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Aries 白羊座
Some letters, checks, or phone calls you may have been expecting for a long time could still be delayed, Aries. There's no reason to get too frustrated, as the delays are beyond your control. The best course is to find something else to do and let whatever you're waiting for come when it will. It hasn't been lost - it will come!

Taurus 金牛座
Things may be unstable for you this morning, Taurus, but improve quite a bit by the end of the day. If you can, you should probably just sleep this morning. Get a full amount of rest so you can fully enjoy the latter part of the day. This will leave you with plenty of energy so you can make the most of your night with someone special.

Gemini 双子座

Delays in accomplishing certain goals could have you feeling down today, Gemini. You could wonder if you did something wrong. Chances are you didn't. The delays probably stem from poor communication. Letters, e-mails, and other messages might not have been delivered in a timely manner. Hang in there and continue to believe in yourself.

Cancer 巨蟹座
Today you might feel very low, Cancer, though you may not have any idea why. Your life is going well, so there's no real reason for you to feel this way. Chances are that you saw something that triggered an unconscious memory without even being aware of it. Discern what it was and then release it. Find something to do that you love!

Leo 狮子座
Today it looks like you might not be able to attend a group activity that you've been anticipating, Leo. Other pressing matters may demand your immediate attention. This could prove frustrating. However, if you work quickly and efficiently, you might be able to make it after all. Budget your time carefully and get to it!

Virgo 处女座
You may be trying to cling to something that doesn't want to sit still, Virgo. It's like trying to grab a wet fish. The more tightly you squeeze it, the likelier it is to slip out of your grasp. The trick is to be more strategic and less frantic. You also might consider letting the fish go. It isn't yours anyway.

Libra 天秤座
Overall, this should be a pleasant day, Libra, and you'll be properly recognized for the person you are. You may feel like royalty, so feel free to dress in your most regal attire. Take an independent viewpoint when asked about running your castle. Be creative, honorable, and permissive in your rule.

Scorpio 天蝎座
Frustration may set in early today, Scorpio, but things should pan out for you as the evening approaches. Once you deal with an issue, let it rest. There's no need to keep revisiting an old dispute just because you want to prove you're right. If people don't agree the first time around, they probably won't agree the second or third time either.

Sagittarius 射手座
Whether your realize it or not, you'll have the upper hand today, Sagittarius, so take advantage of this opportunity. Things may be going so well that you might not even notice what a fantastic time you're having. Sit back and take a moment to appreciate your good fortune. Others will gravitate to you naturally, and you'll always seem to have the right answers to the questions.

Capricorn 摩羯座
Today you might feel a little out of sorts, Capricorn, perhaps because of overindulgence from last night. You might be tempted to stay home in spite of other commitments. This actually might be a wise course of action, though you may feel better by midafternoon. Spend the morning relaxing and taking care of yourself. See what the rest of the day brings.

Aquarius 水瓶座
Keep up the positive self-esteem that you've been working on for the past several weeks, Aquarius. This is one of those days when you'll be presented with a situation where you can demonstrate your courage and independent mind. Use your powerful spirit to overcome any fears you have. There's no reason to doubt yourself now. Feel free to strut your stuff.

Pisces 双鱼座
A member of your household could be depressed over their job, Pisces. Something may have gone wrong that wasn't their fault. You might be called upon to distract this person and get him or her going again. You won't be alone in this. More than one visitor could drop by to bring good news and information, thereby improving the mood. You'll enjoy this, too!
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