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A passenger plane has crashed in Nigeria's biggest city Lagos, killing all 150 people on board. The airliner, operated by the Indian-owned Dana Air, was on a flight from the capital Abuja when it came down. From Lagos, Will Ross reports.

On crashing, the plane burst into flames, and there were chaotic scenes as people rushed to the area, black smoke billowing in the air. There were at least 150 people on board. None of them survived. The plane first tore into a printing works before hitting residential buildings. It's not yet clear how many people died on the ground. It's not known what caused the crash, which happened in overcast weather. Last month, a similar Dana airplane, possibly the same one, developed a technical problem and was forced to make an emergency landing in Lagos.

Saudi Arabia has dismissed a speech from the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in which he repeated that the conflict in Syria was the result of foreign interference. The Saudi foreign minister accused Mr Assad of playing for time by accepting but not implementing a UN-backed peace plan.

Protests are continuing in the Egyptian capital Cairo after the public prosecutor confirmed that a legal appeal would be launched against the life sentence imposed on the former President Hosni Mubarak. Thousands of demonstrators staged noisy protests into the night in Tahrir Square where activists called for a new uprising.

The United States-based group Human Rights Watch says it has new evidence that the Rwandan military is aiding rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It says Rwanda also offered shelter to the rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda, who's wanted by the International Criminal Court. Gabriel Gatehouse reports.

Human Rights Watch claims that Rwandan military officials have provided between 200 and 300 recruits to the Congolese rebellion since it began at the end of March. Human Rights Watch says Rwanda has also provided the rebels with ammunition and weapons. The leader of the mutiny, General Bosco Ntaganda, is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes. Human Rights Watch says that the general was allowed to cross over into Rwanda on at least one occasion in the past few weeks to meet with Rwandan military officials. The Rwandan government has categorically denied any involvement in the mutiny.

The biggest rubbish dump in Brazil has been closed after more than three decades in operation. The dump, near the main airport of Rio de Janeiro, will be replaced by a modern recycling plant. More than 1,700 people are likely to lose their jobs as Paulo Cabral reports from Sao Paulo.

The mountains of garbage that lay on the banks of the Guanabara Bay and along the mangroves have severely contaminated the area. The landfill, however, was also a source of revenue for more than 1,600 scavengers. All of them will receive compensation of approximately $7,000 and have been promised professional training to find work.

World News from the BBC

A top Colombian drug lord, Diego Perez Henao, has been arrested by police in neighbouring Venezuela. He was the leader of Los Rastrojos, a drug cartel that has grown quickly in the past four years, exporting tonnes of cocaine to the United States via Mexico. Arturo Wallace reports from Bogota.

The news of the arrest was very well received in Colombia, where President Juan Manuel Santos turned to his Twitter account to thank the Venezuelan authorities for their collaboration. And the Venezuelan Minister of the Interior, Tareck el Aissami, said the idea was to turn Mr Perez Henao over to Bogota. According to the local police, Mr Perez Henao controlled half the members of the paramilitary criminal organisations involved in drug trafficking in Colombia. And the US State Department had offered a $5m reward for any information leading to his arrest.

Youths armed with hammers and iron bars have attacked three Jewish students in the French city of Lyon. The attack happened as the students left a Jewish school. Two of the victims were treated in hospital for head and neck injuries. France, which has a large Jewish community, has intermittently faced bouts of violent anti-Semitism .

A neighbourhood watch volunteer accused of murdering an unarmed black teenager in Florida in the United States is back in jail after having his bail revoked. George Zimmerman was ordered to hand himself in after a judge found he'd lied to the court about his finances. Mr Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, arguing that he acted in self-defence.

Queen Elizabeth has led the largest river pageant in London for more than 300 years as part of celebrations to mark her Diamond Jubilee. Thousands of people braved cold and rain to line the banks of the River Thames to see the royal barge at the head of a flotilla portraying Britain's nautical history. Queen Elizabeth is the first British monarch to celebrate a reign of 60 years since Queen Victoria in the 19th century.





美国人权监察站称有新证据表明,卢旺达军队正在向刚果民主共和国叛军提供援助。该机构称,卢旺达还向叛军领导人恩塔甘达提供保护,而恩塔甘达已被国际刑事法庭通缉。Gabriel Gatehouse报道。




哥伦比亚头号毒枭Diego Perez Henao已被邻国委内瑞拉警方逮捕。他是贩毒卡特尔洛杉·莱斯特罗斯的头目,该团伙在过去4年间迅速壮大,经由墨西哥向美国输送了数吨可卡因。

毒枭被捕的新闻令哥伦比亚拍手称号,总统胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯在Twitter上发信息感谢委内瑞拉当局的合作。委内瑞拉内政部长埃萨米说,他们想把Perez Henao交给波哥大当局。据当地警方称,Perez Henao控制了哥伦比亚涉嫌毒品走私的准军事犯罪组织的半数成员。美国国务院悬赏5百万美元,要求得到任何有利于逮捕此人的信息。




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