Digital native还是digital immigrant?


Digital technology has been part of everyday life for many years now, so logically there's a whole [ws]generation [/ws] of individuals for whom concepts such as the Internet and [ws]wireless [/ws] technology are just [ws]humdrum[/ws], because they've never lived in a world where they didn't exist. These are the so-called digital natives, generally anyone born from 1980 onwards. Digital immigrants are their antithesis, being the folks born earlier who, either [ws]reluctantly [/ws] or [ws]enthusiastically[/ws], have adapted to the digital world and incorporated its tools into their lives.


Predictably, the [ws]distinction [/ws] between digital natives and digital immigrants is [ws]controversial[/ws], not least because the digital universe currently inhabited by digital natives was in fact conceived and created by digital immigrants. It also makes assertions that may not be [ws]consistently [/ws] valid, i.e. the idea that younger adults and children are always comfortable with technology, and that [ws]correspondingly [/ws] older people are more likely to find technology awkward.