While umbraphiles were gazing up at the solar eclipse this week, Google wanted you to look down – at your phone. The search engine giant debuted the latest operating system for its Android 8.0 mobile phones, dubbed Oreo, after the chocolate, cream-stuffed, sandwich biscuit beloved by many a milk-dipper.
    Android has named its new versions for sweets and desserts in alphabetical order starting with Cupcake, Donut, and Eclair in 2009. After letter N (Nougat), they apparently deemed Oreo, though trademarked since 1912, the most recognizable confection starting with O. Perhaps if Android operated out of London and not the San Francisco Bay Area, however, we’d be updating to Android Orange Jaffa.

    安卓系统在2009年曾按字母顺序以甜点命名它的系统新版本,依次为2009年的Cupcake(纸杯蛋糕),Donut(甜甜圈)以及 Eclair(闪电泡芙)。在上一版产品安卓7.0命名为Nougat(牛轧糖)之后,他们很显然锁定了Oreo。虽然诞生于古老的1912年,奥利奥仍然是最受认可的甜点之一。
    文中的Oreo operating system就是“奥利奥系统”的意思,其中operating用作形容词,意为“操作的”。例:The virus has infected the operating system of his computer. 病毒已使他的计算机操作系统受到传染。

    第一段中,debut用作动词,意为“初次登台”,此处理解为“最新推出”。例:The show will debut next Monday at 8.00 pm. 这出戏首演时间是下星期一晚8点。