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 11. The Easy Credit Company would比对手更有竞争力吧by donate money to the environmental organizations in using the symbol of logo. From a recent poll, people are concerning about the environmental issues. Therefore, the company will attract more customers and increase the interest rates…

  题库原题:34. The following appeared as part of a plan proposed by an executive of the Easy Credit Company to the president.

  “The Easy Credit Company would gain an advantage over competing credit card services if we were to donate a portion of the proceeds from the use of our cards to a well-known environmental organization in exchange for the use of its symbol or logo on our card. Since a recent poll shows that a large percentage of the public is concerned about environmental issues, this policy would attract new customers, increase use among existing customers, and enable us to charge interest rates that are higher than the lowest ones available.”


  In this argument the author concludes that the Easy Credit Company would gain several advantages over its competitors by donating a portion of its profits to a well-known environmental organization in exchange for the use of the organization’s logo on their credit card. The author reaches this conclusion on the basis of a recent poll that shows widespread public concern about environmental issues. Among the advantages of this policy, the author foresees an increase in credit card use by existing customers, the ability to charge higher interest rates, and the ability to attract new customers. While the author’s argument has some merit, it suffers from two critical problems.

  To begin with, the author assumes that the environmental organization whose logo is sought is concerned with the same environmental issues about which the poll shows widespread concern. However, the author provides no evidence that this is the case. It is possible that very few credit-card users are concerned about the issues that are the organization’s areas of concern; if so, then it is unlikely that the organization’s logo would attract much business for the Easy Credit Company.

  Next, the author assumes that the public’s concern about environmental issues will result in its taking steps to do something about the problem—in this case, to use the Easy Credit Company credit card. This assumption is unsupported and runs contrary to experience. Also, it is more reasonable to assume that people who are concerned about a particular cause will choose a more direct means of expressing their concern.

  In conclusion, the author’s argument is unconvincing as it stands. To strengthen the argument, the author must show a positive link between the environmental issues about which the public has expressed concern and the issues with which this particular environmental organization is concerned. In addition, the author must provide evidence to support the assumption that concern about a problem will cause people to do something about the problem. 

12. 本月机经2次

  Montoya 在位期间人口降低,失业率升高, varro在位反之,所以该怎么怎么样。

  题库原题11:The following appeared in the editorial section of a local newspaper.

  “In the first four years that Montoya has served as mayor of the city of San Perdito, the population has decreased and the unemployment rate has increased. Two businesses have closed for each new business that has opened. Under Varro, who served as mayor for four years before Montoya, the unemployment rate decreased and the population increased. Clearly, the residents of San Perdito would be best served if they voted Montoya out of office and reelected Varro.”


  在Montoya当San Perdito市长的头4年里,人口下降而失业率上升。每当一个新企业开业,就有两个旧的关门。而在Montoya之前Uarro当市长的4年里,失业率下降人口增长。很明显,San Perdito的居民重新选举Varro而非Montoya会得到更好的服务。


  1. It is fallacious reasoning unless other possible casual explanations have been considered and ruled out. recession depression downturn低迷时期 is part of a picture of ... mayor

  2. set the stage for Yet another possibility is that Varro enjoyed a period of economic stability and Varro's own administration set the stage for the unemployment and the decline in population .

  3. availability emotionally intentionally specific specifically anger angry citizen thereby bypass

  4. cast one's vote for sb. eliminate abolish casual emotional appeal

  1, 缺乏standard ratio of the closed business to new business in the whole country, 不能说两个倒闭一个开就是坏事,很可能淘汰eliminate through selection or contest了out of date的企业,建立了更多具有competitive advantages 的企业。也是好事。

  2, 未排除他因造成了不同。很可能是因为在P在任期间,全国的经济不景气,造成了事业更增加。而不是两个市长的不同。假定过去和现在一样,也是个错误!recession depression downturn低迷时期


  The recommendation endorsed in this argument is that residents of San Perdito vote current mayor Montoya out of office, and re-elect former mayor Varro. The reasons cited are that during Montoya’s four years in office the population has decreased while unemployment has increased, whereas during Varro’s term unemployment declined while the population grew. This argument involves the sort of gross oversimplification and emotional appeal typical of political rhetoric; for this reason it is unconvincing.

  First of all, the author assumes that the Montoya administration caused the unemployment in San Perdito as well as its population loss. The line of reasoning is that because Montoya was elected before the rise in unemployment and the decline in population, the former event caused the latter. But this is fallacious reasoning unless other possible causal explanations have been considered and ruled out. For example, perhaps a statewide or nationwide recession is the cause of these events. Or perhaps the current economic downturn is part of a larger picture of economic cycles and trends, and has nothing to do with who happens to be mayor. Yet another possibility is that Varro enjoyed a period of economic stability and Varro’s own administration set the stage for the unemployment and the decline in population the city is now experiencing under Montoya.

  Secondly, job availability and the economic health of one’s community are issues that affect people emotionally. The argument at hand might have been intentionally oversimplified for the specific purpose of angering citizens of San Perdito, and thereby turning them against the incumbent mayor. Arguments that bypass relevant, complex reasoning in favor of stirring up emotions do nothing to establish their conclusions; they are also unfair to the parties involved.

  In conclusion, I would not cast my vote for Varro on the basis of this weak argument. The author must provide support for the assumption that Mayor Montoya has caused San Perdito’s poor economy. Moreover, such support would have to involve examining and eliminating other possible causal factors. Only with more convincing evidence could this argument become more than just an emotional appeal.

13. 本月机经3次

  V1某家公司sales增加,但是profit没有增加,于是想办法。一个办法是reduce costs,具体是在不影响顾客满意度的前提下,lay off 10 employees at each store and eliminate free samples什么的。第二个办法是与一个cafe合作,在store里开这个cafe,因为有survey显示喝咖啡的人与倾向于在store shopping的人是similar的

  V2一家G grocer主要卖expensive luxuries,销售增长很快,但利润下降了。公司打算每个店裁掉lay off一部分人,eliminate displays and samples。同时,公司打算让一家Cabaret的coffee shop在商场内开店,因为公司发现咖啡店的顾客与商场的顾客相似。

  V3.有一个grocer store,顾客都是富人,在不减少顾客购物体验的条件下,store plans to reduce costs by laying off 10 employees at each stores and eliminating expensive products display and free samples。又提到要和一个coffee cafe合作,因为coffee cafe的顾客群和grocer store的是同一类人,因此合作很有可能会增加去store的顾客,从而增加sales。因此这个plan最终会增加sales和profits.

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