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7. 辩证: everywhere, there has been more positive signs that people start to respect the difference between each other.

题库原题:“Everywhere, it seems, there are clear and positive signs that people are becoming more respectful of one another’s differences.”



1.     一方面我们的立法越来越完善不断向着消除歧视和偏见的方向发展。这从强制的方面要求人们尊重和其他人的不同

2.     另一方面,随着技术的不断进步交流的不断深入人们对别的文化也有了更深的了解。而了解就会使得不同文化的人们提高对对方文化和行为的自发的非强制的尊重。

3.     诚然现在还有很多的种族的性别的等各个方面的歧视。但是我们很高兴地看到事情在向好的方面发展。

 1、 The increased globalization has provided more opportunities than ever before to contact and acknowledge cultures of other nations. 对于不同的宗教信仰和文化习俗,人们采取了更加宽容more tolerant attitude toward dissimilar culture, including religion and custom from other nations. 比方说:China had long closed itself to the outside of the world for many centuries before it opened the door in 1980’s. 在那段时间里,西方文明被简单地理解为怪异和粗鲁的considered to be strange or rude. 而现在,接触了更多后,中国也认识到了不同,并且充分地接受和借鉴even learn from他们。

2、  然而,在很多领域,尽管通过legislation,已经改变了一些to some extent,但严重的discrimination and prejudice still remain severe despite of the legislation…  比方说,racial, gender虽然立法规定了男女在工作一样的情况下得到一样工资,但是社会人为地perceived inequity still exist since 男和女被分为不同种类的工作。

3、  有成绩,但仍然需要努力。对不同的高度容忍体现文明的发展程度。sign of… 之类。所以要一起努力。

范文:In determining whether we are becoming more respectful of one another’s differences, one must examine both overt (open to view: MANIFEST) actions and underlying motives, as well as examining whether our differences are increasing or decreasing. The issue, therefore, is quite complex, and the answer is unclear.

Disrespect for one another’s differences manifests itself in various forms of prejudice and discrimination. Since the civil rights and feminist movements of the 60s and 70s, it would seem that we have made significant progress toward eliminating racial and sexual discrimination. Anti-discriminatory laws in the areas of employment, housing (供给住宅,住房供给dwellings provided for people), and education, now protect all significant minority groups racial minorities and women, the physically challenged (adj. having a disability or deficiency) and, more recently, homosexuals. Movies and television shows, which for better or worse (adv. 不论好坏) have become the cynosure of our cultural attention, now tout the rights of minorities, encouraging acceptance of and respect for others.

However, much of this progress is forced upon us legislative. Without Title 10 and its progenies (a body of followers, disciples, or successors), would we voluntarily refrain from the discriminatory behavior that the laws prevent? Perhaps not. Moreover, signs of disrespect are all around us today. Extreme factions still rally around bigoted demagogues; the number of “hate crimes” is increasing alarmingly; and school-age children seem to flaunt a disrespect toward adults as never before. Finally, what appears to be respect for one another’s differences may in fact be an increasing global homogeneity—that is, we are becoming more and more alike.

In sum, on a societal level it is difficult to distinguish between genuine respect for one another’s differences on the one hand and legislated morality and increasing homogeneity on the other. Accordingly, the claim that we are becoming more respectful of one another’s differences is somewhat dubious.

8. 两句话,说是国家应该颁布法令限制小孩在网上得到adult‘s material。说网络很开放。

 “Nations should cooperate to develop regulations that limit children’s access to adult material on the Internet.”*
*The Internet is a worldwide computer network.


1、国际合作在这中间十分必要.因为这种犯罪的遏止如同当年控制臭氧空洞(ozone depletion)的元凶PRIME CRIMINAL(CFC)时候一样单独靠一个国家的力量这种污染是无法遏止的.

2、诚然,会遇到很大的政治制约(POLITICAL HURDLE)

regulate access material worthwhile cooperative regulatory

universality普遍性广泛性I base this view on the universality and importance of the interest in protecting children from harm, and on the inherently global nature of this problem.

pornographic色情的 sexual性的性别的 emerging浮现出来的 sexuality 性特征bound contained within national border be akin to emission release phenomenon regulation contamination污染物 contaminate admittedly formidable hurdle compliance 服从顺从consequence结果 cooperate


The issue here is whether an international effort to regulate children’s access to adult material on the Internet is worthwhile. In my view, nations should attempt to regulate such access by cooperative regulatory effort. I base this view on the universality and importance of the interest in protecting children from harm, and on the inherently pandemic nature of the problem.

Adults everywhere have a serious interest in limiting access by children to pornographic material. Pornographic material tends to confuse children—distorting their notion of sex, of themselves as sexual beings, and of how people ought to treat one another. Particularly in the case of domination and child pornography, the messages children receive from pornographic material cannot contribute in a healthy way to their emerging sexuality. Given this important interest that knows no cultural bounds, we should regulate children’s access to sexually explicit material on the Internet.

However, information on the Internet is not easily contained within national borders. Limiting access to such information is akin to preventing certain kinds of global environmental destruction. Consider the problem of ozone depletion thought to be a result of chloroflourocarbon (CFC) emissions. When the government regulated CFC production in the U.S., corporations responsible for releasing CFC’s into the atmosphere simply moved abroad, and the global threat continued. Similarly, the Internet is a global phenomenon; regulations in one country will not stop “contamination” overall. Thus, successful regulation of Internet pornography requires international cooperation, just as successful CFC regulation finally required the joint efforts of many nations.

Admittedly, any global regulatory effort faces formidable political hurdles, since cooperation and compliance on the part of all nations—even warring ones—is inherently required. Nevertheless, as in the case of nuclear disarmament or global warming, the possible consequences of failing to cooperate demand that the effort be made. And dissenters can always be coerced into compliance politically or economically by an alliance of influential nations.

In sum, people everywhere have a serious interest in the healthy sexual development of children and, therefore, in limiting children’s access to Internet pornography. Because Internet material is not easily confined within national borders, we can successfully regulate children’s access to adult materials on the Internet only by way of international cooperation.

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