专四考试加油站------写作常用词汇 1

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1. 从无到有


Begin, start, begin with, spring, start up, set off on, break out, strike up, originate from,;

Initiate, launch, originate, sprout; unfold; unleash

outset, onset,

Rudimentary, elementary,


Appear, appear to be, emerge, arise, loom, turn out, show up, com out, come into sight/view, come forth


Happen, occur, take place, come about,

Happening occurrence 


create, produce, bring about, yield, give birth to, bear, bring into being, generate, beget,germinate;

Invent, innovate, renovate, plan, design, imagine, conceive, devise, formulate, imagine, envision,


Found, set, built up, construct, institute, constitute, set up, establish


Make, make up, produce, construct, turn out, manufacture, form, shape, compose, compile, concoct, fabricate

2. 生长壮大


Copy, duplicate, reproduce, multiply.


Grow, develop, breed, bring up, nurture, cultivate, hone, raise, foster, (主动)

Develop, advance, progress, move forward, go forward, proceed(自我成长)

Burgeon, flourish, thrive, bloom, blossom, boom, prosper;


Continue, last, carry on, keep on, keep, remain maintain retain


Persevere, stick with, insist on, persist in,

Continuous, incessant, permanent, constant, steady, unbroken, perpetual, everlasting, eternal, lasting, unending, uninterrupted, undying, immortal, invariable,


Exist, found, stand, lay in, be rooted in,be embedded in,

Substance, matter, object, material, stuff, things, entity,

individual, creature, beings,

Topic, subject, issue, theme, gist, item, content, point,

Extant, existing, in existence, substantive, ubiquitous, omnipresent, universal,

survive,outlive,outlast, remain alive,

Endure, undergo,

3. 从有到无


stop,finish, be over, cease, discontinue, wind up, bring to an end(close, halt), end,come to an end, end up, terminate,quench,quell,run out, expire, conclude


Surcease, cessation,

impasse, deadlock, logjam, stalemate,

Ultimate, final, eventual,

Abeyance, suspend, interruption, brake, halt, pause,


Perish, annihilate, kill, exterminate, take life, slay, hatchet, slaughter, assassinate, famish, smother, throttle, strangle, stifle, decimate,

Die, pass away, perish, expire, run out,

decease, death, demise,  

Defunct, moribund, dying,

Fatal, formidable, deadly, fatality.


Cancel,  annul, call off, do away with,

Abolish, desuetude, disuse, abandon, repeal, revoke, invalidate, rescind, nullify

Obsolete, out of date, outmoded, out of fashion, old-fashioned,


Remove,erase,delete, extinguish, exterminate, eliminate, eradicate, extirpate, efface,clear away, throw away, do away with, wipe out, get rid of , rule out,

Obliterate, expurgate, expunge, purify, purge,


Destroy, damage, wreck, devastate, raze, ravage, knock down, demolish, vandalize, tear down, ruin, spoil, dilapidate,


detrimental,harmful, injurious,

topple down



Damage Bruise, mar, maul, do harm to, injure, wound, hurt, impair, harm, hurt, wound, harm, break, fracture, maim, cripple, mangle, mutilate;

cut, gash, fracture, break


Disaster, catastrophic, calamity, cataclysm, carnage, massacre, holocaust, decimate, wreck, accident,

Misfortune, hapless, mishap,


Rot way, perish, decay, disintegrate, decompose, deteriorate, molder, aggravate, worsen, exacerbate, corrupt,

Rotten, decayed, corrupt, damaged;

decrepit ,decrepitude, dilapidate

4. 状态之改变

4.1 正面


Enable, facilitate, empower, entitle, enhance,

Strengthen, reinforce, sustain, countenance, consolidate,

Able, be capable of doing , competent, potent, omnipotent, puissant, resourceful

Ability, capability, capacity, skill, forte,competence, faculty

Intelligence, aptitude, flair, talent

Clever, bright, talented, astute, wisdom, wise, smart, acumen,

Hegemony, puissance, resource, power, energy, authority, influence, impact, supremacy, potency, strength, force, vigor; 

Aggrandize, amplify, augment, broaden, widen, extend, enlarge, magnify, enlarge,

Exaggerate, overstate, overstress, overemphasize,


Enrich, increase, add to, abound, fill, fill up, replenish, stock up, add, put in, raise, 

Accrue, mount up, augment, accumulate, rise

Abundant, plentiful, more than enough, profuse, copious, rich, wealthy, generous, numerous, in great numbers;

sufficient, enough, adequate, ample, as much as necessary,

Increment, accretion, growth, augmentation,

Raise, lift up, improve, enhance, elevate, escalate, heave, heighten, hoist,

Rise, increase, ascend, mount, go up, climb scale, jack up, skyrocket, surge, upsurge

High, tall, in height, lofty, towering, lanky;

Height, stature, elevation, altitude


Help, assist, aid, subsidize, help to, conduce to,, contribute to, function to, be of assistance, lend a hand, facilitate, enhance,

Helper, aide, assistant, accessory, ancillary, accomplice, auspices,


Support, bolster, boost, brace, buttress, espouse, proponent, underpin, embrace, exponent,

Accelerate, hasten, speed up, quicken up, expedite

Run, scurry, scuttle, scamper, prance, gallop, sprint, scud, Dart, fleet, rush,

Fast, quick, rapid, swift, expeditious, speedy, fleeting, brisk

Speed, swiftness, pace, velocity, rapidity, tempo, rate, quickness, promptness, 


Effective, efficient, effectual, successful, useful, helpful, functional, applicable, operative, working, active, functioning, in operation, in use,

