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The United Nations says an estimated 1.5 million people in Syria are in need of food aid. The announcement by the UN humanitarian affairs office came as the UN humanitarian envoy Valerie Amos said not enough aid was reaching Syrians in need. Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva.

The United Nations wants Syria to allow in aid as a matter of urgency . A meeting of UN agencies in Geneva has drafted a 90-day humanitarian plan with food and other supplies for 1.5 million people, but the figure is just an estimate. The UN has been unable to enter Syria since the conflict began. Now a handful of UN aid workers will be allowed in to make a preliminary assessment . From there, they hope to begin the relief operation, but it all depends on Damascus agreeing.

Thousands of Libyans have staged a rally in Tripoli to denounce moves by leaders in the east to create a semi-autonomous territory. Demonstrators chanted slogans demanding unity and, in a show of disdain , used their shoes to hit photographs of Ahmed Zubair al-Senussi, the head of the regional council seeking a split. Gabriel Gatehouse was at the demonstration.

Well, there must be several thousand people here in Martyrs Square, and their slogans make it all perfectly clear. "Libya United", "No, No to Federalism ", they are chanting. The declaration earlier this week of a semi-autonomous state in the east in Cyrenaica is really exciting the passions here, and not just here, there are demonstrations taking place in cities across the country.

The Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has said the participation of Greece's private sector creditors in the country's multi-billion euro bond swap exceeded all expectations. Under the deal, more than 100bn of Greece's debt would be written off . The eurozone finance ministers announced that Greece had met the conditions to receive around $47bn.

The Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi has demanded from Britain an urgent explanation about a failed rescue mission in Nigeria, in which a kidnapped British engineer and his Italian colleague were killed. Alan Johnston reports from Italy.

Britain argues that events were just moving too fast as the hostage drama reached a climax . It says it wasn't practical to consult the Italians before sending in the troops. But Italy's Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi seemed unimpressed with that line. He's continued to demand what he called "utmost clarity" from Britain with regards to what happened. But at the same time, the Italian news agency has reported sources in the prime minister's office here as saying that Italy doesn't want to escalate this dispute.

World News from the BBC

Israeli air strikes in Gaza have killed four Palestinians - two of them senior members of the Popular Resistance Committees, a local militant organisation. The BBC Jerusalem correspondent says the main target of the first attack against a car travelling west of Gaza City was Zuhair al-Qaissi, the new leader of the group. A passenger in the car also died. Mr al-Qaissi's predecessor was killed last August in a similar strike.

The government in Pakistan has issued an order banning the country's largest Islamic extremist group for what it calls its involvement in terrorist activities. Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat's activities have been convicted of killing hundreds of members of the Shia community and other minorities across Pakistan, as well as attacking security installations and foreign embassies.

The latest job figures from the United States show that nearly a quarter of a million jobs were created last month. The BBC's economics correspondent says it's relatively good news for President Obama with the election focusing on the economy. Mr Obama welcomed the news.

"More companies are bringing jobs back and investing in America, and manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s."

However, the unemployment rate, which is based on a different survey, remained unchanged at 8.3%.

Documents released in Japan show that the government knew within hours of last year's tsunami that there was a risk of a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but kept the knowledge secret. Unofficial minutes just published from a crisis meeting on the day of the tsunami show that an official warned ministers of the threat posed by the failure of cooling systems at the plant.

In athletics, the Ukrainian athlete Natallia Dobrynska has become the first woman to break the 5,000 points mark in the pentathlon . She set a new world record of 5,013 points at the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul.

联合国称,估计有150万叙利亚人需要食物援助,该声明是联合国人道主义事务办公室发布的,联合国人道主义使者Valerie Amos也称叙利亚收到的所需援助不足,Imogen Foulkes在日内瓦报道。


数千名利比亚人在的黎波里集会谴责东部领导人企图建立半自治区的行动,游行者高呼口号要求同意,还用鞋子踢打企图制造分裂的地区委员会领导人Ahmed Zubair al-Senussi的照片。Gabriel Gatehouse在游行现场报道。


希腊财长Evangelos Venizelos称,希腊私人债权人参与本国数十亿欧元债券互换行动超过了预期。根据协议,1000多亿希腊债务一笔勾销。欧元区财长们宣称,希腊满足了得到约470亿美元资金的条件。

意大利外长Giulio Terzi要求英国立即对尼日利亚失败营救一事作出解释,这次事故中,一名被绑架的英国工程师及其意大利同事被杀。Alan Johnston在意大利报道。

英国辩解道,绑架事件到达高潮时,事情进展得过快,派兵前咨询意大利并不现实。但意大利外长Giulio Terzi看来对此解释并不满意,他继续要求英国对所发生之事进行所谓的“完全澄清”。但同时,意大利新闻机构从总理办公室了解到,意大利并不希望争吵升级。

以色列对加沙实施空袭,杀死4名巴勒斯坦人,其中两名是当地军事组织“人民抵抗委员会”的成员。BBC驻耶路撒冷记者称,一辆驶往加沙城西部的汽车先遇袭,袭击的主要目标是该组织的新领导人Zuhair al-Qaissi,车内一名乘客也身亡。al-Qaissi的前任去年8月在类似袭击中被杀。






体育方面,乌克兰运动员Natallia Dobrynska成为第一位在五项全能中打破5000分的女性。在伊斯坦布尔举行的世界室内田径锦标赛中,她创下了世界纪录,获得5013分。

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