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Egypt's biggest political movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, has denounced the dissolution of parliament by the ruling military council as unlawful. Reacting to confirmation of the dissolution, the Brotherhood said that the council had no such right under the constitution. It urged Egyptians to protect their revolution. From Cairo, here's Jon Leyne.

Just as Egyptians were coming out to vote for a new president, they received the final confirmation that their earlier votes for parliament had been annulled . The top official in parliament confirmed to the BBC he'd received an official decree from the head of the ruling military council, Field Marshal Tantawi, to say that parliament was dissolved. That interpretation has not been accepted by the largest force in parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood, setting the stage for a possible confrontation. Official media say soldiers have been ordered not to let MPs into parliament.

The interim government in Libya has ordered troops to use all necessary force to end nearly a week of fighting between rival militias in the west of the country. At least 14 people have died in the clashes, which broke out when a militiaman was shot dead at a checkpoint. From Tripoli, BBC's Rana Jawad reports.

There's been no respite in the deadly clashes that broke out earlier this week, prompting the declaration of a military zone today by the Libyan government. The areas include the mountainous towns of Zintan, Mizdah and Sheguiga, some 150km south of the Libyan capital. In a statement, officials here ordered the national army and interior ministry to use force and all means necessary to stop any shooting against innocent civilians. They have called for an immediate ceasefire by all parties and the provision of safe passage for medical and humanitarian aid.

An off-duty policeman in Slovakia has killed three people and wounded two more in a shooting. The victims were from a Roma family. The man was arrested after a three-hour standoff , during which he threatened to shoot himself. Nick Thorpe reports.

According to Slovak media, the 51-year-old man, a local policeman, drove up to the house at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning and opened fire on the inhabitants who were in the yard. Three were shot dead on the spot , and another couple are being treated in hospital with gunshot wounds. There was no immediate explanation for the attack, and police have so far refused to confirm a racial motive. Media also quoted local people who say that a large Roma family lived in the house and that the policeman knew the victims.

At the European Football Championships, the co-hosts Poland have been knocked out in the group stages. The Poles lost 1-0 to the Czech Republic, who qualified for the quarter-finals . In a shock result, Russia were also knocked out when they lost 1-0 to Greece. The Greeks' victory means they too reached the latest stages.

This is the World News from the BBC.

The Burmese pro-democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi has finally given her Nobel lecture 21 years after being awarded the peace prize. She said the award had made her feel part of the world at a time of intense isolation. Aung San Suu Kyi described recent reforms in Burma as positive but warned against blind faith . She urged the release of all political prisoners and praised the courage of fellow campaigners for democracy in Burma.

"When I think of the years that have passed, I'm amazed that so many remained staunch under the most trying circumstances. Their faith in our course is not blind; it is based on a clear-eyed assessment of their own powers of endurance and a profound respect for the aspirations of our people."

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Greek voters to elect a new government that will stick to the country's austerity measures when Greece goes to the polls for the second time in six weeks on Sunday. Mrs Merkel told a regional meeting of her centre-right party that Europeans cannot keep making commitments which they then ignore. Greece could be forced out of the euro if voters reject strict austerity measures demanded in return for rescue loans.

Nine landless farmers in Paraguay have been charged with murder over the death of six police officers during clashes on Friday. The officers were shot dead when they attempted to evict about 100 farming families from land they'd invaded in the east of Paraguay. Nine farmers were also killed in the clashes. The president has ordered the army to the area to restore calm. Territorial disputes are not unusual in Paraguay, and this has been the most violent confrontation for decades.



利比亚临时政府下令军队调用一切武装结束敌对民兵组织在本国西部的战斗。这场冲突起因于一名民兵在检查站被开枪打死,至少14人在冲突中死亡。BBC记者Rana Jawad在的黎波里报道。









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