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Aries 白羊座
You have the opportunity to make great strides in your work today by putting together different pieces of the puzzle. You have the unique ability to bridge the gap between different people and make them see their potential when working together.

Taurus 金牛座
Upon hearing a rather far-fetched idea, your reaction will be to disregard it and move on with your usual approach. Don't be too quick to cast your vote against this new concept. This brilliant new idea may be more applicable to you than you think.

Gemini 双子座
Make sure you slow down and consider all of your options before making your final decision. Your tendency will be to make a snap decision today that is likely to backfire later on down the road. Consult others before making your big move.

Cancer 巨蟹座
You are moving into uncharted territory today. Make sure you are fully prepared. The best thing you can do right now is have full confidence in yourself. The tools in your tool belt are remarkable. Don't be afraid to use them at a moment's notice.

Leo 狮子座
It's time to put away the sentimental feelings for the day and move to something new, Leo. Stop pulling out old photo albums and crying about past experiences. You will only succeed in sinking into a puddle of tears that you can't pull yourself out of. Instead, this is a day to look to the future and plan for new experiences that you can enjoy with the people you love.

Virgo 处女座
Let the genius within you come out and play, Virgo. You may feel like some sort of inventor who has wild ideas that could help to revolutionize the future. Bring these ideas into the open and see what kind of response you get from the people around you. Cutting-edge concepts are likely to appeal to you the most. These are the ones that you should pursue and follow through on if you can.

Libra 天秤座
You may get frustrated when your list of tasks for the day just does not seem to get any shorter, Libra. More than likely, this is due to unforeseen circumstances and unexpected interruptions that you basically have no control over. Don't get upset at yourself because of things you can't change. Make sure to leave extra time to do the things you want, because the interruptions will continue throughout the day.

Scorpio 天蝎座
There is a restlessness within you today that you may try to push away. You must realize that this stir of aggravating energy within you is actually helping you to be more proactive with regard to your work and career life. Embrace this energy.

Sagittarius 射手座
Don't be surprised if you're scolded by people who are upset about the way you're handling certain things in your life, Sagittarius. Most likely, the people who criticize you the most are the ones who understand you the least. They are probably on a completely different wavelength than you, and it isn't your job to try to change them, nor is it your responsibility to change your ways because of them.

Capricorn 摩羯座
Don't let the serious nature of the first part of the day get you down. The overall energy becomes more lighthearted and optimistic as the day wears on. Use this to your advantage. Getting stuck in a rut today will have very challenging side effects.

Aquarius  水瓶座
The events and general atmosphere around the workplace are not exactly in your favor today. Try to postpone any major meetings or decisions for another time. You are not at your best, so stay out of harm's way. Trust that this is the best tactic.

Pisces  双鱼座
You may lay solid plans during the morning, but trying to follow through with these plans in the afternoon will be easier said than done. Unexpected events towards the end of the day will create a great deal of havoc. Be willing to adapt.
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