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 SectionⅠ Use of English


  Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1.( 10 points )

  Some call it the Smart Shooter, a new rifle for American infantry troops that is two weapons in one, is accurate up to 1,000 yards and in 1 fires 2 corners. Its message to enemies is that they can run but they can't hide.

  Still in the development phase, the rifle for 2006 has just been 3 off with great 4 by the Pentagon to members of Congress who will be asked to 5 the money. The makers, Alliant Techsystems, say that the weapon will revolutionize 6 combat much as the machine gun.

  Pentagon jargon has given the new gun a(an) 7 title: the Objective Individual Combat Weapon. 8 one trigger, the rifle can fire a standard 5-56mm Nato bullet and a 20mm high explosive shell that will burst in the air. It can 9 shrapnel behind, 10 or even from the side of enemy troops who have taken 11 behind a building. The shell can be 12 to explode after a short delay. The weapon's 1,000 yard accuracy is twice 13 of other rifles, made possible by a laser system built into the sight. This rangefinder fixes the target, measures the distance and passes it along to a computer chip in the shell.

  The gunsight has an infrared lens for night 14. It can also have video camera with a zoom lens that is linked to a video display attached to the soldier's helmet, allowing him to aim 15 without exposing himself to enemy return fire. But there are snags still be 16 out. Two men were 17 when a shell burst in a barrel during firing tests. The rifle weighs more than 181b. There are questions whether its electronic innards will be rugged enough for rain, snow and difficult 18.

  Michael Klare, a professor of peace and world security issues and a board member of the Arms Control Association, says that the Pentagon is seeking this combination of firepower and automation to compensate for the uncertain aim of GIs. He said: "Soldiers won't have to worry about careful steady aim. They'll just look 19 the viewfinder and 20 the trigger."

  1?A reality   B affect   C effect   D operation

  2?A?at  B?in  C?beyond  D?around

  3?A?put  B?shown  C?checked  D?given

  4?A?pride  B?anxiety  C?honor  D?expectation

  5?A?put up  B?count in  C?pay for  D?look for

  6?A?Land  B?brilliant  C?powerful  D?awkward

  8?A?Used  B?Fixed  C?Using  D?Fixing

  9?A?spray  B?spatter  C?splash  D?sprinkle

  10?A?over  B?on  C?above  D?upon

  11?A?aim  B?cover  C?risks  D?heed

  12?A?estimated  B?calculated  C?seeded  D?timed

  13?A?as  B?that  C?than  D?much

  14?A?vision  B?sight  C?observation  D?speculation

  15?A?exactly  B?precisely  C?accurately  D?correctly

  16?A?removed  B?ironed  C?made  D?drawn

  17?A?injured  B?hurt  C?harmed  D?wounded

  18?A?terrain  B?domain  C?field  D?territory

  19?A?at  B?over  C?into  D?through

  20?A?push  B?pull  C?press  D?jerk

  Section Ⅱ Reading Comprehension

  Part A


  Read the following four texts. Answer the questions below each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1?(40 points)

  Text 1

  It is all very well to blame traffic jams, the cost of petrol and the quick pace of modern life, but manners on the roads are becoming horrible. Everybody knows that the nicest men become monsters behind the wheel. It is all very well, again, to have a tiger in the tank, but to have one in the driver's seat is another matter altogether. You might tolerate the odd road-hog, the rude and inconsiderate drive, but nowadays the well men neared motorist is the exception to the rule. Perhaps the situation calls for a "Be kind to Other Drivers" campaign, otherwise it may get completely out of hand.

  Road politeness is not only good manners, but good sense too. It takes the most cool-headed and good-tempered of drivers to resist the temptation to revenge when subjected to uncivilized behavior. On the other hand, a little politeness goes along way towards relieving the tensions of motoring. A friendly nod or a wave of acknowledgement in response to an act of politeness helps to create an atmosphere of goodwill and tolerance so necessary in modern traffic conditions. But such acknowledgements of politeness are all too rare today. Many drivers nowadays don't even seem able to recognize politeness when they see it.

  However, misplaced politeness can also be dangerous. Typical examples are the driver who brakes violently to allow a car to emerge from a side street at some hazard to following traffic, when a few seconds later the road would be clear anyway; or the man who waves a child across a zebra crossing into the path of oncoming vehicles that may be unable to stop in time. The same goes for encouraging old ladies to cross the road wherever and whenever they care to. It always amazes me that the highways are not covered with the dead bodies of these grannies.

