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Aries 白羊座
It's time to admit that your hectic lifestyle is catching up with you. Today you must start to get organized. Waiting until the last minute to take care of important tasks only causes anxiety. Make a list of everything you need to get done and prioritize it. Consider yourself lucky if you can confine the list to one page!

Taurus 金牛座
The truth is right in front of you. You don't need to read between the lines in order to understand what is going on around you. The more you try to read into things today, the more confused you will become. The truth is simple. Accept it as it is.

Gemini 双子座
Pressure is coming in from all sides and you are caught in the middle. Your tendency is to put the blame on others for one reason or another. This is not a healthy solution. Take a look at yourself and realize that you got yourself into this mess.

Cancer 巨蟹座
Your hard work is finally paying off. You can expect to receive acknowledgement and advancement, along with a possible salary increase or substantial bonus. You should receive the good news soon. Celebrate tonight with family and friends. They could also have some good news of their own to report, which makes for happiness all around.

Leo 狮子座

People aren't going to be especially reliable, so be careful of whom you trust. Others are full of talk but no action. There are plenty of ideas abounding, but seeing these ideas come to fruition is a different ballgame. You can only trust yourself.

Virgo 处女座
Good news from distant lands could have you feeling good about your life and eagerly anticipating the future. Your thinking is sharp and clear. This is a good day to make plans, particularly if they involve travel or education. If you have the feeling that the coming weeks bring some dramatic changes for the better, your instincts are likely correct. You have reason to celebrate.

Libra 天秤座
If you want something to happen, you need to speak up. Others are very mentally oriented today and they aren't going to sense things automatically the way you can. Be clear and direct in your communication with others. This is the only way.

Scorpio 天蝎座
Your mental acuity is high today. A recent innovation of yours could bring you some much-deserved recognition. Your mind is especially sharp at this point, and ideas come thick and fast. You have tremendous talent. If you focus it, you'll make some positive inroads toward building your success.

Sagittarius 射手座
Today you'll feel inspired to express yourself in fun, creative ways. Don't be afraid to let loose with your wild sense of humor. You could play a prank on a friend that makes him or her laugh and creates good feelings. Or you could share some jokes with others that make them smile and feel better. You enjoy playing the clown, and you're good at it!

Capricorn 摩羯座
Expect a visitor to put you in touch with people who could make a real difference in your life. Changes are manifesting more quickly than you realize. Certainly all that's occurring is exciting, but the speed may have you feeling a little apprehensive. Fear often accompanies success. You can't move ahead without taking some risk. You're up to this challenge!

Aquarius 水瓶座
Try to be extra patient and affectionate toward your loved ones today. A child, lover, or pet needs some of the special attention and reassurance that only you can provide. Try to make this a priority over professional obligations. Remember that your loved ones are the most important things in your life. When you need them, they'll always be there for you!

Pisces 双鱼座
This is bound to be an interesting day as you meet some new people who have fascinating ideas about esoteric subjects. Listen closely and later jot notes on the conversation. Don't be surprised if you get some good news about advancing in your professional field. It looks as though a raise or promotion is coming.
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