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You share a lot with your coworkers over time: Projects. Lunches, Office space. Cocktails. Family photos. Birthday cake. But, even after many years of working together, should you share the details of your salary and compensation package?
“Strategic Compensation Partners ”公司的福利专家Dick Dauphinais的回答是,不应该。他说:“我们都知道员工在聊天的时候,任何事情都不会永远是秘密。但是,讨论工资细节可能不是个好主意。”
No, says compensation expert Dick Dauphinais of Strategic Compensation Partners. "We all know employees talk, and things can never remain totally confidential," he says. "But an outright exchange of salary details probably isn't the best idea."
Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
公司雇佣不同的人员从事同一岗位的工作时,如果其中有个人的薪资不同时,很多不公平的问题就会浮出水面。Dauphinais 说:“这种情况在任何开放行业都有可能发生,因为不同的原因(资历,表现等)员工的薪酬不同”。如果你让同事知道你们在做相同的工作,而你的工资比他们高,那么你就可能会被你很重视的同事疏远。
When companies have different employees on the same job and one of them is paid differently, many unfairness issues surface. "It can happen in any 'open shop' that differentiates pay for any reason (seniority, performance, etc.)," says Dauphinais. You could run the risk of alienating valued colleagues if they learn you earn more for what they perceive to be the same job.
Democracy Doesn't Always Work at Work
There are organizations that openly share compensation information around the office. However, warns Dauphinais, "Unless all similar jobs pay the same rate, I would advise that open salary concepts don't work well."
The confidential nature of your salary, in fact, can be a greater benefit to you. "It creates an opportunity for a manager to have a confidential discussion with employees as to why they are being paid what they are -- and how they can work toward making more money," he says. "Each employee can then move forward with confidence that they have 'bonded' with their supervisor on their individual issues -- good and bad -- without involving others in the process."
Don't Let Under-Compensation Undermine You
If you learn that someone who holds a similar position earns a bigger paycheck, don't panic. First, do some due diligence to determine if you are being underpaid in general. Use the Yahoo! HotJobs salary calculator, and also reach out to your out-of-office network to find out how people at other companies are being compensated.
Next, says Dauphinais, "I would go to my boss and ask the reasons why." Open a rational dialogue to understand what skills or experience you'll need to improve your performance -- and earn more recognition and financial rewards.
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