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小编摘要:意大利足球运动员,Mario Balotelli,英国冠军队曼彻斯特队的一名黑人运动员,表示如下月在波兰和乌克兰举办的2012欧洲杯上受到种族歧视,他将退出比赛。


The rebel Free Syrian Army has given the government a 48-hour deadline to withdraw all its forces from Syrian citizen villages or it will abandon any commitment to the international peace plan. A rebel officer, Colonel Qassem Saadeddine, made the demand in a video posted on the Internet. Jim Muir reports.
Colonel Qassem Saadeddine, who is effectively commander of the Free Syrian Army forces on the ground inside Syria, said that after all the atrocities perpetrated by the regime, there was no longer any reason to abide unilaterally by the truce. He gave the authorities 48 hours, expiring at midday local time on Friday to abide by the ceasefire and withdraw its military and heavy weaponry to barracks. If that didn't happen, the colonel said, the Free Syrian Army would abandon any obligations under the Annan plan, and defend and protect the people.
Earlier, the UN Security Council heard that engagement between the Syrian government and the opposition was impossible while the violence continued. The deputy special envoy, Jean-Marie Guehenno, said the opposition had lost its fear, but he said it remained vital that all parties recommit to a full sensational violence as any slide towards a full-scale civil war in Syria would be catastrophic.
The United Nations says that Sudanese troops have withdrawn from the disputed region of Abyei, which is also claimed by South Sudan, that a sizable number of Sudanese police remain, some of whom appear to be troops who have changed into police uniforms. South Sudan's information minister told the BBC that two platoons of Sudanese soldiers were now in Abyei town. They presence may prevent the return of more than 100,000 civilians.
Victims of Sierra Leone civil war have welcomed the jail sentence of 50 years given to Charles Taylor for his role in the conflict. Mr Taylor, the former president of neighboring Liberia, was found guilty of war crimes by a special court in The Hague for aiding and directing rebels in Sierra Leone. Umaru Fofana is in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown.
Their reaction here has been one of excitement. A lot of people had their arms and limbs lost during the country's ten-year brutal civil war. Having calling my telephone line in the last couple of hours, some of them have gathered in northern town of Makeni, they are playing a football gala – will you believe it - for amputees. And they are really excited. They say they feel as if justice has now been restored to them. One of their leaders in Freetown here at the court's special courtroom told me that he felt as if his amputated arm has now been replanted into him.
Some of those affected have called for Mr Taylor's assets to be seized to provide for their long-term care.
The top prosecutor in Egypt has accused the two sons of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak of insider trading and referred them to the criminal court. A statement by the prosecutor general's office said the two sons along with seven others made illicit gains from the sale of a bank while Mr Mubarak was still in power.
World News from the BBC
Borrowing costs in Spain have risen sharply. They are close to the levels that forced Greece and Ireland to seek international bailouts. Karen Hogan reports.
If the Spanish government borrows money on the international markets, it has to pay nearly 5.5% more than the German government. This, spread as that's known, is a sign of just how much riskier investors think it is to lend to Spain. Also, the cost of the insurance that lenders take out to protect themselves against Spain not being able to repay its loans has hit a record high. This matters because the troubled Spanish economy has a pressing need to borrow money at an affordable rate, not least to pay for the multibillion-dollar bailout of bank here – its fourth biggest bank.
The French journalist Romeo Langlois has been released at a remote village in southern Colombia by Farc rebels who held him hostage for a month. He was abducted during an army anti-drugs operation. Arturo Wallace reports from Bogota.
Romeo Langlois said he was doing fine – a little tired, but fine. As he arrived in the small village in southern Colombia and regained his freedom, the France 24 reporter said that other than holding him captive while he was injured, the Farc guerrillas had treated him well. Mr Langlois also said he was sorry both sides of the conflict had tried to use him for political reasons, and he also expressed his hope the Colombian army would continue taking journalists to the frontline.
The Italian footballer, Mario Balotelli, a black player with the English Champions Manchester City, has said he will leave the pitch if he is racially abused at the Euro 2012 football tournament in Poland and Ukraine next month. His comments follow a BBC documentary which highlighted football-related violence and discrimination in the two host nations. The Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman called the documentary simplistic and one-sided, adding that none of the nearly half a million British tourists in Poland last year had reported any racial abuse. BBC News

叙利亚反政府自由军限政府48小时内从叙居民村镇撤出全部军队,否则它将放弃对国际和平计划的任何承诺。反叛军官,Qassem Saadeddine是在网上发布这一要求的。Jim Muir报道。
Qassem Saadeddine将军,是叙利亚境内反叛自由军的实际军事指挥。他表示由叙当局造成的宿怨,不可能单边遵守停战协议。他给政府的最后期限是48小时,即停战和最后撤出军队和重型武器的最后期限是当地时间周五中午。这名将军承诺:如政府军未做到以上要求,反政府军将放弃安南和平计划的义务,并为保卫人民而战斗。
本月早些时候,当暴力活动在叙利亚持续时,联合国安理会认为叙政府与反政府武装之间无法达成协议。Jean-Marie Guehenno代理特使,认为反政府军目前已无所畏惧,但他认为双方全方位开战,那么可能引发的全面内战将带来灾难性后果。
Sierra Leone的内战受害者为战争罪犯Charles Taylor所受的50年监禁而欢呼。Taylor是领国利比里亚的前总统,海地特殊法庭裁定Taylor为帮助并指挥Sierra Leone叛乱而成为战争罪犯。Umaru Fofana在Sierra Leone首都Freetown报道。
埃及最高检查官司指控前埃及总统Hosni Mubarak的两个儿子进行内幕交易,并将指控提交刑事法庭。总检查官办公室发表的申明指出,在Mubarak总统在位时,他的两个儿子及其他7人从一家银行的出卖中获取不正当收益。
西班牙的贷款成本大幅增长,已接近曾经迫使希腊和爱尔兰寻求国际救市的水平。Karen Hogan报道。
法国记者Romeo Langlois做了Farc反判组织一个月的人质后,在南哥伦比亚的一个偏远村庄被释放。他是在军队的反毒品行动中被劫持的。Wallace从波哥大报道。
Romeo Langlois称现在感觉良好,只是有点疲劳。当他到达这个重获自由的哥伦比亚南部小村落时,这名24岁的法国记者说,当他因受伤作为俘虏后,Farc游击战士对他款待有加。Langlois还对冲突双方为政治原因企图利用他,表示了不满,但他希望哥伦比亚军队能够继续带记者进入前线战场。
意大利足球运动员,Mario Balotelli,英国冠军队曼彻斯特队的一名黑人运动员,表示如下月在波兰和乌克兰举办的2012欧洲杯上受到种族歧视,他将退出比赛。BBC的一个纪录片突显了在两个东道主国家足球暴力和歧视现象。波兰外交部发言人称这个纪录片将问题简单化并且过于片面,他补充道,去年在波兰的近50万英国游客并未有一起种族歧视的报道。

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