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I love music.
I think it comes from being a drummer as a kid and the whole immersion into something if you want to be good at it.
I used to always listen to music as a kid. Sometimes I’d just listen for the enjoyment but often I would mentally drum along to a song. This usually meant that I would start to tap along or if I had my drumsticks handy, I would start playing along, which must have driven my parents mad.
Now I’m a lot older and don’t play the drums anymore (wrist injury – long story) I still listen to a lot of music. Even now while I’m writing this I’ve got music playing in the background. I work to music, drive to music, chill to music and even go to sleep with music.
I can’t stand silence. I’m not really sure why but I just get too un-nerved by silence. I even meditate to very gentle music.
Music can do many things for me depending on what I’m listening to. It can inspire, encourage, lift, relax and energise me, all I have to do is find the right track.
Music to Work to
The music I will listen to while working is usually completely different to the sort of music I write to. When I’m working on something like a presentation for work or doing a bit of website work, I can pretty much listen to anything. I usually just pick music to work on depending on the mood I’m in. I can even listen to Audio Podcasts or watch a bit of video.
Music to Write to
When I’m writing I can’t have any lyrics. If there’s any speech or singing going on when I’m trying to write it completely throws me off what I’m doing.
当我写作时,我通常听些舞曲或是冷静音乐,这样在这种背景下,我也能够集中精力。事实上,最近我偶然听到的这个超级棒的DJ的歌,确实帮助了我不少,听Tribal House(舞曲的一种)时,我太爱工作了。
When I’m writing I tend to listen to some kind of dance or chillout music which I can just have playing in the background to help me concentrate. In fact I came across this awesome DJrecently who does some truly awesome Progressive and Tribal House sets that I just love to work to at the moment.
Music to Drive to
I have to be careful with what I listen to when I’m driving. If I listen to anything too fast then my driving takes on a similar hurried paced which is never good. I do use my driving time (there’s a lot of it sometimes) to get caught up on Audio Podcast and Audio Books.
Music to train to
When I’m training I often listen to music on the way to class. We’re obviously not allowed to listen to music during class, my Tang Soo Do Master would most likely beat us for that.
I tend to stick on some rock or metal type of music before training to get me really pumped up. If I’m competing in a big competition, I tend to do the same and listen to something hard and fast before my events.
Music to sleep to
I can’t fall asleep without music these days. I started listening to music in bed back when I was at school and have never really gotten out of the habit. The only time I fall asleep without music is when I’m absolutely exhausted, which is rarely.
I used to listen to whatever took my fancy to help me go to sleep but I found that it could take me over 2 hours of laying in bed sometimes before I’d drift off.
I’ve started using an app on my iPod Touch recently called Sleepmaker Rain, which has completely changed the way I fall asleep. The app is essential rain sounds and allows you to pick from gentle drizzel to heavy thunderstorm depending on your mood. The app then runs for 45 minutes before stopping, by which time I’m always asleep.
I found that not only am I falling asleep faster using this app but I’m also having some really creative ideas in the time between me getting in to bed and me being in the land of nod.
Music is so heavily ingrained in our society that I know I’m not the only person who’s constantly plugged into some kind of music. With the invention of portable music devices we take our music where ever we go these day. Embrace that and let music be your backing track for life. How do you use music throughout the day?
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