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The 1990's were a big decade forfads. Some of them you might have felt were unimportant, annoying,or really cool. But whatever you thought, you most likely followedone of them at some time. I mean, come on, a decade is a long timeto go without going with the flow. So, let’s see a list of some ofthose old fads in order to refresh your thoughts onthem.
Tamagotchi's and Virtual Pets
Tamagotchi's were handheld virtual pets that you would feed, playwith, bathe, etc., so it could grow into a larger version of theoriginal creature you started out with. It seemed like you had tospend every other second pressing some buttons just to keep thislittle virtual creature alive. They came in different colors anddesigns. Soon other companies started to make their own virtualpets that featured cats, dogs, and other more common creatures thanthe alien-like tamagotchi.
This fad all began with the TV show featuring a kid whoencountered these strange creatures and started collecting them.There turned out to be hundreds of these creatures, which started abig fad. Then, the Pokemon trading cards started appearing andevery other kid seemed to be battling with these cards. Soon,Pokemon were everywhere from stuffed animals, to toys, to movies,and more. It was a worldwide craze. However, like all fads, itstarted to die down as the kids who were introduced to it grew up,and grew out of this Pokemon fanatic phase.
Push Pops
Push Pops are lollipops that come in something which resembles alipstick tube, but you can put your finger in it to push thelollipop up. They range in all different flavors. They're prettyconvenient, still widely available, and still taste fairly good,but the fad itself has died down.
Boy Bands
Whether it was the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, O-town, 98 Degrees orany others, millions of girls all over the world went crazy overthem. Who could ignore the groups of good-looking guys with goodvoices, though? All the fans led to many boy bands having platinumalbums and raking in millions of dollars. After 2000, the boy bandsstarted to split up for a while and members focused on their ownsolo careers, such as Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and JustinTimblerlake of N’Sync. Others went into the acting business whileothers settled down. Some of the bands say that they are going tocome back, but who knows if they'll still be as popular as theywere in the 1990's.
On the opposite side of the pop/boy band music scene came thegrunge scene. Grunge even became a way of fashion including wornout, ripped jeans and flannel shirts. Grunge brought a morerebellious state to the world.
Although yo-yos are toys that have been around for many years,more advanced versions of the popular toy started coming about inthe 1990's. These fancy yo-yos had special abilities to stay downlonger than the usual yo-yo which made performing certain trickswith them far easier. Everyone learned different tricks from yo-yobooks, videos, and friends. Aside from the people that madeyo-yoing a hobby, this fad pretty much faded away.
Thanks to the memorable Budweiser commercial, the famous"Waaasssuuuppp" phrase was introduced. It seemed like you couldn'tmake it through one day without hearing someone say this phrase.People would answer their phones with the saying or use it inE-mails and instant messages. They even found ways to sell thephrase, just by printing it on a bumper sticker and various otherproducts. Ever since the 1990's though, the "Waaasssuuuppp" hasseemed to turn into a simple, "What's up?"
Anyone who was a student during the 1990's knows who tinkywinky,Dipsy, Lala and Po are. Otherwise known as The Teletubbies. This TVshow was aimed at young children but generated mass appeal aroundthe world. The Teletubbies did not speak English but instead spokein a gurgling baby language similar to its target audience. Likemany of the popular TV shows during the 1990's there was a lot ofmerchandise released off the back of the show.
Beanie Babies
Who could resist those cute, bean-filled animals? Beanie Babieswere lots of fun; they came with their own tags containing theirname, birthday, and a poem. The TY company was the most popular forbeanie babies which originated in 1993. Then, other companiesstarted to make their own and become part of this Beanie Babycraze. Even McDonalds and TY partnered up in order to provide minibeanie babies as the prize in Happy Meals. They're still aroundtoday, but they aren't as popular.
Although there are plenty of other fads from the 1990's, thislist was made with the purpose to show some of the more popularones. It's fun to look back at some of the fads and being able tomake new opinions about them in present day. Some we may look at asa great fad. Others we look at as a waste of time, but whatever wayyou look at them, you know that they were a part of your life.After a decade, you can keep all of your favorite things from thosepast ten years and look back on them in the next ten years. Theybring back plenty of memories that, unlike fads, will never goaway.
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