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小编摘要:由于未能在希腊急切需要税收时追踪逃税者,希腊一名最高税务官被起诉。官员Yannis Kapeleris是希腊反腐小组组长,但他涉嫌阻碍向走私燃油的公司征收罚款。Kapeleris已辞职,但否认有罪。


Iran has said it will not disrupt shipping in the Strait of Hormuz, moderating a threat it made last week to the busy sea route. The annoucement was made on the final day of naval exercises in the area. As James Reynolds reports.

Tens days of naval exercises in the Gulf needed a fitting climax, so Iran tested a new surface-to-sea missile. The military called it a long-range weapon but it's only able to hit targets within the Gulf. Iran has been keen to demonstrate its strengh within the region. Last week the country felt bold enough to suggest that it might even close the Strait of Hormuz if the west impose sanctions on Iran's oil industries. But Iran's navy has not tempted that threat.

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese are fleeing from their homes after inter-ethnic clashes around the town of Pibor. The United Nations is warning villagers to run for their lives ahead of advancing fighters from a rival tribe. Will Ross reports from Nairobi.

Groups of armed Lou Nuer men are continuing to attack villages in South Sudan's Jonglei state, burning homes. Tens of thousands of people from the rival Murle tribe has been displaced in recent days. It's difficult for the army or the United Nations to intervene as they had been seen as partisan in a tribal conflict that's gone for years. On Saturday parts of Pibor town were attacked. The army and UN troops protected the administrative center of the town but were powerless to prevent the distruction of homes and the only hospital there.

Police in the Nigerian capital Abuja have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators protecting against the removal of government subsidies on fuel. Fuel prices have doubled since the removal of the subsidies on Sunday. Here's Tomi Oladipo.

Nigerians have reacted angrily to the increase of the price of petrol following the removal of the fuel subsidy. Police fired tear gas to disperse a group of about 200 protesters in the capital Abuja. Trade Unions say they will carry out mass demonstrations in the coming days. The removal of the fuel subsidy has led to a sharp increase in transport costs. And analysts fear that this will make life more expensive and tougher for the average Nigerian. Despite being an oil-producing nation, Nigeria does not have functioning refineries. The country export crude oil and import refined petrolium products.

The head of the Arab League says the Syrian army has pulled out of residential areas but has warned that snipers remain a threat a week after Arab League monitors began their peace mission. Nabil Al-Araby said gunfire continued in some parts of the country and appealed for all shooting to stop. Mr Al-Araby's remarks follow a combine Arab League advisory body for the monitors to be withdrawn from Syria. World news from the BBC.

In the United States contenders for the Republic nomination to run against president Barak Obama in Novermber are making their last appeals to voters in Iowa. In what's the first major test of the 2012 presidential election campaign, Iowans will cast their ballots on Tuesday.

The former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney has a narrow lead in the polls over Ron Paul , his nearest rival. The former senator and social conservative Rick Santorum surged into third place.

Police in the United States are questioning a man over some 55 arson attacks in Los Angeles since Thursday in which cars have been set alight apparently at random, mostly in the middle of the night. From Los Angeles, Peter Bowes.

The series of arson attacks have left trail of damaging garages in carports. Most of the fires were set in parked vehicles, in several cases, the flames jumped to nearby buildings including apartment units in Hollywood. But no one has been hurt. The arson attacks are believed to be the worse outbreak of deliberately set fires since the Los Angeles riots in 1992. Dozes of detectives have been assigned to the case and a reward of 35,000 dollars has been offered for information leading to a conviction.

The French-made breast implants at the center of a health care included a few additives, untested for clinical use. According to a list of materials obtained by the French radio station RTL, a German manufacturer has confirmed it's supplied industrial-grade silicone to the now defound French firm PIP.

One of Greece's top tax officials is to be prosecuted for failing to pursue tax dodgers at a time when Greece desperately needs to raise revenue. The official Yannis Kapeleris was the head of Greece's anti-corruption squad but allegedly blocks the collection of fines from companies for smuggling fuel. Mr Kapeleri has resigned but denies any wrong doing.

伊朗称不会在霍尔木兹海峡停止海运,这使伊朗上周购买繁忙航线造成的威胁有所缓和。伊朗是在该地区海军演习的最后一天做出此宣布的,James Reynolds报道。


自皮博尔镇周围发生种族间冲突以来,数千万南苏丹人正逃离家园。联合国警告他们,要为生活而逃命,而不是向敌对部落的武装分子进攻。Will Ross在内罗毕报道。


尼日利亚首都阿布贾警方使用催泪弹驱散游行者,抗议者反对政府取消燃油补贴。自从周日补贴被取消以来,燃油价格已经涨了一倍。Tomi Oladipo报道。




马萨诸塞州前州长Mitt Romney在民意测试中微弱领先于主要对手朗保罗,前参议员兼社会保守派人士RickSantorum居第三位。

美国警方在洛杉矶审讯周二以来涉嫌55起纵火案的一名男子,案件中的汽车显然被随机放火,主要发生在午夜。Peter Bowes在洛杉矶报道。



由于未能在希腊急切需要税收时追踪逃税者,希腊一名最高税务官被起诉。官员Yannis Kapeleris是希腊反腐小组组长,但他涉嫌阻碍向走私燃油的公司征收罚款。Kapeleris已辞职,但否认有罪。

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