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The rivalries threatening Iraqi stability have intensified with the country's most senior Sunni politicians coming under pressure from the Shia-dominated government. The crisis occurred just hours after the final American troops left the country. Jim Muir reports from Baghdad.

Two of the country's vice-presidents, Tariq al-Hashimi and Khodair al-Khozaei, were reported to have found themselves stuck at Baghdad airport after being refused permission to fly to the Kurdish north to see President Talabani. Another leading Sunni figure Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq is the target of a move to have him impeached in parliament. The Iraqi parliamentary bloc led by Ayad Allawi, which represents most of the country's Sunnis, had earlier pulled out of parliament, accusing Prime Minister Maliki of monopolising power. It's a bitter political struggle with strong sectarian overtones. If it's not contained swiftly, there are fears it could plunge the country into an even deeper crisis.

Crowds of Palestinians waving flags are welcoming home 550 Palestinian prisoners being released by Israel. It's the second and final phase of a deal that ensured the freedom of the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit earlier this year. Here's Yolande Knell.

There are street parties taking place in Ramallah and the West Bank and Gaza City to celebrate this release. But it doesn't carry as much drama as the first stage two months ago: most of the prominent Palestinian prisoners included in this exchange were freed then, and the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was seen in public for the first time in five years before he returned home to his family. Many of the Palestinians now being released from Israeli jails were serving light sentences.

President Asif Ali Zardari has returned home to Pakistan nearly two weeks after he flew to Dubai for medical treatment. The reason for Mr Zardari's treatment has not been disclosed. The president's extended absence prompted speculation in Pakistan that he might resign.

Statesmen from around the world have led tributes to Vaclav Havel, the former Czech president who has died at the age of 75 after a long illness. Vaclav Havel led the peaceful uprising known as the Velvet Revolution, which brought an end to Soviet-style communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989. The Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt called him "one of the greatest Europeans of our age". One of Mr Havel's lifelong friends, the Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, described his qualities.

"He was a man who really fought for liberty. He was incredibly brave. Besides of that, he was a poet and a writer of distinction. And he was somebody [who] kept us principled, and that was important too. He was really an example [of] how a man should behave in the 20th century."

BBC News

The United Nations has warned that an impending humanitarian crisis in Yemen could turn it into another Somalia. The warning came as UN officials appealed for nearly $450m to help millions of Yemenis affected by food shortages. The country has been racked by months of protests against the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who's agreed to step down in February next year.

The defeated opposition leader in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Etienne Tshisekedi, says he will be sworn in as the country's president this week despite the Supreme Court upholding the election victory of the incumbent, Joseph Kabila. Last Friday, the court formally declared Joseph Kabila the winner with nearly 49% of the vote against just over 32% for Mr Tshisekedi.

An oil drilling platform that sank off Sakhalin island in the Russian far east was hit by such strong waves that its life rafts were ripped away.

The rescue centre in Vladivostok said empty rafts and rescue suits had been seen floating near the spot where the Kolskaya platform capsised. Fourteen people were rescued; 49 others are missing.

The government in China's most populous province Guangdong is introducing new restrictions on the use of the regional dialect in the media. This report from Charles Scanlon.

Cantonese is perhaps the strongest of China's numerous regional dialects, and it's so distinct it's seen by some linguists as virtually a language in its own right. All Chinese television and radio broadcasts are supposed to be in the national language Mandarin, but an exception has long been made in the southern province of Guangdong - home to most of the estimated 70 million Cantonese speakers. Now the authorities say that from March all prime time programmes will have to be in Mandarin. When the changes were first proposed last year, hundreds of people took to the streets to defend their local culture.

伊拉克逊尼派最资深政治家受到来自什叶派占主导的政府的压力,威胁伊拉克稳定局面的敌对状态由此加剧。这场危机发生在最后一批美国离开后数小时,Jim Muir报道。

据报道,伊拉克两位副总理Tariq al-Hashimi和Khodair al-Khozaei被困巴格达机场,此前他们不被允许飞往库尔德被捕看望总统塔拉巴尼。逊尼派另一位领导人副总理Saleh al-Mutlaq成为一次行动的目标,该行动试图在议会弹劾Mutla。Ayad Allawi领导的伊拉克议会集团代表该国多数逊尼派,早些时候,该集团退出议会,并指控总理Maliki专权。这是一场有强烈宗派色彩的政治斗争,如果不能快速解决,人们担心这场危机会使伊拉克陷入更深的危机。

巴勒斯坦大批民众挥舞旗帜,欢迎从以色列被释放的550名巴勒斯坦囚犯。这是那场使被绑架的以色列士兵沙利特获得自由的交易的第二也是最后一步。Yolande Knell报道。



捷克前总统瓦茨拉夫·哈韦尔久病不愈身亡,享年75岁,全世界领导人都发去吊唁。1989年,瓦茨拉夫·哈韦尔领导了被称为“天鹅绒革命”的和平起义,结束了捷克斯洛伐克苏维埃共产主义。瑞典外长Carl Bildt称他为“我们这个时代最伟大的欧洲人”。捷克外长Karel Schwarzenberg是哈维尔的终生挚友,他这么称赞哈维尔的品质:



刚果民主共和国反对派领导人Etienne Tshisekedi在选举中失败,但他宣布,尽管最高法院支持现任总统Joseph Kabila获胜,他还是要在本周宣誓就任该国总统。上周五,法院正式宣布Joseph Kabila以近49%的支持率打败只有32%支持率的Tshisekedi。


中国人口最多省份广州引入关于媒体使用方言新禁令,Charles Scanlon报道。


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