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long, wish, desire, hope, expect












She longed to go back to the laboratory.她渴望能回到实验室。
What I like is chewing gum. I wish I had some now.我喜欢的是口香糖,真希望我现在有些口香糖。
Have you got everything that your heart desired?你一心向往的东西都有了吗?
He hoped that his extra effort on the essay would bring him a higher mark.他希望他在论文上作出的特殊努力将会使他得高分。

If I tell you to come, I expect you to come.如果我让你来,我就希望你来。

result, consequence, effect, outcome










The net result of our discussions was that she agreed to take this job.我们反复商量的最终结果是她同意接受这份工作。
The high level of unemployment has produced harmful social consequences.高失业率已经造成了不良的社会后果。
The advertising campaign didn’t have much effect on sales.这次广告运动对销售未能起到多大的作用。
There were not many people who dared predict the outcome of the general election.没有人敢预测大选的结果。


1. When Jack was eighteen he ____ going around with a strange set ofpeople and staying out very late.

A. took to          B. took for        C. took up          D. took on

2. He ____ so much work that he couldn’t really do it efficiently.

A. put on        B. turned on         C. brought on             D. took on

3. A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is ____ conditions and events.

A. in response to              B. in favor of

C. in contrast to                D. in excess of

4. An obvious change of attitude at the top towards women’s status in society will ____ through the current law system in Japan.

A. permeate         B. probe            C. violate            D. grope

5. I seem to have reached a rather gloomy conclusion, but I think that something cheerful may still be derived ____ it.

A. of                 B. off          C. from             D. with

6. If the fire alarm is sounded, all residents are requested to ____ in the courtyard.

A. assemble        B. converge          C. crowd            D. accumulate

7. He believed that the greatest of his ____ was that he’d never had a college education.

A. griefs         B. misfortunes         C. disasters            D. sorrows

8. The service operates 36 libraries throughout the country, while six ____ libraries specially serve the countryside.

A. mobile        B. drifting           C. shifting           D. rotating

9. All our attempts to ____ the child from drowning were in vain.

A. regain        B. recover          C. reserve               D. rescue

10. The shop?assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of ____ quality he’d tell them so.

A. humble            B. inferior        C. minor          D. awkward

11. The new washing machines are ____ at the rate offifty a day.

A. turn up         B. turn down          C. turned out           D. turned in

12.____ should any money be given to a small child.

A. On no account               B. From all accounts.

C. Of no account                D. By all accounts

13. While in London, we paid a visit to the hospital founded ____the nurse Florence Nightingale.

A. in line with          B. in favor of            C. in honor of           D. in place of

14. Visitors are asked to ____ with the regulations.

A. contrast          B. consult            C. comply           D. conflict

15. He thought he could talk Mr.Robinson ____ buyingsome expensive equipment.

A. on              B. of           C. round            D. into

16. The republication of the poet’s most recent works certainly ____ his national reputation.

A. magnify          B. strengthen            C. enlarge          D. enhance

17. Although the two players are ____ in the tennis court, they are really good friends.

A. partners         B. enemies            C. rivals           D.companions

18. His body temperature has been ____ for three days, the highest point reaching 40.5 degree centigrade.

A. uncommon        B. disordered            C. abnormal           D. extraordinary

19. The final document was of course, supposed to mend the damage ?______? upon the world by the war.

A. imposed         B. impressed           C. compelled             D. compressed

20. The drowning child was saved by Dick’s ____ action.

A. acute          B. alert          C. profound           D. prompt

21. The magician picked several persons ____ from the audience and asked them to help him with the performance.

A. by accident          B. at random           C. on occasion          D.on average

22. This is ____ the most difficult job I have ever tackled.

A. by rights          B. by itself           C. by oneself             D. by far

23. I left for the office earlier than usual this morning ____traffic jam.

A. in line with               B. for the sake of 

C. in case of                 D. at the risk of

24. We ____ Edison’s success to his intelligence and hard work.

A. subject           B. attribute         C. owe           D. refer

25. In Britain, and on the continent too, the Japanese are sometimes viewed ____ a threat to domestic industries.

A. like             B. with              C. for                 D. as
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