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Do you notice men these days are becoming more and more interested in how they look? Some mans use moisturizers and makeup every day, some of them even wear jewelry! Every time you come near them you get a whiff of their cologne.

Men in today's society are definitely starting to care more and more about their own image. Some men spend as much time and money on their appearance as most women do--a few even go to beauty salons and get plastic surgery. It's said that one out of every ten people who get plastic surgery is male.

Traditionally, women are the ones who are supposed to care most about beauty, but people’s values are changing these days, especially in the big cities. A few years earlier, if a man showed he cared about his appearance or clothes, he would be told he was being too feminine, or acting like a girl. But now, plenty of men would willingly describe themselves as "metrosexual"--it doesn’t have a negative connotation.

Many celebrities, especially in the movie industry, are so-called "pretty boys". They are admired and idolized by the public, and many young men want to imitate their clothes and fashions, which is one of the reasons for the "pretty boy" phenomenon in society at large. In reality, whether or not you’re a celebrity, a well-groomed appearance can raise your self-confidence and help you make a good impression on other people.

Another reason that men are paying more attention to their appearance is that they've realized that women are paying attention to men's appearance! A man who makes an effort to look his best is more likely to win the approval of the opposite gender. Also, many women appreciate a man who doesn't roll his eyes as soon as she mentions anything having to do with fashion.

The position of women in society is continuously rising, and they are becoming more and more particular when it comes to choosing a partner. Women have always been more interested in men who are physically handsome in addition to being responsible and economically secure, but now that women can be more selective, men have to work harder to prove themselves the ideal partner. Men are realizing that it pays to be considerate, attentive and well-dressed.

So whereas before, women dressed up in order to attract men, nowadays men are also dressing up to attract women.

Nowadays, some of girls have an unusual style. They have short hair, they only wear T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes, and they never wear makeup. If you didn't know them you wouldn't be able to tell that they were girls!

Their style has a nice casual and confident feeling; it looks very natural.

Some of them even talk different than other girls; their voices are kind of throaty, low alto quality rather than high pitched.

There are definitely girls who project a more masculine attitude. One good example of this kind of "tomboy" is the 2005 Super Girl contest winner, Li Yuchun. To tell you the truth, the first time you saw her on TV, you couldn't tell she was a girl, but the more you watched the more you liked her style.

Li Yuchun has tons of fans even though she doesn't fit the traditional Chinese ideal of female beauty. Tomboys like her defy the idea that women have to be gentle, tender, sweet, and cute in order to be pretty.

Tomboys can be graceful and feminine, too, though--it's just a different way of expressing yourself. Some people think girls with a more androgynous style are just sloppy or lazy, but many of them care just as much about their appearance as other girls. Also, just because she's a tomboy doesn't mean a girl isn't well-mannered or polite.

This trend toward a more androgynous style for women doesn't just reflect the change of beauty standards and changing fashion trends, it's also an expression of individuality.

You could even say that tomboys are an example of the independence and strength of modern women.

This more androgynous form of beauty is really in style these days; fashion designers have started coming out with more androgynous clothes and accessories, and it's becoming a hot trend.

But even though this trend is becoming more and more popular, sometimes people make assumptions about other people's personalities based on the type of clothes they wear, but tomboys aren't any different from girls with a more traditionally feminine style. You can be down to earth, outgoing and attractive to the opposite sex regardless of whether you wouldn't dream of wearing a skirt or you wear a skirt every day.

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