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试题 1
Questions 8-12
 Read this letter to the editor of The Economist.
 Choose the best sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.
 For each bland (8-12) mark one letter (A-I) on your Answer Sheet.
 Do not mar4 any letter twice.
 One answer has been given as an example.


    You state on February 13 th that New Mexico has “few natural resources”, ____ example____ In 1991 New Mexico ranked fourth in the United States in production of natural gas, seventh in oil and tenth in non-fuel minerals ____8____ Non-fuel minerals contributed about $ 1 billion and coal $ 509 million.

    Taxes from production of fuels and minerals, and lease payments on state lands have been set aside by legislative acts to endow two permanent funds worth about $ 5.65 billion, ____9____ In addition, during fiscal year 1991 , payments to New Mexico from taxes on federal lands were S 108 million, all earmarked for public education.

____10____ About $566 million came from taxes and permanent-fund earnings attributable to oil and gas production. ____11____ Tourism is an important industry in Mew Mexico, yet its economic impact on the public sector is dwarfed by that of mineral production.

    New Mexico came through the recent recession in much better shape than most other states. It does not have a deficit. ____12____ States that rely primarily on a sales tax or on an income tax have big problems during economic downturns. Income growth per head in New Mexico averaged 6.1/00 in the year to October 1992-one if the fastest growth rates in the United States.

Charles Chapin

Example: C

A. That it has a broadly based tax structure is an important point.
B. In 1992 it produced more oil than Colorado and Kansas combined.
C. However, the extractive mineral industry in New Mexico is one of the state’s strongest economic forces.
D. During fiscal year 1992 New Mexico raised permanent funds worth about $6.1 billion.
E. The combined value of oil and gas production was $ 2.8 billion.
F. Some 16,000 employees work in the extractive industries and their wages are among the highest of any major industry.
G. The $39 million earned by these funds in 1991 was used to finance education and other public services.
H. Only S 25 million came from agricultural taxes.
I. New Mexico’s extractive mineral industries contribute about a third of the state’s $ 1.9 billion general-fund income in fiscal year 1991.

答案:8. E 9. G 10.I 11. F 12. A

试题 2
Questions 8-12
 Read this proposal about the CPT Word Processor.
 Choose the best sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.
 For each blank (8-12) mark one letter (A-I) on your Answer Sheet.
 De not mark any letter twice.
 One answer has been given as an example.

15 June 1993

Ms. Martha Weston
Word Processing Supervisor
ABC Company
Post Office Box 1072
28 King’s Street London

Dear Ms. Weston,

Performance of the CPT Equipment

    I’m Pleased to tell you about our experience with the CPT Word Processor as you requested recently____example____ I assume you have looked at several machines and have narrowed down your choices.

Here are my observations.

An approach to adopting word processors

    Eighteen months ago we adopted CPT equipment on limited scale with the idea in mind that we could gradually get rid of electric typewriters as we became familiar with the word processor. ____8____ The stations are actually in pairs so each pair can share a common printer ____9____

We use the equipment as dedicated word processors, although we do have the ability to link up with our computer installation.

The step-at-a-time development of our word-processing center has, we think, saved us money and training time. ____10____


In terms of performance, the CPT equipment is excellent. ____11____ Moreover our service contract and warranty have covered all maintenance costs.

We have software packages that check spelling and signal when a mistake occurs. ____12____ Using both printers, we recently prepared 1200 individually typed form letter mailings a under four hours. We have no complaint about our preparation of executive reports.

Example: I

A. So it works very well and has so many different functions.
B. Also it has reduced the confusion that exists about buying software packages.
C. The train stops at each station for only fifteen minutes.
D. We began with two work stations and now have four.
E. Our routine letters are prepared from disc-stored masters.
F. The Rotary W printer with a speed of 45 characters a second can easily handle two input stations.
G. In contrast, its size and weight are ideal for carrying.
H. We have not yet experienced mechanical problems so far.
I. We are pleased with its performance and multi-functions.

8. D 9. F 10.B 11. H 12. E

Questions 8-12
 Read this text on Dave’s dream.
 Choose the best sentence from the Opposite page 68 to fill each of the gaps.
 For each gap 8-12, mark one letter A - I on your Answer Sheet.
 Do not mark any letter twice.

