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 10. 本月机经6次

  原题 “People are likely to accept as a leader only someone who has demonstrated an ability to perform the same tasks that he or she expects others to perform.”


  1. 人们不会尊重一个不能完成他要求别人完成的任务自己却不能完成的领导。这是人之常情,人们通常都只会欣赏和尊敬比自己优秀的人,而不喜欢被一个不能完成任务却命令自己去做的人心存敬意。例如克林顿总统当commander-in-chief 的时候,由于众所周知他曾经逃避兵役,很自然的下级军官和士兵都不是很尊重他。

  2. 人们不信任一个自己完不成任务却要求别人去完成的人。仍然举克林顿总统的例子。由于他逃兵役被视为没有能力,下级都对他的决策心存怀疑,这也就潜在的导致了执行上的不尽心不尽力。

  3. 诚然是否能完成自己交给别人的任务并不是衡量一个leader重要指标。可能领导能力、,组织能力、运筹能力更为重要,但是我们不能忽视人们心理上的看法,尽管它可能并不合理但它确实是存在的。

  normal human feelings admire adore respect superior to evade escape military service subordinate soldier be doubtful of be suspicious of execution implement admittedly true potentially evaluate index leadership psychological psychology psychological psychologist exist subsist ... serves as a fitting and public example

  1. 诚然,如果在其领导的领域内几乎一窍不通,一个领导很难得到下属的信任和支持,会被看作layperson. 比如,人们无法想象一个不具备任何电脑知识的人,该如何领导一个庞大的IT企业,比如MICROSOFT在激烈的市场中竞争。

  2. 但是,这是否意味着作为领导,必须要有能力完成每一项他要求下属做的事呢?这个问题,与领导和员工的真正作用有很大关系!首先,领导的职责是制定长期的发展方针,并且保证这个方针的贯彻执行,adhere to their strategic plans不被偏离。组织员工共同合作完成任务。on the other hand, 员工的作用是各司其职,更加具体的specific task.

  3. 从以上两种职责不难看出,领导与员工起到significantly different functions,让领导完成每一个subordinate要做的工作,unfair的。比如,不能blame a CEO for lacking the skills of typing。要对下属做的事有很好的了解,但不一定都要做。否则,领导就失去了意义,成为了一个全能的工人。omnipotent worker with all kinds of skills.

  View1: It is human nature to admire then follow someone who is more competent than themselves.

  View2: But a feature of a good leader is to organize people with different specialties together and let them perform as a whole. It is too ideal to expect the leaders to have all the specialties of his subordinates.

  范文:People are more likely to accept the leadership of those who have shown they can perform the same tasks they require of others. My reasons for this view involve the notions of respect and trust.

  It is difficult for people to fully respect a leader who cannot, or will not, do what he or she asks of others. President Clinton’s difficulty in his role as Commander-in-Chief serves as a fitting and very public example. When Clinton assumed this leadership position, it was well known that he had evaded military service during the Vietnam conflict. Military leaders and lower-level personnel alike made it clear that they did not respect his leadership as a result. Contrast the Clinton case with that of a business leader such as John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, who by way of his training and experience as a computer engineer earned the respect of his employees.

  It is likewise difficult to trust leaders who do not have experience in the areas under their leadership. The Clinton example illustrates this point as well. Because President Clinton lacked military experience, people in the armed forces found it difficult to trust that his policies would reflect any understanding of their interests or needs. And when put to the test, he undermined their trust to an even greater extent with his naive and largely bungled attempt to solve the problem of gays in the military. In stark contrast, President Dwight Eisenhower inspired nearly devotional trust as well as respect because of his role as a military hero in World War II.

  In conclusion, it will always be difficult for people to accept leaders who lack demonstrated ability in the areas under their leadership. Initially, such leaders will be regarded as outsiders, and treated accordingly. Moreover, some may never achieve the insider status that inspires respect and trust from those they hope to lead.

11. 本月机经6次

  原题 “Employers should have no right to obtain information about their employees’ health or other aspects of their personal lives without the employees’ permission.”


  1, 员工的私人生活状况,很可能影响工作效率。productivity and turnover,所以雇主有理由关心。比如,健康问题,良好的健康状况显然是保障正常稳定生产的基础,雇主付出相同的钱,expect to get certain productivity. 而员工隐瞒健康状况,造成的低效率高成本,会使公司suffer。在雇佣时拥有对称的信息,很重要。

  2, 同时,员工的私人状况,如果会危害到其他员工,那么应该有权得这知。比如,健康状况,犯罪的历史等等重大事件。健康,会infect other employee/ 暴力 history of crimes violence 很可能会对其他的员工造成伤害。这些都是必须要知道的。

  3, 但有一些其他的私人生活,与工作效率无关,而且不是threat to others。employer 没有权力获取。比如,婚姻状况marital status, religion, race…这些都应该是员工自愿提供的with permission,而不能强制获得force。

  View1: as human resources is one of the most important fortunes to a company, companies should know the health conditions of their employees. Decide whether a worker is competent for a job, decide cost on medical cares, ensure productivity

  View2: other aspects of employees’ personal life, if not directly related to work performance, are not need to expose to employers.


  Determining whether employers should have access to personal information about employees requires that the interests of businesses in ensuring productivity and stability be weighed against concerns about equity and privacy interests. On balance, my view is that employers should not have the right to obtain personal information about current employees without their consent.

  A business’ interest in maintaining a stable, productive workforce clearly justifies right of access to certain personal information about prospective employees. Job applicants can easily conceal personal information that might adversely affect job performance, thereby damaging the employer in terms of low productivity and high turnover. During employment, however, the employee’s interests are far more compelling than those of the employer, for three reasons.

  First, the employer has every opportunity to monitor ongoing job performance and to replace workers who fail to meet standards, regardless of the reason for that failure. Second, allowing free access to personal information about employees might open the floodgates to discriminatory promotions and salary adjustments. Current federal laws—which protect employees from unfair treatment based on gender, race, and marital status, may not adequately guard against an employer’s searching for an excuse to treat certain employees unfairly. Third, access to personal information without consent raises serious privacy concerns, especially where multiple individuals have access to the information. Heightening this concern is the ease of access to information which our burgeoning electronic Intranets make possible.

  In sum, ready access to certain personal information about prospective employees is necessary to protect businesses; however, once hired, an employee’s interest in equitable treatment and privacy far outweighs the employer’s interest in ensuring a productive and stable workforce.

  12. V1. the best teachers are those who encourage the students to challenge popular ideas rather than accepting popular ideas.

  V2. 最好的老师会expect 学生challenge ideas

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