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Aries 白羊座
Situations in the workplace are not going your way today and the more you try to push to have things under your control, the more resistance you will encounter. Calm down and be patient. Remember that the only person you can control is yourself.

Taurus 金牛座
Listen closely to the wind, for the answers are blowing around right in front of you today, Taurus. Make contact with people you haven't heard from in a while. You'll find that you can be quite productive where you least expect it. Ironically, the less you plan, the more you'll get done. Be spontaneous in your actions. Revelations will come to you like lightning.

Gemini 双子座
You will make huge strides towards your career goals today so don't give up before you've left the house. If you are seeking a new job, chances are you will find one. At the very least, all interviews with potential employers will go extremely well.

Cancer 巨蟹座
The elements are in place for you to make great strides in your work today. There is a high degree of energy in the air that you can capitalize on by simply putting the pieces together and working them to your advantage. Prosperity awaits you.

Leo 狮子座
Mix your reality with a bit of fantasy today, Leo. Allow your feet to come off the ground for a little while. Give yourself a rest. Take some time to meditate and clear your mind of your daily worries. Calming, relaxing activities are the best way to spend the day. Spend time taking walks with friends and feel free to go deep into conversations regarding outlandish subjects. Allow yourself to dream.

Virgo 处女座
The energy of the day encourages you to expand. Think big. This is your time to shine. Apply for a promotion or a raise. Put your resume out there to a company that you never thought would hire you in a million years. Success is yours. Embrace it.

Libra 天秤座
Often we ask ourselves, "Why me?" You might feel like you ask yourself this question more than anyone else, Libra. Your life probably seems at times like a roller-coaster ride that never ends. Deep down, you realize that you'd have it no other way. Take a break from things today if you can. Communicate your thoughts and feelings to others. By talking it out, you'll feel much better about the situation.

Scorpio 天蝎座
Organize the data you have instead of actively trying to collect more. Sort, label, arrange, and classify instead of accumulating more atop the mounting pile on your desk. Doing so will make you much more prepared for events and opportunities ahead.

Sagittarius 射手座
Arrange a talk with someone in the workplace that you need to speak frankly with. There is no need to hide your frustration with this person any longer. Your gentle, sensitive, and compassionate approach will smooth the wrinkles in your relationship.

Capricorn 摩羯座

You are on top of the world today, and everything you believe in is working in your favor. Opportunities surround you with regard to your career. Your physical energy is strong and you are extremely lucky. Take advantage of this fortuitous time.

Aquarius  水瓶座
Feel free to speak up today, Aquarius. Perhaps no one has heard your point of view in a while. It's probably important for them to hear it. Just because people don't ask for your opinion, that doesn't mean it isn't valid. You have incredible intuitive insight that others fail to see. Don't assume they know what you're thinking - even though you probably know what they're thinking.

Pisces 双鱼座
Today is your day to dream and dream big, Pisces. Think about what it is that you want most out of life. Aim your arrow to the stars and pull back your bow as far as possible. There's no limit to how far you can go. Your only limitation is your imagination. Don't worry if your plan doesn't seem to make any rational sense. Worry more about what you want and less about how you're going to get it.
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