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小编摘要:共和党将在中西部的爱荷华州选择候选人与奥巴马总统在政党会议上竞争。民意测试显示,三名领先者不相上下,他们分别是:马萨诸塞州前州长Mitt Romney,德州国会议员Ron Paul和宾州前参议员Rick Santorum。


A court in London has found two men guilty of killing a black teenager, Stephen Lawrence, nearly two decades ago. The men, David Norris and Gary Dobson, were both convicted of murder. Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death at a London bus stop in 1993 in a racist attack. The case became a defining moment for race relations in Britain. Zoe Conway reports.

The murder, on the face of it, was not an especially hard case for the police to solve. Within hours of the attack, members of the local community were blaming local white youths. Yet, it took weeks for arrests to be made. The case fell apart. The police failed. Years later, a public inquiry would conclude that failure was a result of the Metropolitan police's "institutional racism". They were two words that would rock the British establishment. Sweeping changes to the way Britain's criminal justice system dealt with race would follow. Throughout it all, Stephen Lawrence's parents, Doreen and Neville, refused to give up on justice for their son: an 18-year campaign that would win the support of Nelson Mandela amongst others.

The United States has said it'll carry on sending aircraft carriers into the Gulf despite a warning from Iran to stay away. Earlier, the Iranian military threatened to take action if an American aircraft carrier that recently left the Gulf returned. Our defence correspondent Jonathan Marcus reports.

The USS John C Stennis, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, exited the Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz about a week ago just as Iranian naval exercises were getting underway. Today as the exercises ended, Iran's army chief warned the Americans to keep their carrier out of Gulf waters for good. The Pentagon, not surprisingly, has issued a swift riposte, a spokesman insisting that the existing pattern of US naval deployments will continue unchanged.

The price of crude oil has risen sharply on international markets because of concerns that Iran might seek to close the Strait of Hormuz - the main route for oil exports from the Gulf. In addition, the United States has passed a law tightening financial sanctions on Iran, and France is calling for an embargo on the country's oil.

There have been clashes between rival militias in the Libyan capital Tripoli. Four fighters were killed. Mark Lowen in Tripoli has the details.

Abdelhakim Belhadj of the Tripoli Military Council told assembled reporters that the clash centred on an old intelligence building bombed by Nato during the uprising, part of which contains a prison. A brigade from the city of Misrata came there to try to free prisoners held inside, leading to a confrontation with another armed group from Tripoli. Those killed and injured were from both brigades. It is yet another sign of the continuing security threat posed by the desperate militias comprising former rebels.

World News from the BBC

The United Nations in South Sudan says thousands of armed youths from a tribe responsible for violent attacks in the state of Jonglei have returned home. A UN spokeswoman said members of the Lou Nuer tribe left the town of Pibor after they were repelled by government troops. The South Sudan authorities say more than 150 people have been killed over the past few days in clashes between the Lou Nuer and its rival Murle tribe.

The first major test of opinion in this year's American presidential election campaign starts in a few hours' time. The Republicans will begin the process of choosing their candidate to fight President Obama at meetings known as caucuses in the Midwestern state of Iowa. Opinion polls suggest a close contest between the three front-runners: the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney; Ron Paul, a Texas congressman; and Rick Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania. From Iowa, here's Jonny Dymond.

In school gyms and town halls across the state of Iowa, the race for the Republican Party's presidential nomination will start tonight. Iowa remains important. It can boost a struggling candidate or send one hurtling from the race. From here, the surviving candidates will be sent on a gruelling journey hopping from one state to another, their aim - to go to the Republican convention in August with the votes of half of the convention delegates in the bag. Only then will the party declare a candidate to face Barack Obama in the autumn.

The English Football Association says Liverpool will not appeal against the eight-match ban on Luis Suarez for racially abusing an opponent during a match. The suspension begins immediately. The Uruguayan striker was also fined $62,000 for repeatedly calling the Senegalese-born Manchester United defender Patrice Evra "negro" or "negrito" during a match. Suarez denies the words were racist.

伦敦法院判定两男子涉嫌近20年前杀死黑人少年Stephen Lawrence,罪犯David Norris和Gary Dobson均被判以谋杀罪。1993年StephenLawrence在伦敦巴士站的种族袭击中被刺杀致死,此案成为英国种族关系决定性的一件事,Zoe Conway报道。

从表面来看,这起案件对于警方来说不是很难侦破。就在袭击发生后数小时,当地社区居民就在谴责当地的白人青年。然而几周后才抓到嫌疑人,案件无法侦破,警察失败了。几年后,一份公共调查认定,案件未能侦破是因为这个大都市的警察有“体制性的种族主义”,这个词语可以动摇到英国的体制,能使与种族有关的英国刑事司法体系彻底改变。自始至终,Stephen Lawrence的父母都没有放弃为儿子寻求公道,他们18年的努力赢得了纳尔逊·曼德拉等人的支持。

美国称将向海湾地区运送海空母舰,尽管伊朗警告过远离此地。早些时候,伊朗军方威胁说,如果那艘最近离开海湾的美国航母再次回来,将会采取行动。BBC国防记者Jonathan Marcus报道。



在利比亚首都的黎波里,敌对的民兵组织间发生冲突,4名武装人员丧生。Mark Lowen在的黎波里报道。

的黎波里军事委员会的Abdelhakim Belhadj告诉记者们,冲突发生在一座老情报大楼里,大楼曾在起义期间被北约轰炸,大楼里还有一所监狱。来自米苏拉塔的一旅部队赶到此处,试图解救被囚人员,他们与来自的黎波里的另一队武装分子发生冲突。两方都有被杀和受伤者,这次事件再次表明,来自前叛乱部队的亡命民兵仍然对安全构成威胁。


几小时后,今年美国总统竞选的首场民意大测试就要开始。共和党将在中西部的爱荷华州选择候选人与奥巴马总统在政党会议上竞争。民意测试显示,三名领先者不相上下,他们分别是:马萨诸塞州前州长Mitt Romney,德州国会议员Ron Paul和宾州前参议员Rick Santorum。JonnyDymond在爱荷华州报道。


英国足球协会称,利物浦将不对对路易斯· 苏亚雷斯实施的八场比赛禁令进行上诉,苏亚雷斯因在比赛中歧视对手而遭此禁令。禁令即刻即生效,这名乌拉圭前锋还被判以62,000美元的罚款,罪名是称塞内加尔出生的曼彻斯特联队后卫埃夫拉“黑鬼”和“矮小黑人”。苏亚雷斯否认这些词语是种族主义歧视。

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