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6. AI:increasing emphasis on global economy and cooperation, people need to understand their role as citizens of world is more important than their role as citizens of a particular country.


40. “With the increasing emphasis on a global economy and international cooperation, people need to understand that their role as citizens of the world is more important than their role as citizens of a particular country.”


1.    两者并不是完全对立的环保

2.    事实上两者可以相互促进一个人在一个国家做慈善工作很可能也会有一天为别的国家的人服务

3.    当两者冲突的时候哪个更重要取决与不同的情况。

代替取代supersede compatible be compatible with... citizenship domain This one person would be acting consistently as a citizen of community, state, nation and world. Admittedly, conflicting/clashing/discordant obligations sometimes arise as a result of our new dual citizenship.obligatory In sum, although our "dual" citizenship may at times lead to conflict, one role need not automatically take precedence over the other. more often than not The relationship between the two roles is, more often than not, a complementary one, and can even be synergistic. synergistic coactive complement complementary supplement

1.    有时, 很多问题是全球性的,需要世界公民的角度考虑,而非只站在一国角度. 比如,环境问题, 能源问题, 等等. 人们应该为整个地球负责任,而不仅仅是为了一个民族或国家. 因为, 如果是后者, 则很有可能只解决自己的问题, 而把危害转移到别的国家. shift the burden and threats from one nation to another…比如: 出口垃圾,比如大量进口发展中国家的木材.虽然自己的国家暂时解决了问题,但长远看, 没有国家孤立地存在, 不能short-sight and narrow mind, 因为interdependent.

2.    但这不意味着人们就要discard or weaken their role as citizens of one nation. 其实两者并不是incompatible, 更多时候, 可以作为complementary one—and can even be synergistic.比如the preservation of traditional culture, 人们作为一国公民,保护自己独特文化的同时, 实际上也为全球的diversity of culture作出了positive effort. 比如, 为一个国家的public service付出努力的同时, 很可能激发起公民的社会责任感和compassion and responsibility, 参与到国际public service 中, 比如很多charitarian就开始从对本国的慈善事业subsidize the school in one nation也激发起对attention to the education in the international scope.

View1: people’s role as citizens of the world is become more and more important in the modern society.

View2: Without the awareness of being citizens of a particular country, people will find no roots to behave on the stage of the world.

View3: these two roles, national and international, are not mutually exclusive alternatives. They can be properly combined.

范文:With the growth of the global economy and the need for international cooperation, every human being has assumed a role as citizen of the world. Does this mean that our roles as citizens of our respective nations are thereby superseded by our role as world citizens, as the speaker suggests? Not at all. Good citizenship at one level is often compatible with good citizenship at another. In fact, being a good citizen in one social domain can help one be a better citizen in another.

Good global citizenship is not incompatible with good citizenship at other levels. Consider, for example, one’s efforts as a citizen to preserve the natural environment. One particular person might, for example: (1) lobby legislators to enact laws preserving an endangered redwood forest, (2) campaign for nationally-elected officials who support clean air laws, and (3) contribute to international rainforest (n. 雨林) preservation organizations. This one person would be acting consistently as a citizen of community, state, nation and world.

Admittedly, conflicting obligations sometimes arise as a result of our new “dual” citizenship. For example, a U.S. military official with an advisory role in a United Nations peace-keeping force might face conflicting courses of action—one that would secure U.S. military interests, and another that would better serve international interests. However, the fact that such a conflict exists does not mean that either action is automatically more obligatory—that is, that one’s role as either U.S. citizen or world citizen must invariably supersede the other. Instead, this situation should be resolved by carefully considering and weighing the consequences of each course of action.

Moreover, being a good citizen in one social context can often help one be a better citizen in another. For example, volunteering to help underprivileged children in one’s community might inspire one to work for an international child-welfare organization. And inculcating civic values—such as charity and civic pride—may give rise to personal traits of character that transfer to all social domains and contexts.

