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  原题:“Since the physical work environment affects employee productivity and morale, the employees themselves should have the right to decide how their workplace is designed.”(68)


  1. brings creativity and coziness

  2. makes colleagues more closely and companionate

  3. Admittedly, some companies such as consulting/consultant? company must avoid too much decoration.

  However, no matter the employee or the employer, as for the environment is considered, compromise should be made from time to time.

  View1: work character has great influence on the design of workplace.

  Evidence: consulting company must avoid too much decoration in order to appear professionally and dependably. To some creative work such as AD agency and fashion design, the decorating of workplace is important not only for simulating inspirations but also for showing creative abilities.

  View2: also, the designment of workplace should be compromise to company culture.

  Evidence: Consider the influence it has done to co-workers and the harmony in work place.


  I agree that physical workspace can affect morale and productivity and that, as a result, employees should have a significant voice in how their work areas are designed. However, the speaker suggests that each employee should have full autonomy over his or her immediate workspace, I think this view is too extreme, for it ignores two important problems that allowing too much freedom over workspace can create.

  On the one hand, I agree that some aspects of workspace design are best left to the individual preferences of each worker. Location of personal tools and materials, style and size of desk chair, and even desk lighting and decorative desk items, can each play an important role in a worker’s comfort, psychological wellbeing, concentration, and efficiency. Moreover, these features involve highly subjective preferences, so it would be inappropriate for anyone but the worker to make such choices.

  On the other hand, control over one’s immediate workspace should not go unchecked, for two reasons. First, one employee’s workspace design may inconvenience, annoy, or even offend nearby coworkers. For example, pornographic pinups may distract some coworkers and offend others, thereby impeding productivity, fostering ill-will and resentment, and increasing attrition—all to the detriment of the company. Admittedly, the consequences of most workspace choices would not be so far-reaching. Still, in my observation many people adhere, consciously or not, to the adage that one person’s rights extend only so far as the next person’s nose. A second problem with affording too much workspace autonomy occurs when workspaces are not clearly delineated—by walls and doors—or when workers share an immediate workspace. In such cases, giving all workers concurrent authority would perpetuate conflict and undermine productivity.

  In conclusion, although employees should have the freedom to arrange their work areas, this freedom is not absolute. Managers would be well-advised to arbitrate workspace disputes and, if needed, assume authority to make final decisions about workspace design. 


  原题:Financial benefit should be the most important factor when choosing a career(31)


  1. 把收入作为选择职业的首要考虑因素会使人忽视了生命中更应该追求的其他东西。事实上有许多人为了追求更为重要的目标而放弃了使自己获得最大收入的职业。象是特蕾莎修女,她以助人为快乐。尽管在物质上是清贫的但是却在别人快乐的同时自己也得到了幸福的回报。Mother Teresa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, dedicated the majority of her life to helping the poorest of the poor in India. Although she was not rich all through her life, she was happier than most of her contemporaries because she gained happiness when she helped the poor. bliss blessedness 还有一些人为了做全职家长更好的照顾孩子更是完全牺牲了得到钱的职业。在他们看来和家人在一起生活照顾他们的起居饮食是自己最开心的事情。

  2. 诚然经济基础是一切其他活动的前提,但追求钱以外更重要的目标并不一定意味着就会得不到物质回报或者是一定会过得潦倒。事实上两者是可以相互促进的。一个追求智力上或者是创造力上的成就的人象是作家艺术家或者是音乐家当他们的作品问世时候他们同时也得到了物质的回报。others choose to pursue intellectual or creative fulfillment-as writers, artists, or musicians. 而这些钱反过来又会为他们的创作提供更好的条件和环境.

  ignore, overlook, neglect; pursue, go in for, in pursuit of, aspire after, be down and out mutually, come out, be published, priority, primarily; appreciate, notion, profession, lucrative, stem from subordinate ... to ...

  recreation physical health psychological making money is not an end in the end of itself. acknowledge strike a balance overriding高于一切的 factor

  1. Admittedly, 人们都不是生活在童话里fairy tale,人们需要面对日常生活中的各种花费,而金钱是保障这一切,从而保障人们生命的基础。financial gain does be an important factor in choosing a career.

  2. 但是,这不代表说,所有人都应该把它regard it as the most important…因为after all, 金钱只是满足我们生活的手段,还有更多更家重要的东西,金钱无法满足。比如精神生活:首先,很多人选择很多工作,造福社会,但它们pay less than others,比如social work, nursing. 人们认为精神世界更重要,帮助别人。。。;另外,良好的工作环境,同事关系,使人们精神好。

  3. 因为首先:不同人有不同的需要,又比如说,有的妈妈为了照顾孩子,选择地点离家比较近的工作,even though this job can provide her less money than those far from her home.。。再比如说,有的人为了事业上更大的成就,会选择能提供更多机会promotion,或者培训之类的。如果全部考虑金钱,则很可能丧失更多进步的机会。

  View1: Financial gain is an important factor in choosing a career.

