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  Directions: Talk on the following topic for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to make your points clear and supporting details adequate. You should also be ready to answer any questions raised by the examiners during your talk. You need to have your name and registration number recorded. Start your talk with “My name is…, “ “My registration number is…”.
  Topic: My view of a successful foreign language learner
  Questions for Reference:
  1.What is the relationship between learning grammatical knowledge and learning language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, etc.)?
  2.Which one is more important for a foreign language learner, natural environment or classroom setting? Or, are there any other important factors? What are they?
  3.What methods have you been following in learning a foreign language? Why?
  Part A
  Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear 2 passages in English. After you have heard each sentence or paragraph, interpret it into Chinese. Start interpreting at the signal…and stop it at the signal…You may take notes while you are listening. Remember you will hear the passages only once. Now let us begin Part A with the first passage.
  Passage 1:
  We are meeting here to call for changes in the US patent laws. We believe such changes in the US patent laws are needed to deal with new business models related to the Internet.//
  US patent laws are designed to protect the commercial rights of people who have invested in new products or techniques. And I propose that the period of protection should be cut form 17 years to 3 years.//
  From my experience of working with Hi-Technology companies in California’s Silicon Valley, the biggest problems arise when existing patent protections for business methods are combined with the Internet.//
  If changes in the patent laws are going to have any real impact, they must be made soon. Some of my colleagues in the industry have already begun lobbying lawmakers to make the changes.//
  Passage 2:
  It has been a fashion nowadays that people own private cars. It has been rightly said that owning a private car is a symbol of living a high-quality life.//
  But, personally, when a man is sitting behind a steering wheel, his car becomes the extension of his personality. There is no doubt that the motor-car often brings out a man’s very worst qualities.//
  People who are normally quiet and pleasant may become unrecognizable when steering a wheel. The surprising thing is that society smiles so kindly on the motorist and seems to forgive his for his behavior.//
  Because of heavy traffic, many cities and towns become almost uninhabitable. And year in year out, mass annual slaughter in traffic accidents becomes more a statistic figure, to be conveniently forgotten.
Part B
  Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear 2 passages in Chinese. After you have each sentence or paragraph, interpret it into English. Start interpreting at the signal…and stop it at the signal…You may take notes while you are listening. Remember you will hear the passages only once. Now, let us begin Part B with the first passage.
  Passage 1
  To understand better the Chinese culture, you have to know something about the opera culture in China. There are many kinds of local operas in our country. Peking Opera is considered the representative type.//
  As an independent opera form, Peking Opera was born between 1840 and 1860. It evolved / originated from / formed by absorbing the creams / essentials / essential elements of other local operas.//
  In Peking Opera there is a clear division of roles; the language used is Beijing speech / dialect; and huqin, a two-stringed bower fiddle, is the major accompanying musical instrument.//
  Because Peking Opera has combined the cream of various local operas, it is enjoyed not only by Beijing residents / local residents in Beijing, but also by people from all over the country.
  Passage 2:
  Wushu, or Chinese martial arts, can trace back to the ancient times. It is a gem of the Chinese traditional culture. And it is now spreading to the rest of the world to be shared by mankind.
  The Chinese Wushu Association and International Wushu Federation (IWUF) have been working very hard to popularize Wushu and move the Chinese martial arts closer to the Olympic Movement.
  The booming of Wushu is attributed nor only to the attractiveness of the sport but also to (the efforts by ) whose early emigrant Chinese Wushu masters .
  In modern times, Competitive Wushu, which has developed on the basis of traditional Wushu, provides a new stage to popularize and improve the Chinese martial arts.

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