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Section Ⅰ Use of English


  Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1. ( 10 points )

  Human beings are animals. We breathe, eat and digest, and reproduce the same life 1 common to all animals. In a biological laboratory, rats, monkeys, and humans seem very much the same.

  However, biological understanding is not enough: 2 itself, it can never tell us what human beings are. 3 to our physical equipment—the naked human body—we are not an 4 animal. We are tropical creatures, 5 hairless and sensitive to cold. We are not fast and have neither claws nor sharp teeth to defend ourselves. We need a lot of food but have almost no physical equipment to help us get it. In the purely physical 6, our species seems a poor 7 for survival.

  But we have survived—survived and multiplied and 8 the earth. Some day we will have a 9 living on the moon, a place with neither air nor water and with temperatures that turn gases into solids. How can we have done all these things? Part of the answer is physical. 10 its limitations, our physical equipment has some important 11. We have excellent vision and hands that can 12 objects with a precision unmatched by any other 13. Most importantly, we have a large brain with an almost 14 number of neural 15.

  We have used this physical equipment to create culture, the key to our survival and success. If we live in the Arctic, we supply the warmth our tropical bodies need 16 clothing, shelter, and 17 heat. If a million people want to live in a desert that supplies natural food for only a few hundred, we find water to grow food and 18 deficits by transporting supplies from distant places. Inhabitants of our eventual moon colony will bring their own food and oxygen and then create an artificial earth environment to supply necessities. With culture, we can overcome our natural limitations.

  It was not always 19. Our distant ancestors were just animals, faced with the limits of their physical equipment. They had no 20 and lacked the physical capacity to use it.

  1?A.processes   B.acts   C.modes   D.procedures

  2?A.On   B.With   C.For   D.By

  3?A?Stripped  B?Pared  C?Peeled  D?Removed

  4?A?intelligent  B?impressive  C?influential  D?incentive

  5?A?barely  B?hardly  C?nearly  D?scarcely

  6?A?meaning  B?judgement  C?perspective  D?sense

  7?A?bet  B?chance  C?factD  ?luck

  8?A?filled  B?loaded  C?stuffed  D?scattered

  9?A?residence  B?colony C.?home  D?empire

  10?A?Apart from  B?With regard to  C?With the exception of  D?In spite of

  11?A?abilities  B?potentials  C?capabilities  D?possibilities

  12?A?maneuver  B?manage  C?manipulate  D?manufacture

  13?A?animal  B?animals  C?creatures  D?creature

  14?A?infinite  B?unknown  C?boundless  D?ceaseless

  15?A?connections  B?relations  C?activities  D?accesses

  16?A?for  B?to  C?with  D?by

  17?A?artificial  B?fake  C?unreal  D?unauthentic

  18?A?add up  B?break up  C?make up  D?cut up

  19?A?this  B?thus  C?hence  D?that

  20?A?intellect  B?equipment  C?competence  D?culture

  Section Ⅱ Reading Comprehension

  Part A


  Read the following four texts. Answer the questions below each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1?(40 points)

  Text 1

  Legends about King Arthur have existed since the 6th century. Stories of the man and his doings have grown far beyond anything that could be regarded as factual history. Here are some of the highlights.

  Arthur was born as a result of the wizardry of Merlin, who arranged all adulterous liaison between Arthur's father, King Uther Pendragon, and his lover, a married duchess. Merlin agreed to do this only if the lovers allowed him to bring up the child born of the affair. When Uther Pendragon died some years later, there was confusion in the kingdom about who should inherit the throne. Merlin arranged a pageant where many knights came to try their luck at pulling a sword out of a stone. Whoever successfully extracted the blade was the rightful king. After many a brave knight had tried and failed, Merlin presented the young Arthur who, to everyone's surprise, easily pulled out the sword.

  As king, Arthur established the knightly fellowship of the Round table at his castle of Camelot, so appear all the other chivalrous knights associated with the king. The knights of the Round Table spent much of their time on the quest for the Holy Grail .The Grail is the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, which was allegedly brought to Britain, then somehow lost. It is notoriously hard to get hold of, as finding it requires an almost superhuman degree of moral purity. At last it was the true gentleman Sir Galahad who eventually found it and set off to return it to its rightful place in the Holy Land.

