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 Russia has surprised Western nations at the United Nations in New York by circulating its own draft UN resolution aimed at resolving the crisis in Syria. Western countries have spent months trying to get their own resolution. From the UN, here's Barbara Plett.

Russia's UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin said there was strong concern in the council about the deepening crisis in Syria, and the draft Russian resolution was aimed at trying to end the conflict. His intervention took Western nations by surprise. They've been trying to get the Security Council to act for months, but their attempts faced a Russian veto. European diplomats said they would negotiate on this text, but the current draft did not reflect the gravity of the human rights situation in Syria. They also said it suggested an equivalence between the regime and the opposition, and insisted the Syrian government must bear primary responsibility for the violence.

The head of the Bank of France, Christian Noyer, has hit out at international financial ratings companies, saying the arguments they use are often more political than economic. One of the agencies has threatened to downgrade France's rating, which Mr Noyer said was completely unjustified. He said if they were considering economic fundamentals, Britain should be downgraded first as it had a bigger deficit, more inflation, as much debt as France and lower growth.

The former French President Jacques Chirac has been found guilty of corruption after a long-running trial. He was convicted of embezzlement and breach of trust by creating fictitious jobs for members of his party when he was mayor of Paris. Mr Chirac was given a suspended two-year sentence. He is the first former head of state in France to be convicted since the wartime collaborationist leader Marshal Petain. Hugh Schofield reports.

Mr Chirac's lawyer said that the former president categorically contested the guilty verdict. However, he did not have it in him to continue the combat, so he decided not to appeal. The lawyer said that Mr Chirac was at least happy that the court had recognised he did not personally enrich himself from the embezzlement. The charges go back more than 20 years to when Mr Chirac was the powerful mayor of Paris and controlled the system in which municipal funds were used to pay his political party staff.

Reports from Bahrain say that a blogger and human rights activist, Zainab al-Khawaja, has been arrested during a protest on a main road leading to the capital Manama. Activists have called for her release. Eyewitnesses say security forces used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters. Sebastian Usher reports.

Zainab al-Khawaja is the daughter of a well-known dissident who was sentenced to life in prison after the mass protests in February and March on charges of plotting a coup. Zainab herself has been briefly arrested before and staged a hunger strike to try to get her father and other members of her family released. Her blog has been one of the most prolific in detailing the continuing protests and the response of the security forces.

World News from the BBC

The President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, has apologised to the relatives of the victims of a massacre committed 30 years ago during the civil war. He said the massacre, in which Guatemalan soldiers killed hundreds of people in the village of Dos Erres, was a stain on Guatemala's history. It wasn't until earlier this year that four former soldiers were sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

Police in Mexico say they've found three bodies at the offices of a student association in the western city of Guadalajara. Prosecutors say they are trying to establish if the three victims were among a group of five people who went missing on Wednesday after a dispute with officials from the student association.

The British Ministry of Defence has announced that 13,500 military personnel will contribute to security during next year's Olympic Games in London. The deployment will be larger than Britain's military force currently based in Afghanistan. Our security correspondent Gordon Corera reports.

HMS Ocean, the largest ship in the Royal Navy fleet, will be berthed on the Thames in Greenwich; RAF Typhoon jets will be stationed at Northolt; and specialist bomb disposal teams will be deployed next summer - all as part of the Olympic security operation the Ministry of Defence announced today. The largest single role will be for up to 7,500 personnel who will help provide security at venues as part of a total guard force of around 23,000. The extra costs will come out of the Olympics budget, not that of the Ministry of Defence.

The South African police say they've opened a case against two international media companies - Reuters and the Associated Press - for allegedly filming Nelson Mandela's residence. Colonel Vishnu Naidoo told the BBC that it was illegal to film or photograph presidential homes.

He said the cameras had now been removed from their location in the village in Eastern Cape where Mr Mandela lives. A spokesman for Associated Press denied spying on the former president.
俄罗斯宣布自己制定的有关解决叙利亚危机的联合国决议草案,这令西方国家吃了一惊。为确定自己的解决方案,西方国家已花费数月时间。Barbara Plett在联合国报道。

俄罗斯驻联合国大使Vitaly Churkin称委员会对叙利亚日益加深的危机非常担忧,俄罗斯制定的草案目的在于结束这场危机。他的干预举动令西方国家颇为吃惊,数月来它们都在找到解决办法,俄罗斯对它们的尝试表示否决。欧洲外交官们表示将就草案进行协商,但目前的草案并没有反映出叙利亚人权状况的严重性。它们还称,草案将当局和反对派同等看待,认为叙利亚政府必须对暴力活动承担主要责任。

法国银行行长Christian Noyer批评一家国际金融评级公司,称其论点是政治性的而非经济性。一家评级机构曾威胁要降低法国的评级,Noyer称这是不公正的。他说,如果考虑到经济基础条件,英国是第一个应被降级的,因为与法国相比,英国的赤字更多,通胀更严重,债务相当,发展更缓慢。

经过长期审判,法国前总统雅克·希拉克已被确认有腐败罪。他被判定任巴黎市长期间侵吞财产,并犯有为其所属党派成员制造虚假岗位的背信罪。他被判处缓刑两年,他是战时犯下通敌罪的领导人贝当元帅之后首位有罪的法国领导人。Hugh Schofield报道。


来自巴林的报道称,在通往首都麦纳麦的主干道上举行的抗议中,博主兼人权活动分子Zainab al-Khawaja被捕。活动分子要求释放此人,目击者称,安全部队使用催泪瓦斯和击昏手榴弹驱散抗议者。Sebastian Usher报道。

Zainab al-Khawaja是一位知名异见者的女儿,他在二、三月份的大型抗议后被判以终身监禁,罪名是策划叛变。Zainab此前也遭到了逮捕,进行绝食抗议以图解救他的父亲及其他的家庭成员。她的诸多博文详尽的讲述了持久抗议活动以及安全部队的回应等等细节。

危地马拉总统向30年前内战中大屠杀死难者亲属致歉。总统称,在此次大屠杀中危地马拉士兵在Dos Erres屠杀数百名群众,这是危地马拉历史上莫大的污点。今年早些时候,四面前士兵因此犯下如此罪行,被判处终生监禁。




南非警方称他们已对两大国际新闻机构——路透社和美联社——就其在南非前总统曼德拉住所进行监控摄像一案进行审理。Vishnu Naidoo上校告诉BBC电台,对总统住所进行摄像或拍照都是法律所不容许的。上校称,摄像头均已从位于东开普省的曼德拉的住所拆除。美联社发言人坚称安装摄像头绝非出于监视曼德拉的目的。

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