The house thought to have been her home was in fact owned by Adam Palmer, a family friend and neighbor. Glebe Farm will now be known as Mary Arden’s House and the building which previously bore that name will be called Palmer’s Farm.


First read the following questions.

83. According to an EU poll published recently,____of those polled believe foreign language skills are useful.

A. 71 percent

B. 72 percent

C. 69 percent

D. 70 percent

84. Which country has a percentage of 12.3 population that know no language apart from their mother tongue

A. Britain.

B. Luxembourg.

C. Denmark.

D. Sweden.

Now read Text F quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
The British are the European Union’s worst linguists while the citizens of Luxem bourg are the best, according to an EU poll published recently. Almost two-thirds of Britons know no language apart from their mother tongue, the highest figure recorded in the 15 EU countries. That compares to just 2.2 percent in Luxembourg, 12.3 percent of Danes and an EU average of 47.3 percent of people who speak no other language but their own, the poll of 16,000 EU citizens said. But British travelers to Europe need not worry. English is the most common second language in the EU, spoken by 41 percent of the block’s citizens. In Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, at least 78 percent of people speak English as a second language. Although 47 percent of EU citizens know only their mother tongue, there is wide agreement that speaking foreign language is good thing. 72 percent of those polled believe foreign language skills are useful, 71 percent said everyone should know one foreign language and 69 percent said everyone should speak English.


First read the following questions.

85. The passage is mainly about ____.

A. male children and how they develop a sex role

B. female children and how they develop a sex role

C. babies and how they are affected by their parents

D. parental warmth and its effects

86. Which of the following tend to treat male and female children more alike

A. Fathers. B. Sisters.

C. Mothers.

D. Brothers.

Now read Text G quickly and mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
How warm parents are with their children has a strong influence on the childrens personalities. Boy who are highly masculine, for example, tend to see their fathers as very warm and regarding. The warmth of both parents tends to lead to more feminity in girls. The influence of the fathers seems to be more important, since fathers generally treat male and female children differently as compared to mothers who treat male and female children in a more similar manner.


First read the following questions.

87. ELTECS-Chi-L is sponsored by ____.



C. Belgium

D. Japan

88. To join ELTECS-Chi-L, one could____.

A. write a letter to Ma Zhigang

B. telephone Ma Zhigang

C. send an e-mail to Ma Zhigang

D. all of the above means

Now read Text H quickly and mark your answerS on your ANSWER SHEET.
English teachers network ELTECS-Chi-L
What is ELTECS-Chi-L
English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme for China List (ELTECS-Chi-L) is a British Council China on-line discussion group for Chinese English language teaching (ELT) professionals with an interest in developing themselves and sharing views on ELT. Launched in Beijing by Helena Kennedy QC, Chair of the British Council, on 9th October 1998, the network now has around 450 subscribers among whom more than 40 are from the UK, Belgium, Japan and other countries.
ELTECS-Chi-L is a sister network to the ELTECS (English Language Teaching Contact Scheme) network which is mainly composed of ELT professionals in central and eastern Europe with over 1000 members.
How to subscribe to ELTECS-Chi-L
Any English teachers working in primary and middle schools or universities who have e-mail access are welcome to join the network at any time to share their ideas, expertise and experience with others.
To join ELTECS-Chi-L, send the following command as email to LISTSERV@LIST1.BRITCOUN.ORG,SUB ELTECS-Chi-L yourfirstname yourlastname. For example: SUB ELTECS-Chi-L Zhonghua Zhang.
For more information please e-mail Ma Zhigang at, editor of ELTECS-Chi-L.

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