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I have frequented the same chat line for more than three years now and have made some wonderful online friendships. However I have become bored with the typical chat and Internet all together. So, I decided to take a break.
After about a week of being off line, I returned late one night to check mail. There, in my box was an emai1 from a lady friend I had met in a chat room. She was going on and on about a man that had recently entered the room and how he was supposedly the "male incarnate" of myself. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am a bit of a "character." My sense of humor is one of a warped and demented nature. The thought of finding anyone who doesn't become annoyed instantly is a chore. Much less a man that shared the same. I completely discredited the email and went about my business.
Later that night, I found myself wandering the net. It was then I ran across a photo gallery that proved to be quite entertaining. As I clicked from one picture to the next, I ran across one gentleman's photo. I was stunned by his presence. Approximately 10 minuets had gone by when I finally tore myself away from the photo and decided to venture into chat. There, I found the woman who had sent me the email earlier that week. She proceeded to tell me all about this man. "You just have to meet him," she said, ranting on and on about how much alike we were. I laughed at her thinking it was amusing. "No, I am serious! You have got to talk to him." I finally agreed that I would make effort to do so later on and left the chat quickly. Again, finding myself staring at this anonymous photo I had found earlier.
大约过了四个钟头,我回到聊天室。只看到有几个朋友在扯家常。接着突然冒进来一个新名字,大谈疯人疯语。我飞快地发言,大笑着告诉这个陌生者该名字已被我取了。他沉默良久。然后我接到他的一个“私聊” 信息:“那么说你就是那个我久仰大名的入了。”我回答说:“我看我是名过其实了。”就在那时我注意到他侧边的照片(这间聊天室的侧栏可以让人自愿上传照片)。看了聊天对象的照片,我差点从椅子上摔下来。正是我当天在网上看到的那一张。“私聊”了几小时,我们转入我开的私人聊天室。我们都觉得彼此有趣。不用多说,我们完完全全地享受着谈话的乐趣。
Approximately 4 hours later, I ventured back into the chat. Only to find a few friends talking about daily events. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, a new name entered, rambling on and on about being the presentment of madness. I quickly spoke up and told the stranger that title had already been taken by myself as I laughed. He was silent for a few moments. It was then I received a "whisper" from him. "So you are the woman I have heard so very much about." I replied by saying, "I see my reputation precedes me.” It was then I noticed his side bar photo (this particular room has a side bar option for those wishing to post photos of themselves). I almost fell from my chair when I realized I was talking to the man in the photo. The photo I had found earlier that day while surfing. After several hours in "whisper" mode, we opted to enter my personal chat room. We found one another to be interesting. Not to mention, we thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.
Since then, our relationship has grown tremendously. Even going so far as to admit our love to one another. We both agree this seems crazy. The sort of thing you read about in a book. It hardly seems real. Neither of us was looking when fate let us to one another. Neither of us was in need of love. Hell, neither of us believed in love, especial1y online love prior to our finding one another. We both want so badly to be together. To 1earn, to love, and to experience what this has to offer. It is simply amazing. So much for not seeking love, eh?
It was as if we had been two long lost lovers being reunited after a long trip. I think he put it best when he said… "Life is full of shit…lots of it. And there are many a time when you may feel stuck/bored and it seems that there's nothing left to hold your interest or anything that doesn't piss you off. Well, there is such a thing as true love. It's there, it's indescribable and few are blessed with it. We are one of lucky couples."
Truly, the luckiest man and woman ever.
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