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小编摘要:实验室里的小白鼠,也许是一个被遗忘的物种, 本文带你去了解一下......


实验室里的小白鼠,也许是一个被遗忘的物种, 本文带你去了解一下......


The news couldn’t have been much worse. The timing couldn’t have been much better.


In August one relatively healthy year after losing five centimeters of my scalp to malignant melanoma my doctor told me there were some “troubling” new spots on my lungs – and that they were growing. A few weeks later I awoke from the surgical biopsy doped up and under an oxygen mask and had my worst fears confirmed – the spots were malignant. Two weeks later after I pointed out a peculiar bruise on my back during a routine follow-up the diagnosis got even worse – that bruise was another malignant tumor.


In the space of days I’d gone from someone whose friends had hastily branded a “survivor” to a woman with metastatic Stage 4 cancer. But just as I was  blubbering through the news my oncologist offered a life raft in a sea of panic. She explained that my immunologist who’d recently led the clinical trials for Ipilimumab the first new melanoma drug approved by the FDA in 30 years was doing a new Phase 1 clinical trial. It would combine Ipilimumab with another promising experimental drug MDX-1106 and for a longer course of treatment. As an otherwise young healthy person I was a suitable candidate for the sole upcoming spot in the trial.

光阴似水,想想从前被朋友迫不及待地冠上“幸存者”的标签,到如今成了第四阶段转移性癌症患者。不过正当我这个女人在恐慌的海洋中哭哭啼啼的时候,我的肿瘤医师抛下了一根救命稻草。她解释道,我那位免疫学者不久前刚做了易普利姆玛的临床试验,这是一种治疗黑色素瘤的新药,三十年来首获美国食品及药物管理局的批准,眼下他正着手一项新的临床试验Phase 1,是把易普利姆玛和MDX-1106,另一种前景看好的试验性药物结合起来,以实现更长的治疗疗程。我年轻、健康,于是成为了合适的候选人,迎接试验中即将出现的斑点。

When Ipilimumab was approved last spring doctors crowed of its success in extending lives by entire months and its 30 percent success rate. “In cancer ” my oncologist had said “that’s a home run.” Those odds feel considerably less bright when you’re the one with cancer but the treatment nonetheless offered hope. And with that I became one of the fewer than two dozen people with advanced melanoma in America right now lucky enough to be Bristol-Myers Squibb’s little lab rodent.


But first before beginning the trial I had to submit to a battery of grueling tests and interviews both to “establish a baseline” and to assure that I qualified as a subject. It was kind of like going for a high-level job except that I wasn’t sure how to ace an MRI and CT scan. For weeks I dragged my freaked-out ass back and forth to Sloan-Kettering meekly answering questions and suppressing fits of giggles every time someone tried to check the lymph nodes under my arms.


Though the field is still relatively new immunotherapy has the potential to be one of the first true game-changers in cancer treatment to come along in ages. Unlike chemotherapy it works with the body’s own defenses to fight off cancer. And unlike chemo the side effects tend to be more tolerable – and less intimidating to patients. As one of my nurses recently explained “There are people who avoid treatment because they’re afraid of chemo. They see people who’ve lost their hair and lost weight people who are throwing up. They don’t want to look sick.” Aside from its potential effectiveness immunotherapy is quite literally an opportunity to put a new face on the public perception of treatment — one that doesn’t say to colleagues and strangers on the street   “As you can see from my bald fragile countenance I have some messed up cancer here.”


Yet there are risks with every drug — as you’ve probably ascertained from those horrifying ads for Abilify. And if you ever really want to feel like you’re chemically tempting the fates I recommend a Phase 1 clinical trial. On the list of subjects on whom my drug combination has been tried I think I’m right behind that monkey from “28 Days Later.”

话说回来,每一种药物都存在风险——你很可能是从“阿立哌唑”这种吓人的广告里得知的。如果哪天你真想试试化学品的威力,我推荐这款Phrase 1临床试验。我试服了药方上面的所有药品,感觉已然步入《惊变28天》里那只猴子的后尘。

I realized my life was about to get intense when I was handed a 27-page informed consent form alerting me of my “responsibilities.” I was not to get a flu shot. I “must not” get pregnant. As a mother in her mid-40s that one wasn’t a hard sell but I wondered how that imperative is going over for my fellow subjects. I had to agree that I understand I would run the risk of a battery of side effects from fever rash and fatigue to “rare but serious” conditions ranging from heart attacks to meningitis.

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