Available, serviceable,

Impact, influence, 


Release, free, set free, set off, liberate, unshackle, unfetter, emancipate, manumit, disentangle, untangle, extricate, unravel,

4.2 中性

Change, alter, modify, vary, turn, become, adjust, amend, transform, distort, modulate, transmute, shift, transfigure,

Fluctuate, move, revolutionize, alternate, shift

Diversified, volatile, fickle, mercurial, protean, erratic, eccentric, irregular, inconsistent,

Changeable, unsettled, variable, malleable, mutable,

Change, alteration, variation, modification, transition, renovation, recondition, mutation;


Redress, rectify, revise, emend, renovate, innovate, recondition,

4.3 负面

Weaken, enervate, vitiate, sap, impair, emaciate, attenuate, dilute

Wane, sag, fade, flag, deteriorate, exacerbate, wither, blight, dry up, wilt, sere, sear, shrink, shrivel,

Weak, feeble, effete, wan, frail, lacking in strength, impotent, feeble, lethargic

Infirmity, weakness, decadence, decadent, 


Lower, reduce, decrease, drop off, abate, decline, dwarf, dwindle, rarefy, curtail, shorten, abridge, truncate, dock, decline, slump, eclipse, subside, shrink, ebb,

Diminish, lessen, debase, dilute, moderate, die down, grow less intense, cut down, ebb, cut back,

Decelerate, slow, slow down, retard, hold back,

Slow, sluggish,

Postpone, put off, delay, defer, procrastinate, adjourn,

Dilatory, tardy, slack, sluggish,


reconcile, comfort, placate, conciliate, reassure,allay, calm, console, soothe, pacify, assuage, mitigate, palliate, salve, temper,

palliation, reconciliation,


Prohibit, proscribe, forbid, ban, restrain, interdict, overrule, veto, stop from

Limit, restrict, confine, blockade, fetter, shackle, circumscribe

Prohibited, forbidden, banned, illegal, outlawed, proscribed, taboo;

Durance, taboo,

控制, 抑制

Control, wield, hold, steer, helm, maneuver, manipulate, dominate, regulate, rein in, direct, rule, govern, reign, regiment

Curb, bridle, yoke, restrain inhibit smolder, suffocate, refrain from


Hinder, hamper, check, stunt, impede, block, obstruct, retard, interrupt, hold back, prevent from, forestall, keep from, deter from, discountenance, lumber, thwart, stem, stymie, frustrate, stump, stem,

Entangle, enmesh, ensnare, entrap,

Barrier, obstacle, obstruction, impediment, setback, hindrance, hurdle, blockade, blockage,

morass, predicament, plight, straits, quandary,



Forestall, proselytize, preclude, prevent,


Interfere, intervene, intercede, meddle, annoy, vex, nettle, perturb, disturb, discomfit, molest, pester, bother, annoy, harass, intrude,


Inroad, raid, assail, assault, attack, trespass, infringe, attack, foray, intrude, encroach,

Turbulence, disturbance


5. 得到,付出

5.1 付出

Give, offer, endow, endue, present, bestow, provide, supply, furnish

Impart, instruct, apprise, teach, instill, inculcate,

Proffer, confer, donate, contribute, subscribe, bequeath,

Issue, flow out, release,


Cost, spend, pay, pay out, expend, disburse,

Prodigal, profligate, splurge, spendthrift, dissipate

frugal, scrimp, skimp, abstemious,

Expenditure, subvention,


Return, hand out, restore, reciprocate, remunerate, revert,

Compensate, reimburse, indemnify, expiate, atonement,

Salary, remuneration, Emolument, honorarium, 


Distribute, allocate, issue, hand out, apportion, allot, dispense, ration, allot, assign, designate;

Distribution, dispensation ration, allotment


impose, entail, exert, inflict, suppress, subjugate, compress ,repress, coerce,


Suffice, satiate, satisfy, cater, sate, meet requirement, gratify

Suffuse, implant, instill, infuse, fill, impregnate,


Relinquish, give up, disclaim, abdicate, abjure, waive, renounce, recant, wean, forsake, abdicate, desert, forswear, renounce, repudiate, forgo, disown, disavow, abandon


5.2 获得


Get, receive, Accept, attain, acquire, obtain, gain, repossess, retrieve, procure, catch,

Earn, profit, embezzle, peculate, defalcate, graft, appropriate,

Obtainable, accessible, receptive,

Receiver, recipient, procurement

Deprive, take away, exact, extort, dispossess, bereave, divest, strip,

Loot, ravage, ransack, sack, despoil, plunder, rapine, snatch, ,exploit, distill,

Confiscate, impound, sequestrate, forfeit, expropriate

Exaction, depredation, spoliation,


Attract, appeal, fascinate, draw, charm, intrigue, enchant, tempt, allure, enchant, enthrall, rivet, fix, spellbind, intoxicate, engross, occupy, captivate, enamor,

Attractive, appealing, charming, pleasing, attractiveness, fascination, charisma, personal, magnetism, attraction, fascination,


Contain, consist of, comprise, cover, encompass, span, contain, encompass, subsume, consist of, include, involve, embroil, implicate, ;

Configuration component, 


Require, call for, need, demand, necessitate,

Necessary, required, requisite, essential,

Requisite, prerequisite, requirement, precondition,

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