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scenario          n.  written outline of a film, play, etc with details of the scenes and plot


schedule          n.  programme of work to be done or of planned events


scheme            n.  ~ plan for doing or organizing sth


scope             n.  ~ opportunity to do or achieve sth


section           n.  any of the parts into which sth may be or has been divided


sector            n.  part of a circle lying between two straight lines drawn from the centre to the circumference .


secure            adj.  ~ not feeling worry, doubt, etc


seek              v. ~ (after/for sth) look (for sth); try to find or obtain (sth)


select            v. ~ sb/sth choose sb/sth, esp as being the best or most suitable


sequence          n.  set of events, numbers, actions, etc with each following the one before continuously or in a particular order


series            n. number of things, events, etc of a similar kind, esp. placed or occurring one after another


sex               n.  condition of being male or female; gender


shift             v.  ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (from.../to...); ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (about/around) (cause sth/sb/oneself to) change or move from one position or direction to another [/]


significant       adj.  having a meaning, esp one that is immediately obvious


similar           adj. ~ resembling sb/sth but not the same; alike


simulate          v.  pretend to have or feel


site              n.  place where a building, town, etc was, is, or will be situated


so-called         adj. (used to suggest that the words used to describe sb/sth are not appropriate )


sole              n. flat sea-fish that is eaten as food


somewhat          indef adv to some degree; rather


source            n.  starting-point of a river


specific          adj.  detailed, precise and exact


specify           v. (esp fml ) state or name clearly and definitely (details, materials, etc)


sphere            n.  solid figure that is entirely round (ie with every point on the surface at an equal distance from the centre)


stable            adj. firmly established or fixed; not likely to move or change


statistic         n. item of information expressed in numbers


status            n.  person's social, legal or professional position or rank in relation to others


straightforward   adj.  honest and frank, without evasion


strategy          n.  planning and directing an operation in a war or campaign


stress            n.  mental or physical distress, difficult circumstances, etc


structure         n.  way in which sth is put together, organized, built, etc


style             n.  manner of writing or speaking, esp contrasted with what is actually written or said


submit            v.  ~ (to sb/sth) accept the control, superior strength, etc (of sb/sth); yield (to sb/sth) ; ,


subordinate       adj. ~ (to sb) lower in rank or position


subsequent        adj. later; following


subsidy           n. money paid, esp by a government, to help an industry, to support the arts, to keep pricesdown, etc


substitute        n. ~ person or thing that replaces, acts for or serves as sb or sth else


successor         n. ~ person or thing that comes after and takes the place of (sb/sth)


sufficient        adj. ~ enough


sum               n.  arithmetical calculation


summary           n.  brief statement of themain points of sth


supplement        n.  ~ thing added to sth else to improve or complete it


survey            v.  look carefully at all of (sth/sb), esp from a distance


survive           v.  ~ ~ (on sth) continue to live or exist


suspend           v.  ~ sth (fml ) hang sth up


sustain           v.  bear (weight) without breaking or falling


symbol            n.  ~ image, object, etc that suggests or refers to sth else; emblem


tape              n.  narrow strip of material used for tying, fastening or labelling things


target            n.  object or mark that a person tries to hit in shooting, etc; disc marked with concentric circles for this purpose in archery ; .


task              n.  piece of work that has to be done


team              n.  group of players forming one side in certain games and sports


technical         adj.  of or involving the mechanical arts and applied sciences


technique         n. method of doing or performing sth, esp in the arts or sciences


technology        n.  scientificstudy and use of mechanical arts and applied sciences, eg engineering


temporary         adj. lasting or meant to last for a limited time only; notpermanent


tense             adj.  stretched tightly; taut ;


terminate         v. come to an end or bring (sth) to an end


text              n.  main written or printed part of a book or page


theme             n.  subject of a talk, a piece of writing or a person's thoughts; topic


theory            n.  set of reasoned ideas intended to explain facts or events


thereby           adv. by that means


thesis            n. statement or theory put forward and supported by arguments


topic             n. subject of a discussion, talk, programme, written work, etc


trace             n.  mark, track, sign, etc showing what has existed or happened


tradition         n. passing of beliefs or customs from one generation to the next, esp without writing


transfer          v. ~ sth/sb (from...) (to...) move sth/sb from one place to another


transform         v. ~ sth/sb (into sth) completely change the appearance or character of sth/sb


transit           n.  process of going or being taken or transported from one place to another


transmit          To send trough or across.


transport         v. ~ sth/sb (to...)  take sth/sb from one place to another in a vehicle


trend             n.  general tendency or direction


trigger           n. lever that releases a spring, esp so as to fire a gun


ultimate          adj.  beyond which no other exists or is possible; last or final


undergo           v. experience or endure (sth unpleasant or painful)


underlie          v.  lie or exist beneath (sth)


undertake         v. (fml )  (start to) make oneself responsible for (sth)


uniform           adj. not changing in form or character; unvarying


unify             v. form (sth) into a single unit or make uniform


unique            adj.  being the only one of its type


utilise           vt. (=utilize) to put to use, especially to find a profitable or practical use for


valid             adj.  legally effective because made or done with the correct formalities


vary              v.  ~ (in sth) be different in size, volume, strength, etc


vehicle           n.  conveyance such as a car, lorry or cart used for transporting goods or passengers on land


version           n.  account of an event, etc from the point of view of one person


via               prep by way of (sth); through


violate           v.  break or be contrary to


virtual           adj. being or acting as what is described, but not accepted as such in name or officially


visible           adj. ~  that can be seen; in sight


vision            n.  power of seeing; sight


visual            adj. concerned with or used in seeing


volume            n.  book, esp one of a matching set or a series


voluntary         adj.  acting,done or given willingly


welfare           n.  good health, happiness, prosperity, etc of a person or group


whereas           conj  taking into consideration the fact that ...


whereby           rel adv  by which


widespread        extending over a wide area

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