  View2: However, there are more factors play important roles in making job decisions. chance for promotion, training, work environment, corporate culture and reputation, welfare other than financial form

  Evidence: Vincent Van Gogh .If he transfer to other career for monetary consideration, there will be no such beautiful scenes as starry night and sunflowers shining forever in our art history.

  View3: In my opinion, the best career is the combination of special interests and financial benefits.


  Financial gain is certainly one factor to consider when selecting a career. But many people do not, and should not, focus on this factor as the main one. The role that money plays in career choice should depend on the priorities, goals and values of the particular person making the choice.

  The main problem with selecting a career primarily on the basis of money is that for many people to do so would be to ignore one’s personal values, needs, and larger life goals. Indeed, many people appreciate this notion when they choose their career. For example, some people join one of the helping professions, such as nursing, teaching or social work, well aware that their career will not be financially lucrative. Their choice properly stems from an overriding altruistic desire, not from an interest in financial gain. Others choose to pursue intellectual or creative fulfillment—as writers, artists, or musicians—knowing that they are trading off dollars for non-tangible rewards. Still others forego economic gain to work as full-time parents; for these people, family and children are of paramount importance in life. Finally, many people subordinate economic prospects to their desire to live in a particular location; these people may place a high value on recreation, their physical health, or being near a circle of friends.

  Another problem with focusing primarily on money when selecting a career is that it ignores the notion that making money is not an end in the end of itself, but rather a means of obtaining material goods and services and of attaining important goals—such as providing security for oneself and one’s family, lifelong learning, or freedom to travel or to pursue hobbies. Acknowledging the distinction, one may nevertheless select a career on the basis of money—since more money can buy more goods and services as well as the security, freedom, and time to enjoy them. Even so, one must strike a balance, for if these things that money is supposed to provide are sacrificed in the pursuit of money itself, the point of having money—and of one’s career selection—has been lost.

  In conclusion, economic gain should not be the overriding factor in selecting a career. While for a few people the single-minded pursuit of wealth may be fulfillment enough, most people should, and indeed do, temper the pursuit of wealth against other values, goals, and priorities. Moreover, they recognize that money is merely a means to more important objectives, and that the pursuit itself may undermine the achievement of these objectives.

33. 本月机经2次

  原题:“Everywhere, it seems, there are clear and positive signs that people are becoming more respectful of one another’s differences.”



  1. 一方面我们的立法越来越完善不断向着消除歧视和偏见的方向发展。这从强制的方面要求人们尊重和其他人的不同

  2. 另一方面,随着技术的不断进步交流的不断深入人们对别的文化也有了更深的了解。而了解就会使得不同文化的人们提高对对方文化和行为的自发的非强制的尊重。

  3. 诚然现在还有很多的种族的性别的等各个方面的歧视。但是我们很高兴地看到事情在向好的方面发展。

  1、 The increased globalization has provided more opportunities than ever before to contact and acknowledge cultures of other nations. 对于不同的宗教信仰和文化习俗,人们采取了更加宽容more tolerant attitude toward dissimilar culture, including religion and custom from other nations. 比方说:China had long closed itself to the outside of the world for many centuries before it opened the door in 1980’s. 在那段时间里,西方文明被简单地理解为怪异和粗鲁的considered to be strange or rude. 而现在,接触了更多后,中国也认识到了不同,并且充分地接受和借鉴even learn from他们。

  2、 然而,在很多领域,尽管通过legislation,已经改变了一些to some extent,但严重的discrimination and prejudice still remain severe despite of the legislation… 比方说,racial, gender虽然立法规定了男女在工作一样的情况下得到一样工资,但是社会人为地perceived inequity still exist since 男和女被分为不同种类的工作。

  3、 有成绩,但仍然需要努力。对不同的高度容忍体现文明的发展程度。sign of… 之类。所以要一起努力。


  In determining whether we are becoming more respectful of one another’s differences, one must examine both overt actions and underlying motives, as well as examining whether our differences are increasing or decreasing. The issue, therefore, is quite complex, and the answer is unclear.

  Disrespect for one another’s differences manifests itself in various forms of prejudice and discrimination. Since the civil rights and feminist movements of the 60s and 70s, it would seem that we have made significant progress toward eliminating racial and sexual discrimination. Anti-discriminatory laws in the areas of employment, housing, and education, now protect all significant minority groups racial minorities and women, the physically challenged and, more recently, homosexuals. Movies and television shows, which for better or worse have become the cynosure of our cultural attention, now tout the rights of minorities, encouraging acceptance of and respect for others.

  However, much of this progress is forced upon us legislative. Without Title 10 and its progenies, would we voluntarily refrain from the discriminatory behavior that the laws prevent? Perhaps not. Moreover, signs of disrespect are all around us today. Extreme factions still rally around bigoted demagogues; the number of “hate crimes” is increasing alarmingly; and school-age children seem to flaunt a disrespect toward adults as never before. Finally, what appears to be respect for one another’s differences may in fact be an increasing global homogeneity—that is, we are becoming more and more alike.

  In sum, on a societal level it is difficult to distinguish between genuine respect for one another’s differences on the one hand and legislated morality and increasing homogeneity on the other. Accordingly, the claim that we are becoming more respectful of one another’s differences is somewhat dubious.

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