现房销售仍然萎靡不振 朝鲜人民沉痛哀悼金正日

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现房销售仍然萎靡不振 朝鲜人民沉痛哀悼金正日

The latest numbers on the housing market show at least a little improvement. The National Association of Realtors says the sale of existing homes rose 4 percent from the month before. This after the association yesterday revised the sale of past 4 years downward.NPR reports sale are still sluggish.

Home sales were up a bit last month while home price fell 3.5% from year ago. Foreclosure kept putting down more pressure on price. The economist of market Zade Moody's Analyst he is not too excited by the latest numbers.

Yet the housing market is really going nowhere fast .You know , it's not falling, that's good .In turn demand the crash is over but no real sign of substantive pick up yet ,think we are going to see that until it has better condition of job marking. Andy says until price start drifting lower, that keep home buyers and mortgage lender nervous,Cris NPR news, Boston.

The government is taking step to ensure commercial pilots are rested before they yield to a cub pid. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announce new scheduling rule.

It would ensure the pilots have great number consecutive hours off duty each week. Pilots are also to be given 10 consecutive hours between shifts currently they have 8.Safety advocates have been pushing for the restriction for years. But effort got a boost after 2009 crash in Buffalo New York. Investigators concluded the pilots were likely sleep deprived.

More than 4 years after a deadly mine disaster in Utah. Federal prosecutors say they are still considering criminal charges. As NPR Howard Berkes reports the Justice Department is allowing a key deadline to pass next week. Nine coal miners and rescuers died at Utah Crandall Canyon mining in 2007.Both Congress and Federal regulator strongly urge the criminal investigation .The Labor Department even put on hold more than 1 million dollar in civil penalty setting possible interference with the criminal probe. That hold expires at the end of next week. The Spokeswoman for Us Attorney for Utah says office will not seek extension. That means the civil cases will proceed. The spokeswoman says the criminal investigation also continues. But she declines to say whether the criminal charge will actually be filed. Mine disaster has rarely resulted in serious charges against company’s officials, Howard Berkes NPR news.

World market are down after Europe Central Bank said it 's pumping more than 600 billion dollars of cheap long-term loans into banking system to avoid the credit crunch but it's having the unintended consequence of highlighting the gravity of Europe crisis. That’s dampening investors’ confidence.

At the last check on Wall Street, the Dow was down 30points at 12072.the NASDAQ was off 38 points, at 2564.This is NPR.

Congressional lawmakers say they aren't giving up on finding a compromise on extending the payroll tax cut before it expire at the end of year. House speakers John Boehner is pushing for a- year long extension. Democrats in the house want them to hold an up or down vote on bipartisan senate approve bill calling for 2-month extension.

Thousands of North Korean is pouring in Pyongyang central square to pay their respects to Kim Jong il during an official mourning period. The North Korea leader died Saturday.NPR Anthony Kuhn reports his body is lying in the state and funeral is planned for next week. Thousands of tearful mourners filled through Kim Il Sung Square as heavy snow filled in capital Pyongyang. Weeping citizens walk to pass the picture of Kim Jong il hanging on the people’s study house where the picture of father Kim Il Sung usually is .Security is tight cross the North Korea in preparation for Kim's funeral and succession of son Kim Jong Un .In Seoul, meanwhile the opposition democratic party calls for resignation of South Korea Intelligence chief Won Seo-hoo, Won admitted yesterday,he learned Kim's death not from his spies but from North Korea state television, Anthony Kuhn NPR news . Seoul.

Defense Attorney for Bradley Manning accused of stealing and releasing massive among classified documents to Wiki leak. Both started and ended their case today .In the hearing to determine whether army intelligence senate should be court-martial. His lawyer called 2 witnesses to the stand. One who testified to see Manning face of rage while in Iraq. Closing argument are scheduled for tomorrow.

I'm Barbara Klein ,NPR news Washington.
然而住房市场确实增长不是很快。你知道,这不是下降,那就已经很好了。反过来,供不应求已经结束,但没有真正的实质性回收迹象,但是我们认为会看到,直到具有更好的工作条件的标志。安迪表示这使购房者和抵押贷款紧张,直到价格开始下降才会有所缓和。NPR新闻, 克里斯从波士顿为您发回的报道。
犹他州致命的煤矿灾难后4年,联邦检察官表示他们仍然在考虑的刑事指控。NPR新闻的霍华德•博克斯报道司法部允许下周通过一个关键期限。在2007年,9名矿工和救援人员死于犹他州兰德尔峡谷矿山。国会和联邦监管机构都强烈要求进行刑事调查。劳动部门甚至对于可能干扰犯罪调查给予100万美元的民事处罚。而下星期就是截止时间。犹他州的辩护发言人表示不会寻求延长。这意味着该案件将继续按照民事案件处理。这位女发言人表示刑事调查也在继续。但她拒绝表示是否会提出刑事指控。很难说矿山灾难的矛头指向公司的官员, NPR新闻,这里是霍华德•博克斯。

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