  Arthur's death is a matter of some debate. According to legend, one of Arthur's less intelligent moves was his decision to marry the Lady Guinevere, who fell in love with Sir Lancelot, and their adultery Led to war among the knights of the Round Table, culminating in the Battle of Camlan and Arthur's mortal word. After the Battle of Camlan the wounded king was taken to the mysterious isle of Avalon ruled by his sinister Morgan Le Faye. She, being skilled in the arts of witchcraft and healing, was apparently meant to cure him. But evidently Arthur thought he had little chance, because he gave his sword, Excalibur, to Sir Bedivere to return to the Lady of the Lake, an enigmatic character from whom Arthur had originally received the blade. Bedivere hurled the sword over the water, where a spooky hand appeared from the lake to catch it, waved it around for a while and then carried it down to the murky depths where, who knows, perhaps it still lies. As for Arthur, we can only conclude that his sister wasn't such a good doctor.

  21.The passage is mainly about

  A. a brief history of King Arthur.

  B. the story of the Round Table Knights.

  C. a legendary life of King Arthur.

  D. the death of King Arthur.

  22. Arthur became the king because

  A.he was the old king's only son.

  B.he was supported by many brave knights.

  C.he was the strongest man in the kingdom.

  D.he pulled the sword from the stone.

  23. found the Holy Grail and returned it to the Holy Land.

  A.King Arthur   B .The most morally respectable knight

  C.Sir Lancelot   D .The Round Table knights

  24. Arthur's sword, Excalibur, was returned to

  A. his queen.

  B. the person who gave it to him.

  C. Merlin, his adopted father.

  D. his sister.

  25.Arthur died because

  A. his sister couldn't heal his mortal wound.

  B. his sister refused to cure him.

< any live to want didn?t>

  D. he lost his Excalibur.

  Text 2

  In another sign that Hispanics will dominate California's future, a university study has found the ethnic group accounted for nearly half of all births in the state by the end of the last decade. Hispanic mothers had 247,796 of the 521,265 children born in California in 1998, or 47.5 percent, according to the University of California, Los Angeles study released in December 2001. Non-Hispanic Whites had 33.9 percent, followed by Asians and Pacific Islanders with 10.7 percent. Blacks represented 6.8 percent of births and American Indians a half-percent of all births. California's future economic health depends upon those Hispanics, who soon will be the majority of young adults and hence the working force, says David Hayes-Bautista, director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at UCLA.

  The study, based on state health department statistics, confirms the ethnic shift that made 201 the year California officially lost its White majority. The U.S. Census showed that Hispanics made up nearly a third while non-Hispanic Whites slipped to less than half of the state's total population of 33.9 million. California's experience is part of a"sea change"in the United States, where 23 states already have Hispanics as their largest ethnic minority. Dr. Harry Pachon says,"Hispanics are becoming more prominent in everything from movies to politics, and that is good for the state. If there was no penetration of social and political institutions, then you would have an isolated minority and that's a recipe for social unrest. On the other hand, by the third generation one of every two Hispanics have married outside of their ethnic group. There's a Latinization of America but there's also an Americanization of Latinos. By third generation, a lot of them are losing their Spanish, they prefer American NFL to soccer."

  Overall, nearly 65 percent of all Hispanic mothers were immigrants, ranking them second to Asian and Pacific Islanders at more than 84 percent. The babies tend to grow up healthy as well. Studies have shown that at virtually all stages of life, Hispanics, at least in California, Arizona and Texas, tended to suffer fewer major health problems, such as heart attacks, cancer and strokes, than other ethnic groups, Hayes Bautista noted. Only about 15 percent of Hispanic mothers were 19 years old or younger. By comparison nearly 17 percent of Blacks and 19 percent of American Indians were teenagers. Non-Hispanic Whites had a figure of nearly 7 percent.

  26. Hispanic mothers had of the babies born in California in 1998.

  A. 50%  B. 47.5%  C. 33.9%  D. 10.7%

  27. David Hayes Bautista believes that .

  A. Hispanics will become the backbone of future Californian economy

  B. the white culture will dominate California's future

  C. the state government should keep control on the population growth

  D. the population distribution should be somehow re-arranged

  28. According to the text, we can infer that occupies the largest percentage of the population.

  A. Hispanics  B. non-Hispantc whites

  C. Blacks   D. American Indians

  29. Which of the following statements is Dr. Harry Pachon most likely to agree with?

  A. It's good that Hispanics are more involved in politics.

  B. Social unrest is more likely to occur when one ethnic group becomes overpowering.

  C. Hispanics are more likely to marry within their own ethnic group.

  D. Latinization of America is taking place faster than the Americanization of Latinos.

  30. What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

  A. The percentage of immigrant Hispanic mothers is the highest among all ethnic groups.

  B. Hispanic babies all over the United States are typically healthier than other babies.

  C. Non-Hispanic White mothers are the least likely to be teenagers.

  D. Nearly 19 percent of Blacks were teenagers.

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