Icon Acoustics: Bypassing Tradition
Like most entrepreneurs, Dave Fokos dreams a lot. He imagines customers eagerly phoning Icon Acoustics in Billerica, Massachusetts, to order his latest, custom-made stereo peakers ____example____

Like most entrepreneurs, Dave has taken a long time to develop his dream. ____(8)____ Dave discovered that he had a strong interest in studio engineering, He took independent-study courses in this area and by graduation had designed and built a pair of marketable stereo speakers. Following graduation, Dave pursued his interest in audio engineering. He landed a job as a loudspeaker designer with Conrad-Johnson, a high-end audio-equipment manufacturer headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia ____(9)____

Dave identified a market niche that he felt other speaker firms had overlooked ____(10)____These affluent, well-educated customers are genuinely obsessed with their stereo equipment. ‘They’d rather buy a new set of speakers than eat,’ Dave observes.

    Dave faced one major problem---how to distribute Icon’s products. He had learned from experience at Conrad-Johnson that most manufacturers distribute their equipment primarily through stereo dealers. Dave did not hold a high opinion of most such dealers; he felt that they too often played hardball with manufacturers, forcing them to accept thin margins. ____(11)____This kept those firms that offered more customized products from gaining access to the market. Perhaps most disturbing, Dave felt that the established dealers often sold not what was best for customers, but whatever they had in inventory that month.

    Dave dreamed of offering high-end stereo loudspeakers directly to the audio-obsessed, bypassing the established dealer network. ____(12)____ “My vision for the future is one where all manufacturers sell their products directly to end user. In this way, even the audiophiles in Dead Horse, Alaska, can have access to all that the audio-manufacturing community has to offer.”

Example: I.
A. At the age of 28, Dave set out to turn his dreams into reality.
B. Furthermore, the dealers concentrated on only a handful of well-known producers
C. Who provided mass-produced models.
D. The firms tend to plow their money in to developing their products and have little left over to market them.
E. Within four years, Dave had designed 13 speaker models and decided to start his own company.
F. To serve the audio-addicts segment, Dave offers only the highest-quality speakers.
G. It all began while majoring in electrical engineering at Cornell.
By going directly to the customers, Dave could avoid the dealer markups and offer top-quality products and service at reasonable price.
H. This niche consisted of “audio-addicts”----people who love to listen to music and appreciate first-rate stereo equipment.
I. He sees sales climbing , cash flowing, and hundreds of happy workers
Striving to produce top-quality products that delight Icon’s customers.

答案:Questions 8 - 12: F, D, H, B, G

试题 9

Questions 8 - 12
 Read this advertisement about business book reviews.
 Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each of the gaps.
 For each gap 8 - 12, mark one letter A - I on your Answer Sheet.
 Do not mark any letter twice.

Special Introductory Offer!
Gain a working knowledge of the top
Business books – rapidly and easily
Now you can read the best business books - in just 15 minutes each!
It's the executive dilemma of the Nineties: information overload. ____(example).____ There should be a simpler way to keep track of the latest ideas. And there is.
A systematic solution:
Suppose you had an assistant who screened and selected only the quality books for you. ____ (8)____ . So you could obtain a working knowledge of the book’s contents in a fraction of the time. Now you can have that assistant with Executive Book Summaries. Every month, you receive quick-reading, time-saving summaries of the best new business books. ____(9)____ . This means that rather than taking five to ten hours to read, it takes just 15 minutes!
How you'll benefit.
Executive Book Summaries, designed for the busy executive, are a solution to the growing management problem of too much to read and too little lime to do it.
 Improve your business confidence.
You gain a real understanding of the key points of the best new business books.
 Learn more, remember more.
We've taken account of extensive research into the memory functions of the human brain ____(10)____ .
 Get ideas you can use.
____(11)____ . In a summary, these ideas are more accessible and ‘actionable’.
 Cut hundreds of hours off your reading load.
How often have you opened a new book with great expectations - only to find it a huge disappointment? ____(12)____
The books we summarise cover just about every subject you need to know, from management techniques to guidance on your career.

A) These introductory texts are the most important books and using them can pay big dividends.
B) Discover practical tips and techniques you can apply without delay.
C) In order to avoid this problem, we select for you only the truly worthwhile titles and reject the rest.
D) According to studies published in psychology journals, you retain the content of a summary better than a book.
E) He or she would take the most important ideas from each one, and compile them into a neat executive summary.
F) With the breadth and depth of knowledge gained from books, it is less likely that you'll be caught off guard.
G) Each contains all the key points in the original book, but instead of 200 to 500 pages there are only eight pages.
H) There's a sample of the superb business titles that we summarise for you.
I) With all the reading you have to do in the normal course of your work, you find it impossible to keep up with all the new business books.

答案:8.E 9.G 10.D 11.B 12.C

试题 13

Questions 8-12
 Read the text below about career planning.
 Choose the best sentence from the list on the opposite page to fill each of the gaps.
 For each gap 8-12, mark one letter (A-I) on your Answer sheet.
 Do not use any letter more than once.

