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Independence of the strong 独立性很强

In the United States, learning is child thing. U.S. students develop a young age, "according interested in learning", "learning is its own thing," the self-learning attitude. Moreover, this independent spirit has already deep into all aspects of child development, if the United States, a child after the age of 18, we must own to make money to feed themselves. Even some very wealthy families, would normally not be spending all kinds of fees for children, but to write them to the home, IOUs, asking them to return after graduation. This spending your parents also have to repay the situation, in case of China, Chinese parents do not know think?


Filled with a sense of humor 充满幽默感

American children from the very hour, they always like to talk to people with big. In the conversation between an adult, with the inherent humor. Even the first meeting with strangers, they know how to join a little humor, so conversation is more interesting, not boring. Sometimes, people can learn to point and social occasions, "joked." This humor comes from the "Don't take yourself seriously." Attitude translated into a very rude word is: do not ourselves seriously. Sometimes think about a child to face accusations of another child, slightly since the tide show their generosity, wisdom, Also blocked his mouth, really lamenting that wisdom and humor, why not?

美国孩子从很小时,他们就总是喜欢与大人们交谈。在与大人之间交谈中,带着与生俱来的幽默。即使是第一次与陌生人见面,他们也懂得如何加入一点小幽默,使谈话更有意思,不会枯燥无味。有时候,还能学会来点大人们社交场合的 “自嘲”。这种幽默来自于“Don't take yourself seriously." 的态度,翻成很粗鲁的话就是:不要把自己当回事。有时候想想,一个孩子面对另一个孩子的指责,略带自潮的显示自己的大度,智慧,还能堵住他的嘴巴,真是感叹,这一点智慧与幽默,何乐而不为呢 ?

Like to go straight, no secret 直来直去

Ability of U.S. children to be independent strong performance in the emotional, too. In the U.S., usually between hearing children and their parents call them by their names. I asked a parent, he said: "This is good, normal. Kids think of me as his friend, to avoid some of the hypocrisy and polite." Look, they are so like to go straight, no secret to express their feelings . And in the American family, the parents of a child is respected, children are willing to communicate on an equal footing, listening to some of their ideas, children were more like some of the views expressed, even if some ideas that some naive and ridiculous。

美国孩子独立能力较强,表现在感情上也一样。在美国,通常能听到孩子和父母之间是直呼其名的。我当时问一位家长,他说:“这很好,很正常。孩子把我当成他的朋友,避免了一些虚伪和客套。” 瞧,他们就是这样喜欢直来直去,毫不掩饰地表达自己的情感。而且在美国家庭中,父母也非常尊重孩子,愿意与孩子们进行平等的沟通交流,倾听他们的一些想法,孩子们就更加喜欢表达一些观点,即便是一些想法有些幼稚可笑。

Very strong curiosity 好奇心很强

In the U.S., the child's curiosity is very strong. No as long as they do not hear things around you they will not stop asking. I changed planes in U.S. airports, I met a little girl beside him, her brown-orange hair, sunken eyes, with shining a hand in front of her is a constant friction toy bear. I smile. My bag is blocking her line of sight, including the purchase of the limbs in the domestic dynamic transfer of small toys from her intense interest. I talk to her, she asked what was the little toys from China is what kind of place where the children what kind, etc。


Asked irrelevant questions, ask some questions to make you surprised. At that time, I found that I like a wise wizard open children, you remove the thousand, Shek Mun, pulling her towards the doorway without the knowledge of the marginal. Environment in the United States, when some of the reasons more fully outside, the more strongly stimulated, the child needs heart desires on the performance of the more intense, the greater curiosity. Eventually, curiosity or knowledge to lead the ocean. Plato said: "the curious, knowledge of the door!" Awe!


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