  A veteran driver, whose manners are faultless, told me it would help if motorists learnt to filter correctly into traffic streams one at a time without causing the total blockages that give rise to bad temper. Unfortunately, modern motorists can't even learn to drive, let alone master the subtler aspects of boatmanship. Years ago the experts warned us that the car-ownership explosion would demand a lot more give and take from all road users. It is high time for all of us to take this message to heart.

  21?According to the first paragraph, which of the following reflects the situation on the roads?

  A?Traffic Jams are mainly caused by the cost of petrol and the quick pace of modern life.

  B?The manners of the drivers are the only reason for the traffic jams.

  C?"Be kind to other drivers" is a campaign to change the rude drive.

  D?People can not tolerate good manners on the road.

  22?The author argues that road politeness .

  A?can better the traffic unconditionally

  B?calls for a driver's cool-headed and good-tempered personality

  C?can be found after the modern traffic conditions stand up

  D?are acknowledged by most drivers

  23?Which of the following does NOT illustrate misplaced politeness?

  A?Encouraging old ladies to cross the road at any time they want.

  B?Braking suddenly to allow a car to emerge from a side street.

  C?A motorist driving into traffic streams without considering others.

  D?Waving a child across a zebra crossing into the path of oncoming vehicles.

  24?According to the experts, facing the car-ownership explosion, we should .

  A?be more considerate yield to each other

  B?communicate with each other more often

  C?have a cool head and good temper

  D?avoid misplaced politeness

  25?The author's attitude towards road politeness seems to be .

  A?suspicious  B?indifferent  C?ironical  D?objective

  Text 2

  In the warm enclosed waters of farm ponds, conditions are very likely to be lethal for fish when insecticides are applied in the vicinity. As many examples show, the poison is carried in by rains and runoff from surrounding lands. Sometimes the ponds receive not only contaminated runoff but also a direct dose as rop dusting pilots neglect to shut off the duster in passing over a pond. Even without such complications, normal agricultural use subjects fish to far heavier concentrations of chemicals than would be require to kill them. In other words a marked reduction in the enclosure nets used would hardly change the lethal situation, for applications of over 0.1 pound per acre to the pond itself are generally considered hazardous. And the poison, once introduced is hard to get rid of. One pond that has been treated with DDT (杀虫剂) to remove unwanted shiners remained poisonous through repeated drainings and flushings that it killed 94 percent of the sun fish with which it was later stocked. Apparently the chemical remained in the mud of the pond bottom.

  Conditions are evidently no better now than when the modern insecticides first came into use. The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Department stated in 1961 that reports of fish losses in farm ponds and small lakes had been coming in at the rate of at least one a week, and that such reports were increasing. The conditions usually responsible for these losses in Oklahoma were those made familiar by repetition over the years: the application of insecticides to crops, heavy rain, and poison washed into the ponds.

  In some parts of the world the cultivation of fish in ponds provides an in dispensable source of food. In such places the use of insecticides without regard for the effects of fish creates immediate problems. In Rhodesia, for example, the young of an important African food fish are killed by exposure to only 0.04 parts per million of DDT in shallow pools. Even smaller doses of many other insecticides would be lethal. The shallow waters in which these fish live are favorable mosquito-breeding places. The problem of controlling mosquitoes and at the same time conserving a fish important in the Central African diet has obviously not been solved satisfactorily.

  26.The author's tone in this passage can be best described as .

  A?reportorial    B?sarcastic

  C?condemnatory  D?mournful

  27.According to the passage, the one factor that is not responsible for the presence of insecticides in ponds is .

  A?the weather bringing in rains

  B?human error in crop-dusting

  C?common farming methods

  D?industrialization use of chemicals

  28.The author uses the case of the Rhodesian fish in order to .

  A?show the harmful effects of killing fish

  B?prove that problems are the same everywhere

  C?show that fish is an indispensable source in diet

  D?consider the problem of controlling mosquitoes

  29. In this passage, what the author does not do is .

  A?state a problem    B?give examples

  C?propose a solution   D?relate causes

  30.The last sentence of this passage means that .

  A?you can not control mosquitoes if you want to conserve an important fish

  B?you can not conserve an important fish if you want to control mosquitoes

  C?the Central Africans will have no fish to eat if this fish can't be protected properly

  D?it is not so easy and satisfactory to solve these two problems at the same time

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