In sum, although our “dual” citizenship may at times lead to conflicts, one role need not automatically take precedence over the other. Moreover, the relationship between the two roles is, more often than not, a complementary one—and can even be synergistic.


7. AI: 原来business location is one of the most determinants for the business. 现在,即使是computer communication advance了,location的重要地位还是不变的.我驳斥的,举例说明了,location不那么重要了.

题库原题:26. “Location has traditionally been one of the most important determinants of a business’s success. The importance of location is not likely to change, no matter how advanced the development of computer communications and others kinds of technology becomes.”


1.    事实上现在的趋势是:由于网络电话电子通讯交通越来越便利,地点对与一个企业来说正在变得越来越不重要。无形的商品可以通过网络、电话进行购买,和使用的地点不是很重要了。例如:保险、电子期刊等。有形商品由于售货方式的改变,地址的重要性也在淡化。很多厂家通过在互联网上展示自己产品的照片和电话直销的形式销售商品。其中比较突出的例子就是AMWAY、DELL

2.    当然有很多的需要体验和身体力行的产品供应商的地址还是很重要的,象是餐饮业健身房等。
trend tendency net telecommunication transportation location position site important significant determinant factor reason tangible intangible palpable tactile touchable insurance electronic periodic periodical production goods commodity manufacturer producer essentiality significance importance strengthen reinforce weaken demonstrate show exhibit display conveient 

1.    location的重要性体现在:首先,在交通便利的地方,比如沿海地区,near the sea or the river,有利于运输transportation of the cargo…,这也是为什么沿海地区经济通常发达的原因。第二,经济发达的地区,人们的购买能力比较强purchasing power。the demand of various goods may be relatively greater. 有利于the sale.

2.    Admittedly, the burgeoning technologies have changed the way of purchasing and selling. However, the extent, to which such technologies will threaten the pivotal role played by location in business, depends on the types of such business. 首先,对于很多retail business, 需要面对面地persuade the consumers to buy,比如化妆品cosmetics. 再比如,try on the clothes and compare the different types and textures…地点仍然是十分重要的。dinner out…

3.    Things may be different when it comes to other kinds of companies, for example, those who used to produce large-scale goods make sale depends on the contract signed with other companies. 现在的网络,以及先进的运输,都改变了这些操作模式,他们不再需要面对面接触彼此,也不必过多考虑运输的费用,因为一切都很简单,所以地点变得不那么重要。

View1. To many traditional businesses, location still plan an fatal role on its success.

Evidence: restaurants transportation services

View2. as commuter technology and electronic communication become more and more convenient, the intangible locations on the internet have replaced the location in the real world in some business areas.   

Evidence: Electronic publications, on line banks, internet retail stores, DELL

范文:In retail, or “storefront (n. 店头, 店面),” business, location is still a key ingredient of business success. The extent to which this will continue to be true, given the inexorable growth of Internet commerce, will vary among industries.

In more traditional retail sectors, such as clothing, cosmetics, and home improvement, an in-person (adv. 亲自, 外貌上) visit to a retail store is often necessary—to try on (v. 试穿, 试验) clothes for fit, compare fragrances, or browse among a full selection of textures, colors, and styles. Also, activities such as shopping and dining out are for many consumers enjoyable experiences in themselves, as well as excuses to get out of the house and mingle with others in their community. Finally, shipping costs for large items such as appliances and home-improvement items render home shopping impracticable. Thus, burgeoning technologies pose no serious threat to Main Street, and location will continue to play a pivotal role in the fate of many retail businesses.

Nevertheless, technology-related industries are sure to move away from physical storefronts to virtual ones. Products that can be reduced to digital “bits and bites,” such as books and magazines, recordings, and software applications, are more efficiently distributed electronically. Computer hardware will not disappear from Main Street quite so quickly, though, since its physical look and feel enters into the buying decision. Computer superstores should continue to thrive alongside companies such as Dell, which does not distribute through retail stores.

In conclusion, consumer demand for convenient location will continue with respect to certain tangible products, while for other products alternative distribution systems will gradually replace the storefront, rendering location an obsolete issue.

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