Career Planning
For many employees, automatic promotion up the ranks of a company is becoming increasingly rare. A new study suggests that, in response, employers need to consider how they can help staff develop their careers.
Employers need to rethink their approach to career management completely, according to the latest research by the Institute of Employment Studies. The new study finds that in fact there is little opportunity for individual career development in many large organisations. (example)____.The Institute of Employment Studies makes it clear that it is not good practice for companies to hand over career development to individual employees and then simply leave them to get on with it. (8) ____.
So how should employers help their staff develop a career? Most employees have come to accept that career development is not always the same thing as upward promotion and a higher salary. (9) ____.They must also ensure that these opportunities are extended to all their staff and not just to selected individuals.
Nick Bridges, who is Director of Human Resources Policy at the Bank of Eastern England, believes there is more talk than action in this area. (10) ____. One way, he believes, for companies to show how serious they are about individual learning is to make it an official part of company practice, as the Bank of Eastern England has done. (11)____. This document, he points out, has made the role of managers clear, and the company has also invested huge amounts of money educating managers so that they can then train their staff.
Another company, British Chemicals, has contracted an independent organisation to help staff with confidential career advice. According to John Yates, the head of Individual Learning and Development at British Chemicals, there is an important role for outside agencies to play in the career management process. He adds that it is company policy for managers to give all staff ‘roadmaps’ which show possible career routes within the company structure. (12)____. This has worked especially well, he says, for staff who are used to depending on their line managers for guidance.
Many large organisations now recognise that career development cannot be regarded in isolation, and must be part of an overall business strategy. Human Resources has a real role to play in building a strong workforce which meets a company’s long-term business needs and makes it more competitive.

A Its policy statement says that by 2006, eighty per cent of its staff will have a professional qualification.
B His recommendations go even further than that, and he has called for a national debate on the issue of what should be regarded as a career in the future.
C This change of attitude means employers need to place more emphasis on giving staff the chance to develop a range of skills through horizontal job moves.
D It points out that employees need to know what the overall company vision is in order to achieve many of these.
E The problem that often arises is that, while they are increasingly encouraged to manage their own careers, they are not provided with the knowledge and training to do this.
F They are able to see that, contrary to expectations, jobs in different fields are similar, and they can also see how it is possible to cross over to other areas.
G Its employees are no longer motivated by these factors alone, and the problem today is matching a person’s motivation with the right job.
H He argues that while Human Resources managers are saying the way forward is through self-managed learning and self-development, they are still failing to provide adequate learning resources.
I The main reasons for this, it concludes, are the recent cuts in the number of middle-management posts, and the changes that have taken place in the responsibilities of personnel departments.

答案:8.E 9.C 10.H 11.A 12.D

试题 8

Questions 8 – 12
 Read the following text.
 Choose the best sentence from the list on page 36 to fill each of the gaps.
 For each gap 8 – 12 mark one letter A – I on your Answer Sheet.
 Do not mark any letter twice.

In the past, the concept of marketing emphasised sales. The producer or manufacturer made a product he wanted to sell. ____ example ____ . Basically, selling the product would be accomplished by sales promotion, which included advertising and personal selling ____ (8) ____ Distribution consisted of transportation, storage, and related services such as financing, standardisation and grading, and the related risks.

The modern marketing concept encompasses all of the activities mentioned, but it is based on a different set of principles ____ (9) ____ In other words, goods should be produced only if they can be sold. Therefore, the producer should consider who is going to buy the product ------ or what the market for the product is ---- before production begins.

Marketing now involves first deciding what the customer wants, and designing and producing a product that satisfies these wants at a profit to the company ____(11)____ This is much more difficult since it involves human behaviour. ____(12)____ Thus, demand and market forces are still an important aspect of modern marketing, but they are considered prior to the production process.

Example: C

A. It subscribes to the notion that production can be economically justified only by consumption.
B. Marketing was the task of figuring out how to sell the product.
C. Marketing is as important in today’s economy as the production of goods and services.
D. Production, on the other hand, is mostly an engineering problem.
E. Such markets must be created and stimulated by managers.
F. This is very different from making a product and then thinking about how to sell it.
G. More than half the cost of consumer goods can be traced to marketing activities.
H. In addition to sales promotion, marketing also involved the physical distribution of the
product to the places where it was actually sold.
I. Instead of concentrating solely on production, the company must consider the desires of the

答案:Questions 8 - 12: H, A, F, I, D

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