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  6. 第一题上来就是一个考分号的题,这次考到了好多关于逗号断句插入的问题。。

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  语法,有到语法题是在 AND 和 ALONG with的选项中选择。看看区别吧,还有建议小朋友们看看破折号和倒装句子。知识点掌握了,然后看句子意思和逻辑。语法不是大问题。

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  有一道考 in support of claim for/to...但是通过其它知识点能判断.


  aime at/for 瞄准,对准

  例句: I aimed at the door but hit the window.

  aime at/for 致力于,打算

  例句:It's important that you should have some sort of a goal to aim for.

  aim to do 致力于,打算

  例句:I'm aiming to lose 4kg before the summer holiday.

  aim sth at sb 使某物针对某人

  例句:The program is aimed at a teenage audience.

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  not only but also特别多,好像不是很难,但是我语法不好,也想不起来有什么题目

  以下是prep08中关于not only but also的解释


  关于not only...but also...----从GWD8-20总结出的

  看了GWD8-20, 以前的NN讨论的的太好了,可是藏的太深,很多人都看不见, 后来又看了好些的帖子,,收益良多.所以我把大家观点总结一下,

  首先Not only…..but (also)表示的关系是递进, 其中also可以省略

  But/but also表示的是转折. 在but also中, ring_cheng认为also不属于重复, 所以应当保留.该观点尚未证实.

  not only ...but also表示并列,不能表示转折,不要有先入为主的感觉认为not only...but also必须一起出现。单独出现but also是可能的,此时表示的是转折,参见大全74

  All-terrain vehicles have allowed vacationers to reach many previously inaccessible areas, but they have also been blamed for causing hundreds of deaths, injury to thousands, and seriously damaging the nation’s recreational areas.

  (A) deaths, injury to thousands, and seriously damaging

  (B) deaths and injuring thousands, and serious damage to

  (C) deaths, thousands who are injured, as well as seriously damaging

  (D) deaths and thousands of injuries, as well as doing serious damage to (D)

  (E) deaths, thousands are injured, and they do serious damage to

  关于not only…but also.. 的用法,我根据前人的发言并结合GMAT的思路挑出了这几条:

  1.在正常语序中: not only … but also 应连接两个相对称的并列成分。例如:

  Not only Mr Lin but also his son joined the Party two years ago. (连接两个主语)

  I not only play tennis but also practise shooting. (连接两个谓语动词)

  He plays not only the piano but also the violin. (连接两个宾语)

  在正常语序中: 短语本身不可以加入其它成份,比如变成:not only...but it also...是错误的(因为破坏了平衡)。


  125.The winds that howl across the Great Plains not only blow away valuable topsoil, thereby reducing the potential crop yield of a tract of land, and also damage or destroy young plants.

  (A) and also damage or destroy

  (B) as well as damaging or destroying

  (C) but they also cause damage or destroy

  (D) but also damage or destroy(D)

  (E) but also causing damage or destroying

  Choice D, the best answer, correctly employs the correlative construction not only x but also y, where x and y are grammatically parallel and where both x and y (damage and destroy) apply to young plants. Choices A, (not only... and also), B (not only... as well as), and C (not only... but they also) violate the not only... but also paradigm. Moreover, B contains terms (blow... damaging) that are not parallel. In C and E, damage is used not as a verb with young plants as its direct object but as a noun receiving the action of cause; consequently, these choices fail to state explicitly that the damage is done to young plants. E also violates parallelism (not only blow... but also causing)

  2. not only … but also 连接两个主语时,谓语动词要和与其最近的主语保持人称和数的一致。例如:

  Not only the students but also the teacher was against the plan. / Not only the teacher but also the students were against the plan.

  3. not only … but also 不能用在否定句中。例如:

  误: They don't fear not only hardship but also death.

  正: They fear neither hardship nor death.

  正: They don't fear either hardship or death.

  4. not only … but also 连接两个分句,并且 not only 位于句首时,第一个分句中的主语和谓语要部分倒装。例如:

  Not only does the sun give us light, but also it gives us heat.

  Not only did he speak English correctly, but he also speaks it fluently.

  《新编英语语法》薄冰P633:Not only does he compose music, but he also play./ Not only does he have to type out the answer on a computer, but he also gets the computer to translate it into sounds.

  《新编英语语法》章振邦1005:She was not only compelled to stay at home, but she was also forbidden to see her friends

  英语语法大全上的例句是: Not only did they break into his office and steal his books, but they also tore up his manuscripts. 所以我个人认为在倒装的情况下,but also是可以被主语拆开的.

  这里附上ring_cheng的观点:倒装时可以在短语中插入某类成分,如:not only did sb do sth, but sb also did sth (之所以前后都加入主语,不是为了连接主语,而是为了句子的对仗工整而补足主语,连接的其实是主语的两个不同的谓语动作。又因为not only在句首已经倒装过了,所以but also用正常语序即可。依然满足句子平衡的要求).如大全354中but also被主语+助动词拆开:

  354.In 1978 a national study found that not only had many contractors licensed by a self-policing private guild failed to pass qualifying exams, they in addition falsified their references.

  A. they in addition falsified their references

  B. they had their references falsified in addition

  C. but they had also falsified their references

  D. they had also falsified their references(C)

  E. but their references were falsified as well

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