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Playing together in a park, Claire Blair and her three daughters seem no different to any other happy family enjoying an early glimpse of spring.
But behind their apparently carefree smiles lies an inspiring story of devotion, determination and survival.
For shortly after the birth of her youngest child, Claire was told she had only two weeks to live.
Claire Blair will be running the Race for Life with her three daughters Abbi, 7, Lolli, 5, and Micki, 3. Mrs Blair will be running the race four years after she was given two weeks to live
Doctors diagnosed breast cancer that was so advanced it had already spread to her liver and her bones.
But the 36-year-old sales officer began a defiant battle against the disease - as well as trying to cram in as many memorable trips with her family as possible.
And, incredibly, three years later - and despite the fact her cancer has yet to go into remission - Claire is fighting on.
She is even well enough to be training for a 5km run to raise money for Cancer Research UK.
The mother, who lives in Stowmarket, Suffolk, with husband Mark, 37, says her daughters Abbi, seven, Lolli, five, and Micki, three, have been her 'three little reasons to live'.
'I never thought I would see this day so I feel very fortunate,' she said. 'When I was diagnosed I was in the worst possible situation. I was told I had about two weeks to live... not many people have been where I've been and bounced back.'
Claire said staying positive with the help of her daughters has pulled her through
Doctors started Claire on the breast cancer 'wonder drug' Herceptin and also began rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Ipswich Hospital.
But she said: 'Surviving cancer isn't just about treatment, it's not just about your personality, it's not just about love and support. It's about all of those things pulled together.
'What I have learned in the last three years most people don't learn in a lifetime and I have to thank cancer for that.
'You can feel sick in the morning, you can throw up in the middle of the night but you get up in the morning to take the kids to go to school, to go to work.
'You can stay at home and feel sorry for yourself but if you stay positive it will make a difference.'
Micki was just five months old when Claire was diagnosed in September 2006.
She initially suspected ME - known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - or hepatitis. But when she was referred to hospital, she suspected a serious problem.
'I could tell by the way the staff treated me that the results were going to show something terrible,' she said.
A few days later her fears were confirmed. She was visited by her vicar and hospice workers and faced the harrowing task of explaining to her eldest daughter 'where mummy was going'.
At the same time, the family started taking trips with their children. A month after the diagnosis, they went to Disneyland Paris.
The following year they travelled to Bali and to Disney World in Florida.
'There was no time to waste,' Claire said. 'I would go out and if I was sick down myself, I was sick down myself - nothing was going to stop me getting out and making memories for my children and husband.'
Claire still feels tired from the disease but a cocktail of drugs helps to combat the exhaustion. She said: 'There will come a time when I will get knocked back, but I'm not dying while I have three small children.
‘人人都有寿终正寝的时候 --- 死神只不过在我脸上重重地挥了一拳。没有这一拳,我就不会站立起来,不会为家人做所有这一切,不会留下那么多难以忘怀的东西。
'Everyone's going to die - my death was just rammed in my face. But without it I would not have got up and done all the things we have as a family, made all those special memories.
'For me, life is easy. I am going to die and it is my husband and children who will be left to pick up the pieces. It is harder for them.
'My kids have been a huge strength. I have a book I would write in when I was really ill. It says "three little reasons to live".'
Claire is hoping to run in Cancer Research UK's Race for Life in June. Polly Carpenter, of the charity, said last night: 'Claire is such an inspirational woman.'
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