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  The Certificate Craze




  北京新东方学校 金凌虹

  Almost no one in China has failed to notice the phenomenon that a growing number of people are enthusiastic about pursuing various kinds of certificates. Taking a look around, one can find numerous examples with ease. A common case in point is that students spend a great deal of time and energy attending a great variety of certificate-oriented training courses to ensure a better score。

  The purpose of acquiring certificates varies from individuals to individuals. For students, as the job market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, not only can a certain certificate prove their capabilities, but also will put them in a favorable position in the employment market and the development of their career. When it comes to white-collared workers, more job-related certificates often guarantee greater opportunities for a salary raise and promotion. What’s more, it is also a ideal way to enhance their job techniques and sharpen their competitiveness。

  From my perspective, the merits of pursuing certificates are self-evident. However, we should also bear in mind that it is the practical skills, such as management, cooperation, communication, rather than certificates that guarantee one’s accomplishment in career. Accordingly, we might as well attach great importance to both certificates and the improvement of one’s comprehensive abilities。

  The Certificate Craze

  北京新东方学校 王兆飞

  There is no denying the fact that it has become a prevailing trend for people to take part in various exams with the purpose of obtaining certificates of many kinds: that for CET-4 or CET-6, that for computer level, the driver’s license, etc。

  Of course people pursue certificates for various purposes. Some claim that owning these certificates can give them more edge in competition. One more certificate means a bit more chance of winning in the job market. Others, however, merely take this practice as a stimulus for them to study or study harder. They assert that, by working for those certificates, they can broaden their horizon and enrich their knowledge。

  Personally, I believe that one should choose to learn what he or she truly likes or really needs, instead of merely working for some certificates. As for me, I shall focus my energy on a few fields, for I believe concentration of attention and energy is the key to success. Besides, keen interest is the strongest motivation for study. To be specific, I would like to learn kungfu and Beijing Opera in my spare time. I may attend some relevant tests and be awarded certain certificates, but they are just a natural result of my study, instead of my motivation。


  82. would rather stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery

  83. neither chose to give up its own position

  84. could have cured the cancer patient

  85. so kind of you to have given me so much help

  86. before they got reunited


  11 C) She has not got the man’s copies for her

  12 B) She was late for the appointment

  13 C) It won’t be easy for Mark to win the election

  14 A) It failed to arrive at its destination in time

  15 A) Just make use of whatever information is available

  16 D) The woman isn’t qualified to take the course the man mentioned

  17 A) They are both to blame

  18 A) They are in desperate need of financial assistance

  19 C) We derive some humorous satisfaction from their misfortune

  20 C) They don’t know how to cope with the situation

  21 A) They themselves would like to do it but don’t dare to

  22 C) To relieve her feelings

  23 D) Bringing a handgun into Hong Kong

  24 D) He is suspected of having slipped something in Kunmar’s bag

  25 B) Find Alfred Foster

  26 B) They think travel gives them their money’s worth

  27 D) Launch a new program of adventure trips

  28 B) The way people travel

  29 B) The changing roles played by men and women

  30 A) Offer more creative and practical ideas than men

  31 C) To show that women are capable of doing what men do

  32 B) Reporting criminal offenses in Greenville

  33 D) It has fewer violent crimes than big cities

  34 A) There are a wide range of cases

  35 A) Write about something pleasant

  In America, people are faced with more and more decisions every day, whether it’s picking one of thirty-one ice cream (36)flavors, or deciding whether and when to get married. That sounds like a great thing, but as a recent study has shown, too many choices can make us (37)confused, unhappy, even paralyzed with indecision. ‘That’s (38)particularly true when it comes to the work place’, says Barry Schwartz, an author of six books about human (39)behavior. Students are graduating with a (40)variety of skills and interests, but often find themselves (41)overwhelmed when it comes to choosing an ultimate career goal. In a study, Schwartz observed decision-making among college students during their (42)senior year. Based on answers to questions regarding their job hunting (43)strategies and career decisions, he divided the students into two groups:maximizers, who consider every possible option, and satisficers, who look until they find an option that is good enough. You might expect that the student (44)who had undertaken the most exhausted search would be the most satisfied with their final decision, but it turns out that’s not true. Schwartz found that while maximizers ended up with better-paying jobs than satisficers on average, they weren’t as happy with their decision. The reason (45)why these people feel less satisfied is that a world of possibilities may also be a world of missed opportunities. When you look at every possible option, you tend to focus more on what was given up than what was gained. After surveying every option, (46)a person is more acutely aware of the opportunities they had to turn down to pursue just one career。


  1. B: The low graduation rates of minority students。

  2. D: Its increased enrollment of minority students。

  3. D: It is going to lose its competitive edge in higher education。

  4. C: Fifteen percent。

  5. B:they recruit the best students。

  6. A:Universities are to blame。

  7. B:They cannot afford the high tuition。

  8. they are loss qualified。

  9. preparatory courses。

  10. be closed。

  47 what is in her mind;

  48 challenging her authority;

  49 consequences;

  50 be proposed and reviewed;

  51 confontations

  52.D : The general public thinks differently from most economists on the impact of immigration。

  53.B: They can get consumer goods at lower prices。

  54.C: They have a harder time getting a job with decent pay。

  55 D: It may place a great strain on the state budget。

  56.C: People are making too big a fuss about something of small impact。

  57.A: Great diversity。

  58.B: It will produce business leaders of a uniform style。

  59.C: Attitude and approach to business。

  60.C: Applicants from outside the traditional sectors。

  61.D:It is shifting towards more collaborative models。


  2011年6月18日六级完形真题(节选并改选自《英国卫报》The Guardian, Anna Tims ,Saturday 15 May 2010 )

  Organised volunteering and work experience has long been a vital companion to university degree courses. Usually it is left to 62 to deduce the potential from a list of extracurricular adventures on a graduate's resume, 63 now the University of Bristol has launched an award to formalise the achievements of students who 64 time to activities outside their courses. Bristol PLuS aims to boost students in an increasingly 65 jobs market by helping them acquire work and life skills alongside 66 qualifications。

  "Our students are a pretty active bunch but we found that they didn't 67 appreciate the value of what they did 68 the lecture hall," says Jeff Goodman, director of careers and employability at the university. "Employers are much more 69 than they used to be. They used to look for 70 and saw it as part of their job to extract the value of an applicant's skills. Now they want students to be able to explain why those skills are 71 to the job."

  Students who sign 72 for the award will be expected to complete 50 hours of work experience or 73 work, attend four workshops on employability skills, including interview techniques, take part in an intensive skills-related activity 74 , crucially, write a summary of the skills they have gained. 75 efforts will gain an Outstanding Achievement Award. Those who 76 best on the sports field can take the Sporting PluS Award which fosters employer-friendly sports accomplishments。

  The experience does not have to be 77 organised. "We're not just interested in easily identifiable skills," says Goodman. " 78 ,one student took the lead in dealing with a difficult landlord and so 79 negotiation skills. We try to make the experience relevant to individual lives。

  Goodman hopes the 80 will enable active students to fill in any gaps in their experience and encourage their less-proactive 81 to take up activities outside their academic area of work。

















  78.A)For instance




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