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Aries 白羊座
You have so much going through your mind right now that it is hard to make heads or tails out of any of it. The important thing for you is to share your ideas with others. Talking things out is the key. Others will give you sound and useful advice.

Taurus 金牛座
You have an unusual gift for making a situation seem less dramatic. With today's astral energy, you'll witness crises of all kinds. You'll be the one who reassures people and is able to sum up the situation objectively without panic or exaggerating. This, coupled with your legendary calm, makes for a great combination!

Gemini 双子座
Dare to express your ideas without fearing ridicule. This is what the planetary configuration has to say to you today. This is exactly what you like, because fear of ridicule is generally your downfall. The challenge for you is to say what you think clearly without borrowing the ideas of others. Dare to do it!

Cancer 巨蟹座
Your counsel to others will be extremely valuable to them. You have a very elevated and broad perspective on the issue, and this is exactly what others need. The trick now is for you to be able to counsel yourself and follow your own good advice.

Leo 狮子座
You may have some strong hesitation during the day. You may have to cover up the truth or say it out loud. If so, say what's on your mind. You'll be supported by the planets, which will help you formulate your ideas in a way that won't shock people. In fact, you might even sway some of them to your point of view!

Virgo 处女座
There are moments when your clear thinking reveals your tremendous maturity. You're not a dreamer, so it's difficult to lead you into ambiguous situations. If you currently have sentimental affairs going on, this would be an excellent day to take stock, but try not to be too cold-hearted.

Libra 天秤座
Time will tell whether you are right or wrong, but for now, assume that you are right. Continue on with the faith that you are on the right track and that you are headed toward your true destiny. Confidence from others will help you at this time.

Scorpio 天蝎座
It will be a stimulating day for you. You'll feel great and have no trouble channeling all your energy into your activities. Don't be surprised if you encounter some resistance. Creative as your ideas are, they may not suit everyone. In fact, you may confront some rebelliousness. Be persuasive and you'll get your way.

Sagittarius 射手座
If you need to ask someone a favor, he or she will be reluctant to help you: but not if you are tactful. Give this person a compliment first. A genuine compliment will work best. Then put in your request. You will receive the desired results.

Capricorn 摩羯座
People are going to be especially long-winded today, and you particularly. Be sensitive to those who may have other things on their mind than just listening to you ramble on. Make sure you have a receptive audience before you take the stage.

Aquarius 水瓶座
Someone in the workplace is happy to be rattling off his or her accomplishments. Don't let yourself feel sad or unsuccessful just because you haven't accomplished as much as this person has. You have done just as much - if not more.

Pisces 双鱼座
The people around you are helping to fuel your fire. Any sort of idea brainstorming session will go extremely well. Don't be afraid to organize and/or lead this type of meeting. The results will be extremely profound and long lasting.
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