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  Example 1

  Reforming and opening up have helped the villagers to live a comfortable life. (主题句) Before 1983 the village practiced a collective ownership system,whereby the villagers picked and baked tea leaves together.Life was hard and their income meager,so they had no incentive to work hard.“We got rich after the fields were parceled out to households in 1983,” says Sun Jinrong.Since then,the villagers have tilled their own plots.Having learned to follow the laws of the market economy and competition,their living standards have greatly improved.


  Example 2

  I hold the view that children can play computer games in their spare time,and the reasons are explored as follows. First, computer games should be played moderately,with the control of parents. It can help children to relax and improve their efficiency in their studies. Second,playing computer games moderately can offer children chances to develop their creativity,which is essential for their success in study. Third, playing computer games can broaden children’s knowledge. It is well-known that a machine will break down if it keeps running without a stop. Similarly, if a child keeps studying without relaxation,he will be tired out. And if a child spends all this time studying,he will become a dull boy in the ivory tower.





  Ambition is like choler (胆汁),which is a humour,that makes men active,earnest,full of alacrity,and stirring,if it be not stopped. But if it be stopped,and cannot have its way,it becomes angry,and malign. So ambitious men,if they find the way open for their rising,and still get forward,they’re rather busy than dangerous; but if they be checked in their desires,they become secretly discontent,and look upon men and matters,with an evil eye.



  Hemophilia is called the bleeder’s disease because the afflicted person’s blood is unable to clot.



  Before a stop sign was put up, there were one hundred and twenty accidents there in a year. After a stop sign was put up,there were only forty accidents in a year. Having the stop sign there decreased the number of accidents immediately.



  The kitchen was in a mess. Along the left wall were the counter and sink covered with dirty dishes and garbage. On the far wall the washing machine groaned under a load of filthy clothes. Right next to the door where I was standing,on my right,I saw a table cluttered with old newspapers,an overturned catsup bottle. At the far end of the right wall the refrigerator stood with door ajar. It was the messiest kitchen I had ever seen.



  The Beijing subway is to adopt international signs.(主题句)The Chinese characters originally used for east,west,south and north are to be replaced by the letters A,B,C and D. The subway operator explained that the four Chinese characters indicating directions no longer meet the needs of passengers,given the diversity of subway stations and increases in the number of entrances and exits.(因)Therefore,universal signs used worldwide will be adopted.(果)


  The main reason why professors should give frequent exams (果) is that when they do and when they provide feedback to students on how well they’re doing,students learn more in the course and perform better on major exams (原因1).Moreover,If students had frequent exams in all their courses,they would have to schedule study time each week and gradually would develop a habit of frequent study (原因2).




  It is very difficult to evaluate another person’s performance objectively. For example,Jane recently wrote irresponsible remarks about her instructor because she was failing the course. Her friend Sam wrote a great description of the same instructor because he was receiving an A in the course. Both Jane and Sam were not fairly evaluating the instructor. They were influenced by the grades they were earning and were biased in their judgement.




  “The wolf has come!” No one knows who gave the first warning,but it made a large impact on two main groups: the common people and entrepreneurs. The common people hoped that it would mean more inexpensive commodities,while entrepreneurs worried about encirclement by transnational companies.




第一段         A1         B1
第二段         A2         B2
第一段          A1         A2
第二段          B1         B2


  As a creature,I eat; as a man,I read. Although one action is to meet the primary need of my body and the other is to satisfy the intellectual need of my mind,they are in a way quite similar.

  To keep ourselves alive,we need all kinds of nutrition. 1) Eating is the most important way by which we can get starch,protein,vitamin,sugar,fat,and some trace elements. 2) On the other hand,we eat not only because we have to do so,but also because we enjoy doing so. Having satisfied our hunger,eating can then be a kind of enjoyment. The color,the smell,and the taste of the food are considered as important as its nutritive value. Very often we eat some food not because it is nourishing but simply because welike it.

  Similarly,to enrich our minds,we need information and knowledge,which can be obtained through reading.1) Reading is one of the most important ways of learning. Without reading our minds will become empty like that of an animal. 2) Sometimes,we take reading as a pastime,and we relax and learn at the same time. Since recreation is involved,we will naturally have a partiality for some particular kinds of books,just as we do for certain kind of food.

  Besides,there are other similarities between eating and reading. 1)We should not eat too much without digesting and assimilating,nor should we read too much without understanding and remembering. 2) While we are eating, we should leave out the rotten part of the food which will do harm to our health; and while we are reading,we should be able to reject the poisonous content in a book,for it will poison our minds.

  So,eat sensibly and read sensibly to give yourself a strong body and a healthy mind.


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